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NFL Picks. Week 10, 2013.

Updated on November 8, 2013

Seattle at Atlanta- Seattle.
It's funny, when I was crossing off wins and losses for teams in the pre-season, I had Seattle losing their first game to Atlanta... Not quite the same Falcons team they faced in the playoffs, eh?

Cincinnati at Baltimore- Cincinnati.
I almost picked Baltimore, what with Cincy being so depleted on defense, but Baltimore just doesn't have an identity and have lost 3 straight to iffy competition.

Detroit at Chicago- Detroit. *Wow, what a crucial game*
Jay Cutler comes back just in time to play a game that will ultimately determine the fate of the NFC North.

Philadelphia at Green Bay- Philadelphia.
If Rodgers hadn't gone down, they would have blown out the Eagles, but Seneca Wallace looked God Awful monday night, and well... We don't need to talk about Nick Foles.

St. Louis at Indianapolis- Indianapolis.
Oakland at New York (Giants)- New York.
Buffalo at Pittsburgh- Buffalo.
Jacksonville at Tennessee- Tennessee
Carolina at San Francisco- Carolina.
Houston at Arizona- Houston.
Denver at San Diego- Denver.
Dallas at New Orleans- New Orleans.
Miami at Tampa Bay- Tampa Bay.
This is kindof a stretch, but I think Tampa Bay is starting to get a little rhythm together just in time to play a Dolphins team dealing with some crazy distractions.


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