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NFC Wild Card Predictions, 2013.

Updated on January 3, 2014

New Orleans at Philadelphia- Philadelphia.

I've been beating my chest, jumping up and down, and screaming that Drew Brees just sucks on the road.
He can't beat anybody good unless he's playing at home.
And in Philly? Where it's gonna be coooooold and naaaaasty?
I don't think that the Eagles are the better team, in fact, I think they're going to be Panther food next week, but I think they keep the offense on the ground with LeSean I-don't-know-what-the-world-heavyweight-championship-is McCoy and all of his unnecessary capitalization, and Brees just throws the game away.

San Francisco at Green Bay- Green Bay.

I was really leaning towards the 9ers at first.
I mean, they've had the Pack's number over the last few years, mostly due in part to their superior physicality, an while the 49ers barely need Colin Kaepernick and his 33rd rank passer rating, the Packers desperately need Aaron Rodgers to be taken seriously.
However... It's going to be freakishly cold in Lambeau, and while Rodgers and the Pack are used to it, the 49ers barely play in weather sub-60 degrees.
And when they do... It's not pretty, See: San Francisco 49ers @ Seattle Seahawks, 2013.


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