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NFL Insiders Pro Bowl Talk and Week 17 Power Rankings

Updated on December 28, 2011
If the Giants beat the Cowboys this weekend, it will be because of the arm of Eli Manning
If the Giants beat the Cowboys this weekend, it will be because of the arm of Eli Manning

Who's In & Who's Out?

Well, we are heading into the last weekend of the regular season and most of the playoff spots are cemented, but there are still a few spots open and some seeding to take care of in week 17. The Giants and Cowboys will play in a game for the fourth spot and division title. The Raiders and Broncos both have divisional match ups that will determine their fate this season, and the Bengals need a win against the Ravens to get into the playoffs.

In the NFC, we already have the Packers, 49ers, Saints, Lions, and Falcons in the playoffs. I really expect the Giants to clinch that fourth spot and win the East Sunday night. In the AFC, we have the Patriots, Texans, Ravens, and Steelers with spots already clinched, but the order is still up in the air. The Broncos have the easier match up this weekend so I expect them to win the West and get the fourth seed. The Jets and Bengals both have tough match ups, but the Jets seem to have the easier game. I like the Bengals getting that sixth seed though and taking on Houston next weekend.

Pro Bowlers; The Bad & Good

The Pro Bowl players were all selected yesterday and most of the picks were expected, but there were some that still leaves me scratching my head. The first one is Antonio Gates being selected as the second tight end. Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez put up better numbers than Gates, but didn't get any recognition. This tells me that it's all name recognition and not all about what you do on the field. Philip Rivers was a bit of a surprise, and I still think Andy Dalton should have gotten that third spot, but Rivers did have the numbers in yards and touchdowns, despite leading the NFL in interceptions.

In the NFC, many people are upset about Matthew Stafford not making the cut, and there could be an argument for Tony Romo, Cam Newton, and Matt Ryan as well. The bottom line is the three QB's selected were the right selections. Eli Manning has had the best year of his career and is third in the NFL in passing yards. I believe that Victor Cruz should have made the roster instead of Greg Jennings, but they were all really close in stats and what they mean to their respective teams. Jordy Nelson may have been more deserving than Jennings. Marshawn Lynch being left off was disappointing as well, but the backs selected were just as deserving.

Week 17 Power Rankings

Green Bay Packers
The Pack have clinched the top seed and have nothing to play for this weekend
New Orleans Saints
The Saints are obviously the best team indoors, so the only way I see them losing in the playoffs is if they have to travel to Green Bay
San Francisco 49ers
The Niners are very balanced, and they will be a tough draw in the playoffs for anyone to have to face
New England Patriots
The Pats have the one seed laced up so the Super Bowl will go through Foxborough
Pittsburgh Steelers
This team will be a tough five seed to play if that's where they end up. That would have them opening against the Raiders or Broncos next weekend, pretty good draw.
Detroit Lions
The Lions are playing as well as anyone right now and should be the Packers next weekend who will be resting starters, so that will have them playing the Giants or Cowboys in the first round.
Cincinnati Bengals
The Bengals are playing well right now and have a lot to play for against Baltimore this Sunday. If they make the playoffs they will have a good draw against Houston.
Baltimore Ravens
The Ravens should have been beaten by the Browns Sunday. This team is way too inconsistent which will not bode well for them come playoff time.
Atlanta Falcons
Throttled by the Saints Monday night, this team shows me that they've gotten worse from a year ago. I don't see them getting out of the first round, because they'll either play the Saints or 49ers.
Houston Texans
It's hard to leave this team here, but they've already sealed a playoff spot. Injuries to key positions have killed this team late in the season. I don't see them coming out of the first round.
New York Giants
The Giants got a big win Sunday over the Jets and control their own destiny this weekend against the Cowboys
Denver Broncos
The Broncos D has been the real problem the last few weeks, not just Tebow. If they win they're in, with a date most likely against the Steelers in the first round
Philadelphia Eagles
The Eagles are playing about as well as anyone right now but it's too late for them to play anything but spoiler, which won't come in handy when they're playing Washington this weekend.
Dallas Cowboys
The Cowboys have a banged up Romo going into their most important game of the season. This trip to the Meadowlands may be the last trip they take this year.
Seattle Seahawks
If the Seahawks would've gotten started a little earlier they may be playing for something right now, but they gave coach Carroll something to be optimistic about going into the offseason
Arizona Cardinals
I love everything about this team except the QB position. They say they're going to keep Kolb, but I don't thing anything is for certain with that position.
New York Jets
I'm so tired of hearing Rex Ryan predicting wins and Super Bowls. This team is on the verge of sitting at home next weekend. Maybe this reality check will calm Ryan down a bit, and maybe they will look a different direction at QB.
Carolina Panthers
Cam Newton has been nothing short of outstanding this season and it gives the faithful of Carolina hope going into next year.
San Diego Chargers
Norv Turner appears to have officially lost his job last week with the devastating loss to Detroit that knocked them out of playoff contention.
Tennessee Titans
The Titans are actually better than what I thought they would be, even without Chris Johnson playing well.
Miami Dolphins
After an 0-7 start, the Dolphins have turned things around and have been spoiling playoff hopes of teams all across the league.
Oakland Raiders
Hue Jackson has to be disappointed with the Raiders second half of the season after wagering the future of the franchise to get Carson Palmer. They still have slim playoff hopes but they need to win this weekend and have Denver lose.
Kansas City Chiefs
I'm actually rooting for KC because I like Romeo Crennel and expect him to hold on to the job
Buffalo Bills
The Bills showed up for the first time in over a month and trashed Tebow and the Broncos.
Washington Redskins
The Redskins have hurt the Giants, putting them in the position they are in now, but they have been hurt with injuries and need a consistent quarterback going forward.
Chicago Bears
McCown looked a lot better than Hanie, and if they'd went with him the last month, they may have won at least two of the games and still be in the mix for the playoffs.
Cleveland Browns
The only hope for the Browns is that they will draft some playmakers in April and get that offense competitive
Minnesota Vikings
I thought Ponder was going to be the real deal, but Webb looks much better when given his opportunities. A.P may not be ready by next year with the injury he sustained.
Jacksonville Jaguars
The Jags will be in total makeover mode in about two weeks. It will start with a new coach, whether they stay with the interim or get a new one somewhere else.
Indianapolis Colts
The Colts have put together a couple of wins to end the season, but they need a lot of rebuilding to get back to the top of the AFC
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
This team has been absolutely brutal since early October and will most likely fire their head coach after this weekends game. Time to rebuild from the ground up.
St Louis Rams
I can't think of one positive on the offensive side of the ball, and there are very few on the defensive side. Spagnola will most likely end up as DC back in New York next season.


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      Well-written and informative. Good hub!