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NFL Picks. Conference Championships, 2015.

Updated on January 19, 2016


Thanks a lot...

AFC Championship: New England vs.Denver -New England.

The Patriots are just too good when healthy.
Last week, we saw them return to form against a good, albeit injured Chiefs team. They looked crisp on offense, strong on defense, and like they were all on the same page.

Denver may have beaten this team back in November, but those were two very different teams. The Patriots were without Rob Gronkowski or Julian Edelman, and Denver had just unveiled Brock Osweiler as a quarterback.
Things have obviously changed. Edelman and Gronk are both back, and neither Broncos QB have proven they can be great in this league. Osweiler's numbers are clearly better, and he brings more to the table, but Manning has the experience you really value as a head coach.
Regardless, New England is finally healthy, and I think they wipe the floor with Denver.
I just don't see it.

NFC Championship: Carolina vs. Arizona- Carolina.

This is an easy one.
The Panthers ripped the Seahawks apart. I mean, demolished them. They systematically broke Seattle down.
The same Seattle team that absolutely destroyed the Cardinals a few weeks ago.
They were able to keep Russell Wilson in the pocket while also creating interior pressure.
It was something to behold.
Now, I know the Seahawks almost came back to win it, but that's because they're magical and moisturize with unicorn blood. The Cardinals... aren't.
Meanwhile, the Cardinals made the mediocre Green Bay pass rush look devastating and despite being at home, tried to throw the game away.
I just don't like the idea of Carson Palmer and the Cardinals trying to play against that explosive Panthers team.

Fleegle's Picks: Best In The World Challenge.

Championship Sunday is here! Pretty sure I'm not gonna win my picks this year, but we had a good run.

New England @ Denver: The Patriots did what they had to do and beat a pesky Chiefs team last week. Even if Andy Reid properly managed the clock, the Chiefs weren't winning that game. And Denver, they kicked a bunch of field goals, then got a touchdown when they had to and squeaked one out against a shorthanded Steelers team. This week? Field goals aren't gonna beat Tom Brady in a conference championship game. Period. And if Denver's offense doesn't show up ready, it could be a long day. I've picked them most of the year, so why stop now? Patriots win, and get a chance to defend their Super Bowl crown.

Arizona @ Carolina: Bruce Arians tried his hardest to pull a Tom Coughlin last week and give the game away on horrible clock management, but then got bailed out by Larry Fitzgerald in overtime. And Carolina, they built a big lead then held off a furious Seattle rally, knocking off the NFC's champions in the process. This week? I want Arizona to win so badly. Carson Palmer and Larry Fitzgerald both deserve to have a crack at a ring. And I can't stand anything about this Carolina team. Way too cocky, Cam Newton is a jackass, and he's not MVP material. What did he do against Seattle last week that was so great? I'll wait......but unfortunately, I don't think the Cards will have enough to win this week. Too much Carolina, and they'll win and get to the Super Bowl.

Three #1 QB's doing battle this weekend. The other QB was Mr. 199 himself, and he's had the best career of all of them. Crazy, right?

@McFleegle (30-33) vs @RyanSmithLWOS (33-30)

Sadly, we agree on both games this week, and i don't think either game will be particularly close.


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