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NFL Picks. Week 12, 2015.

Updated on November 24, 2015


Haters gonna hate, hate, hate...

Eagles vs. Lions- Lions.

Over the last two weeks, the Lions defense has really tightened up.
Aaron Rodgers and Derek Carr have been two of the better quarterbacks so far in 2015 and they were both almost completely shut down against the Lions.
Now you want me to buy into an Eagles team that got demolished by the Bucs?
I'll pass.

Panthers vs. Cowboys- Cowboys.

Yup. I'm calling the upset.
It's Thanksgiving.
The Cowboys are reinvigorated, and I think they can beat up the Panthers defense and force Cam to go blow to blow with a far superior quarterback.
It'll be interesting.

Bears vs. Packers- Packers.

After last week, Chicago, I've got nothing to say to you.
Nothing at all.
The Pack get a nice stat-padder, and get back on track.

Bills vs. Chiefs- Chiefs.

I keep waiting for the wheels to come off of Kansas City but they keep onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn spinning.
Well, they're going to spin for one more week as they roll over the Bills in KC. They've found a spark on defense, and frankly, Buffalo is just too beat up.

Rams vs. Bengals- Bengals.

Gurley is literally the only thing going for the Rams on offense and you can't lean on a runner when your quarterback is incapable of moving the chains.
Then you run into one of the best teams in football?
Forget about it.

Saints vs. Texans- Saints.

I actually thought about taking Houston here, but conventional wisdom says Brees and the Saints win. The Texans offense is just unreliable, and betting on them feels just silly.
Brees throws for 8,000 yards and throws a couple interceptions but ultimately, they pull home the win.

Buccaneers vs. Colts- Buccaneers.

I can't believe I'm taking the Bucs over the Colts.
In what world...

But I don't trust Matt Crosffitbeck to lead this team to yet another win and the defense and run game leave too many holes on the field.

Chargers vs. Jaguars- Chargers.

I really struggled with this pick.
The Chargers are so much better... than they are?
If that makes sense.
It certainly doesn't to me, but then again, neither does this season.
The Chargers are due, and the Jags defense still leaves too many unanswered questions.

Dolphins vs. Jets- Jets.

The Dolphins...
Man, every time I pick them, I have to remember that at one point, I thought they were a pre-season playoff team...

Well, it can't rain all the time.
Jets win a physical game.

Vikings vs. Falcons- Vikings.

Same old Falcons, amiright?

They start off red hot, get everyone talking, and then disappear down the stretch. I don't know what the problem is in Hotlanta. Is it Ryan? Is it Julio? Is it Eric Bischoff?
It's Eric Bischoff.

Giants vs. Redskins- Giants.

NYG is coming off of a B-Y-E, so I'll give them the nod over a Redskins team that just isn't all there yet.

Raiders vs. Titans.

So help me god.
If the Raiders can't beat the Titans, I don't know what I'm going to do.

Cardinals vs. 49ers- Cardinals.

This is an easy one for me. The Cardinals are red hot right now, and as good as any team in the NFL. They just came off of a huge win over the Cincinnati Bengals, and barring some kind of emotional hangover, should steamroll the 49ers.

Steelers vs. Seahawks- Seahawks.

With the Steelers as beat up as they are, they should really just take a knee on 2015.
Sure, they're still very much alive in the wildcard race, but they're only limping along, and they're likely to get crushed by whichever team they encounter in the post-season, assuming it isn't the winner of the AFC South.

I can't see them going into Seattle and winning, especially since their only strength, their receiving corps, is cancelled out by football's best secondary.

Patriots vs. Broncos- Broncos.

This is just a feeling.
Yeah, I know, it's crazy.
But I think Denver is better with Brock under center.
I think the defense is great, and the offense is good enough.
The Patriots are the better team, and down the road, they'll probably beat Denver, but the Patriots offense is in trouble.
They can't run the ball well, the offensive line dance keeps on going, and the loss of Edelman can't be understated.
It's in Denver, it's prime-time, it's a Denver upset, baybay.

Ravens vs. Browns- Browns.

The only thing keeping Baltimore afloat was Cool Joe.
Without him... I don't see how this team wins another game.
Two words for ya!
Matt. Schaub.

Fleegle's Picks: Best In The World Challenge.

6 disagreements last week. 6. And yet.....we split?!? How.....
Anyhow, no byes this week! 16 games! Lets do this!

Philadelphia @ Detroit: First of 3 Thanksgiving games! Unfortunately, this is the first game and not the second game of the day, so most people will watch this game because their turkey and mashed potato coma won't have started yet. Listen, I've been trying to defend the Eagles. But I can't anymore. They just got smoked, at home, by the Bucs. The Bucs! Is Detroit much better? No. But, they're at home, so.....Lions win.

Carolina @ Dallas: The game most people are likely to sleep through due to their turkey and mashed potato coma, which is ashame because it should be a good game. Is this the week the undefeated Panthers slip up? Against a 3-7 Cowboys team? BUT, the Cowboys have Romo back now, so all the fans have hope.....and I'm sorely tempted to pick them. But.....I can't. Panthers win, but I wouldn't be surprised if Dallas sneaks one, Panthers win.

Chicago @ Green Bay: We get a rivalry game on Thanksgiving night, just when our food comas wear off. Perfect! I think Da Bears can find a way to hang in this I don't. They couldn't beat Brock Osweiler at home. They're not beating Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay. Packers win.

Oakland @ Tennessee: The offense for the Raiders doesn't seem to be the problem. The defense, save for Charles Woodson, seems to be an issue. BUT, I think they're a better team than Tennessee, and I think the Raiders win this week.

Buffalo @ Kansas City: The Bills have officially lost that early season luster. Speaking of losing, they're going to lose this week against a surging Chiefs team. Kan-Sas Ci-Ty wins.

Tampa Bay @ Indianapolis: I can't believe I'm doing this, but......I have to pick the Bucs this week. And this is why. Still a backup QB for the Colts. Doug Martin ran for 200+ last week against the Eagles. Jameis threw 5 TD's against the Eagles. And guess what? Indy's defense statistically? THEY'RE WORSE THAN PHILLY IS. Buccaneers win this week. I can't believe I said that.

New York Giants @ Washington: The Giants got a week off to lick their wounds, while Washington came crashing back down to Earth after a thumping to the Panthers. Giants are the better team, and I think they show itSunday. Giants win.

New Orleans @ Houston: Depends on which Drew Brees we get this week, right? No, it doesn't. I think Houston wins this week at home. I think. I think. I think......

Minnesota @ Atlanta: Remember when the Falcons were 5-0? That seems like a loooooooong time ago. And Minnesota got a little wakeup call last week at home when Green Bay came to town. I think this is a big game for both teams. Minnesota is in a tough schedule patch, and for a young team that can be a killer. The Falcons are...well, reeling, and in need of a win. Here's the thing: the Falcons just blew a game last week at home to the Colts. I have no faith in that team right now. Vikings win, in a close game.

St. Louis @ Cincinnati: Bengals are going to be a pissed off football team after losing 2 in a row, and the poor Rams are going to feel that this week. Bengals win, BIG.

San Diego @ Jacksonville: The Chargers honored the great Ladanian Tomlinson last week. What did they do for him on the field? Got destroyed 33-3 by the Chiefs. And you know what? They're gonna lose this week too. I can't remember the last time I picked Jacksonville to win more than once in a season, but I got em winning this week. Jaguars win.

Miami @ New York Jets: A couple of teams that are currently on fire.....and by that, I mean dumpster fire. Jets are at home, so I'll give them the win.

Arizona @ San Francisco: The 49ers continue to be nothing short of a hot mess. The Cardinals continue to be nothing short of the second best team in the NFC. Is this even a question? Cardinals win.

Pittsburgh @ Seattle: A pretty tough game to call. Big Ben won't be 100%, no matter what the reports say. Seahawks are very hard to beat at home. And in the last game of a 3 game homestand, they'll wrap it up with a win. Hawks win.

New England @ Denver: No Peyton, no contest. Patriots continue towards perfection.

Baltimore @ Cleveland: least ESPN gets to drool over Manziel. This game will be hard to watch. It was bad enough to have Suggs on IR, Pitta on IR, then Perriman on IR, but now, Forsett breaks his arm and Flacco teams his ACL/MCL?!?!? Make it stop, football gods! And you know what? I wouldn't be surprised to see Manziel have a career night. BUT.....I just can't pick the Browns to beat my Ravens. I can't do it. Ravens win. I hope.

16 games this week....bound to have some disagreements. I need help, quick!

@McFleegle (17-23) vs @Brodhisattva (23-17)

Last week... Man... I thought I was gonna run away with it for a second.

I picked the Cowboys while he picked the Panthers.
I picked the Chargers while he picked the Jaguars.
I picked the Saints while he picked the Texans. Which is odd.
I picked the Broncos while he picked the Patriots.
I picked the Browns while he picked the Ravens.

Five disagreements!!! Lots of room for a comeback here!


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