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NFL Picks. Divisional Round, 2015.

Updated on January 12, 2016


Woo! Clean sweep baby!

Kansas City at New England- New England.

I really wrestled with this pick.
I really, really did. I thought about New England's injuries. I thought about how red hot Kansas City is.
Hell, I even thought about the last time these two played.
Remember? New England got blown out by Kansas City?
Then I realized...
New England went crazy after that.
Won the Super Bowl.
All that good stuff.
Julian Edelman, Danny Amendola, Sebastian Vollmer...
This should still be a good game, but the Patriots win.

Green Bay at Arizona- Arizona.

I'm not saying that Green Bay struggled with the Redskins.
The Packers struggled with the Redskins.
It ended up being a blowout, but the Redskins competed for most of the first half.
The Cardinals are a much better team than Green Bay, and they're going to eat the Packers alive.
Especially since they're at home and had a week off.

Seattle at Carolina- Seattle.

Surprising. Nobody.
I'm probably going to pick Seattle for the rest of the post-season.
Even after they lose, I'm still going to pick the Seahawks.
Obviously I'm kidding, but I'm taking them over the Panthers this week.
I just don't know.
The Panthers have been a little gimmicky this year, and the Seahawks are red hot.
Okay, maybe not "red hot" considering they only won by a fluky missed field goal.
I'm just taking them because I think they're the better team, okay?!

Pittsburgh at Denver- Pittsburgh.

The Steelers won the most physical playoff game in recent memory last week, and it took its toll on the team.
Ben is shaken up, Brown is concussed, Williams is limping...
I worry about this team.
Isn't injured Ben just as good as healthy Peyton?
Didn't this team shred the Broncos defense a few weeks ago?
I don't know. I'm taking Pittsburgh because the Broncos offense will be the death of them.
Worst. First Seed. Ever.

Fleegle's Picks: Best In The World Challenge.

4-0 on my picks last week! Unfortunately Ryan was also 4-0, so.....

Kansas City @ New England: The Chiefs have had an outstanding run over the second half of the season....but I think that run ends this week. Patriots have had a much needed week off to heal and get healthy. Yes, I remember what happened the last time these teams met last year, but as you'll recall that beatdown the Patriots got was a springboard to the run they've been on since. Chiefs keep this close for a while, but in the end it's too much Brady and company and the Patriots win.

Green Bay @ Arizona: FINALLY, the Packers came to play last week! But this week, they get an Arizona team that just beat them worse than O.J. Howard beat the Clemson defense on Monday night. While I don't think we'll see the exact same result this week, I still fully believe that Arizona will win. They're better, they have rest, and they have more confidence right now. Cardinals win this week.

Seattle @ Carolina: Game of the weekend, wouldn't you say? Seattle is a damn lucky team to be here, but when your good and you've won as much as they have, you get those lucky breaks to go your way. Now, the first time these teams met, Carolina went to Seattle and erased a 20-7 deficit to win with less than a minute left. But, that was all the way back in week 6. Since then, the Seahawks have gone 9-2 and have really started to hit their stride. The Panthers, meanwhile, put together a 15-1 campaign behind the work of Cam Newton and the defense as well. As for this week? Well.....the hype train stops here! That's right, going with Seattle this week. This team has been there before, and they want to go back again. Hawks win, and set up Arizona/Seattle round 3 for the NFC Title game.

Pittsburgh @ Denver: Lots of intrigue in this game too. Will Big Ben play? And if he does, how effective will he be? What about Antonio Brown? They're both banged up thanks to that idiotic Vontaze Burfict (how he only got 3 games is beyond me). And for Denver, Peyton is back! But how healthy is he? We'll find out. I'm going with Denver to win this game. Too many question marks for the Steelers, and we all know how good that Denver defense is. Broncos get the win.

There you have it. Will I go 4-0 again this week? I need it.

@McFleegle (29-33) vs @RyanSmithLWOS (33-29)

Only one disagreement this week, but it's a big one!
I'm taking the six seed, Pittsburgh, and he's taking the one seed, Denver!


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