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NFL Insiders Around The NFL Today

Updated on March 22, 2012
With a snag in the contract, the Jets have left the door open for the Jaguars to pursue Tebow.
With a snag in the contract, the Jets have left the door open for the Jaguars to pursue Tebow. | Source

Tim Tebow Is On The Move

Let's play a hypothetical if the Jets get Tebow. Call me crazy, but I feel like Tim Tebow going to the Jets is like Jesus walking into the depths of hell. Does anyone else have a hard time seeing him and Rex Ryan meshing? It's like Lucifer meets Jesus Christ! I can't imagine that Tebow is happy with this situation he's been forced into now, but he will say all the right things and compete with a smile on his face because that's the type of person he is.

The Jets get a very competitive player who wants to win, but the problem is they already have a divided locker room with no leadership. They proceed to give Sanchez a contract extension during the offseason as a sign of confidence in the young quarterback. While Sanchez thinks he has the organization on his side, they go out and trade for a fan favorite quarterback. Surely they had to see what happened to Kyle Orton in Denver last year. They are being naive to think he will be a wildcat option for them and that's it. The minute Sanchez makes a mistake, the New York faithful will be calling for Tebow. Ryan will have to give in, just like John Fox did last season. As if the team didn't have enough drama going into the year, they just made things much more difficult for themselves.

The Jaguars on the other hand would be a great fit for Tebow. He can easily compete for a starting job with Gabbert, who didn't look real impressive in his first season. He's also a fan favorite in the state of Florida and Jacksonville needs a market boost, which Tebow will easily provide with increased ticket and merchandise sales. There aren't huge expectations yet for the Jags to compete so he will have some time to develop and they can bring in young talent around him. This move definitely makes the most sense, but unfortunately for Tebow, he doesn't have a say in the matter. ***UPDATE*** Apparently Tim Tebow was given his choice by the Denver Broncos to go to the Jaguars or the Jets, and he chose the Jets, says John Elway. Listening to Collin Cowherd earlier today, he claims a reliable source that knows Tebow said he wanted to go to New York so he could be more of a star and gain more publicity. So it sounds like Tebow's decision was based on arrogance and greed. I'm sure his Christian followers will appreciate these motives.

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Who Dat?

The New Orleans Saints are going to be without the services of their head coach Sean Payton for the entire 2012 season. This is a huge blow to the Saints as they will be losing one of the most creative coaches in the NFL. The league hasn't decided on punishments for the players yet, but the team could easily lose half of their defensive players for the season as well. This could put the Saints at the bottom of the competitive NFC South very quickly.

The team has yet to lock down Drew Brees for the long term, so this could be the push Brees needed to get out of town while the getting is still good. I know the Dolphins passed on you a few years ago, but they are still looking for a quarterback if you're interested! I really don't anticipate Brees going anywhere, but this is going to be a difficult season for him without his head coach and possibly half the defensive unit. This will be something to keep an eye on as the season approaches.

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What is Wrong With the Miami Dolphins?

Once a proud franchise led by arguably one of the greatest coaches of all time Don Shula, the Dolphins are now the laughing stock of the NFL. They are the team that people make fun of and players laugh at when asked to come there. The franchise in South Florida courted three quarterbacks within a weeks time and couldn't close the deal on any of them. They had to go outside of the league and grab a guy that's been sitting on the couch for over a year.

This team clearly has issues from the front office on down. Fans have avidly been calling for Ireland's job, but he's still there. Last year veteran players on the team were taking shots at each other publicly and the team could never get off the ground. They now have a new head coach and a rejuvinated running back in Reggie Bush, but they got rid of their best offensive weapon in Brandon Marshall and still have no franchise quarterback. My guess is another five win season in store for the Fins!

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    • Bigpayno profile image

      Bigpayno 5 years ago from Indianapolis, Indiana

      Hey thanks for the comments and fan mail! Glad to meet a fellow Browns fan that has suffered heartache like myself :). You're right, in most cases the player only has say of where they want to play when they are free agents. This was a different situation because of Peyton Manning. With all that Tebow did for the Broncos last year, bringing in Manning is the right move because he's one of the greatest of all time and gives them a chance to win now. Tebow was not Elway and Fox's draft pick. That coach got fired so the coaches there now were never in love with his style of play. From my understanding they wanted to be appreciative of him and Tebow said this himself; Coach Fox said the Jets and Jaguars were both interested and made offers and they were giving him the choice and he chose the Jets. As for the reasons, only Tebow knows that. Thanks again for the comments and it's great to meet you!

    • suzettenaples profile image

      Suzette Walker 5 years ago from Taos, NM

      Your Tebow article is very good also. I don't like anonymous sources, but if this source is legit and Tebow chose the NY Jets so he could be a "star" then he isn't one to emulate. But when players are traded, how much control do they really have as to where they are traded? I thought you had to be a free agent to have any "real choices" in the NFL. Well, time will tell whether Tebow is sincere and genuine. But, that does keep us all watching football, doesn't it?

    • Bigpayno profile image

      Bigpayno 5 years ago from Indianapolis, Indiana

      Hey, thanks for reading. The Saints lost their coach because he was aware of the bounty program his DC was running for three years, and lied to the NFL since 2009 that it wasn't going on anymore. A lot of people think this was too harsh of a punishment, but I totally support the commissioners decision. It's professional football, with a key emphasis on the word professional. It's outrageous for a coach to oversee a program that rewards players financially for knocking a player out of the game or ending their season or career. Yes, it's football and it's a full contact sport, but you don't play to end someones season or career. The punishment fits the crime. The NFL is under a lot of scrutiny with concussions and former players suing the league for not protecting them against things like this. They needed to make a stand.

      As for the Broncos, Manning was a way out for John Elway. He didn't draft Tebow and was never high on him as a quarterback. Signing Manning gives him a fan favorite and someone he can win with right away. It also allows him to get rid of Tebow and save face with the fans of Denver. It was really a win win situation for him. As for signing Manning, I think it was a great decision. Every team outside of franchises like New England, Detroit, Giants, Green Bay, New Orleans, and a few others would have taken Manning in a heart beat. He had some surgeries done that were pretty severe, but the guy has never missed a game in a season that he's played in, so he's not the typical injury prone veteran. We're talking about a guy that's second all time at the QB position in consecutive games played and has a good five years left in him. Denver was already a playoff team and participating in a weak AFC West, they'll make the playoffs each year and have a chance to win a championship or two under the helm of Manning.

    • profile image

      Joshua Moses 5 years ago


      First, why are the Saints without their coach, did I miss something? Also, why on earth did the Broncos sign Manning? A handful of teams would have been a better fit. They already had a rising star in Tim Tebow. Nobody expected him to beat the Patriots. My opinion, why replace a rising young star with an old and injured vet who has only a few more years? As for Tebow, from your rationale, I agree the fit is better in Jacksonville.