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NFL Picks. Week 10, 2014

Updated on November 5, 2014

Alright alright alright.

Cleveland @ Cincinnati- Cincinnati.

As much as I want the Browns to become something more than what they are, I don't know if they have the firepower or consistency to beat a team like the Bengals.
I've gotta roll with Dalton and the Stripes here.

Kansas City @ Buffalo- Kansas City.

Kansas City has more weapons and offensive complexity than the Bills do, and while I think the front seven might stir things up for the run-first Chiefs, but Kyle Orton is a huge problem for the Bills and the Chiefs are trying hard to stay relevant in the AFC playoff picture.

Miami @ Detroit- Detroit.

A well rested and healthy Lions team will welcome the Dolphins into the dome with a revitalized and hungry Megatron.
Everyone is high on the Dolphins right now, and after a huge win over the Chargers, I can understand why.
However, the Dolphins defense cancels out the Lions offense, and I don't see Ryan Tannehill and the run game outplaying a talented defensive line.

Dallas @ Jacksonville- Dallas.

I actually considered taking a flyer on the Jags here...
But... They're the Jags.
And while Weeden isn't superman, I think he's capable of handing the ball off to DeMarco Murray.
The Cowboys ground and pound their way to a win in London.

San Francisco @ New Orleans- New Orleans.

As much as I absolutely hate to pick the Saints, they played well against the Packers and the Panthers.

When they're playing in New Orleans, they're almost always the team to beat...
Unlike the 49ers who literally dropped the game on the last play last week against the lowly Rams.

The Saints win and Harbaugh starts thinking about whether he even wants to coach next year.

Tennessee @ Baltimore- Baltimore.

Yawn. Not even worth watching.
Even if the Ravens weren't pissed about getting whooped by the Steelers last week, the Titans don't have a quarterback strong enough to exploit whatever weaknesses the secondary might have.

Pittsburgh @ New York (Jets)- Pittsburgh.

While I'm not sure that the Steelers will pull off another 6 TD game, but I doubt they'll have any problems with the lowly New York Jets.
That secondary has played better than expected, but they're still pretty bad.
The Steelers win big and the AFC North remains complicated.

Atlanta @ Tampa Bay- Atlanta.

As disappointing as the Falcons have been this year, the Bucs have been that bad tenfold.
The Falcons still have the tools to put points on the board, while the Bucs have turned back to the young gun, Glennon for answers.
The Falcons will win this game, but I don't think they'll win a ton of others, and Mike Smith's seat should start getting pretty hot.

Denver @ Oakland- Denver.

Don't make me explain this.

St. Louis @ Arizona- Arizona.

I STILL don't believe in the Cardinals.
But I don't think that the Rams are good enough to muscle up and beat them.

New York (Giants) @ Seattle- Seattle.

Even if the Seahawks have lost a bit of their mystique as an unbeatable home team, that 12th man is still extremely talented and the Giants are still extremely troubled.
That secondary is giving up big games to anyone who walks through the door and Eli still hasn't figured out which team he is on. Hawks win by 10+

Chicago @ Green Bay- Green Bay.

The Bears have imploded.
The players are turning on each other and defensive players are dropping like flies.
Meanwhile, the Packers need a win to keep pace with the Lions, and the loss to the Saints two weeks ago didn't help.

I'll take Mr. Rodgers and the funky bunch at home.

Carolina @ Philadelphia- Philadelphia.

I'd rather take Butt Fumble over Cam Newton...
How sad is that?
Part of me does actually wonder how fair of a shake Sanchez got in New York, especially compared to how hideously his replacements have played.
He never had weapons, he wasn't exactly surrounded by a nurturing environment, and it's not like he got worse, he just never got better.

In any event, E-A-G-L-E-S win big in primetime and somebody fires that idiot who calls himself a coach in Carolina.

Fleegle's Picks.


Week 10 already?!? Good grief. Here we go for picks.....and the lead shall stay mine!

Cleveland @ Cincinnati: I'm highly tempted to pick the Browns in this one, but, Cincy is at home, and even though they generally suck in primetime, I'll take them to win

Jacksonville vs. Dallas (London): Oh goody, another London game! Romo or Weeden, still expect the Cowboys to roll to the win.

Tennessee @ Baltimore: The Ravens HAVE to beat the Titans. There's no other way to put it. Can't afford to lose 3 in a row at this point. Ravens win at home.

Kansas City @ Buffalo: Could be an interesting game. Chiefs are a good team, but games in Buffalo later in the year are always interesting. As badly as I want to pick the Bills, I can't. Chiefs get the W.

Miami @ Detroit: What a win for the Dolphins last week! Blowing and shutting out the Chargers the way they did was impressive. Now they go to the Dome for a tough road game. With the possibility of a healthy Calvin Johnson and Reggie Bush this week, I like the chances for the Lions. Detroit wins at home.

San Francisco @ New Orleans: What the hell happened to the 49ers? Wait, they weren't that good to begin with? Well, DUH. Losing at home to the Rams last week is hilarious. As for the Saints, 2 big wins in a row for them seems to have righted the sinking ship. I think New Orleans keeps it going this week with another W at home.

Atlanta @ Tampa Bay: SOMEONE has to win this game, right? I think the Falcons win this week. But I wouldn't be surprised to see the Bucs win it. But I'll take Atlanta for the sake of the picks.

Pittsburgh @ NY Jets: Could be a potential trap game for the Steelers after 2 straight BIG wins over the Colts and Ravens. Could also be Rex Ryan's last hurrah for the Jets as they head into the bye week after this. I think more of the latter. Steelers find a way to win and keep the Jets spiraling.

Denver @ Oakland: The Raiders have to win a game at some just won't be this week. Denver roooooolls to a win.

St. Louis @ Arizona: Okay, maybe I'm finally believing in the Cardinals. But I tell you, the Rams have been impressive lately too. I'll take Carson Palmer and the Cards at home this week (which means they'll probably lose).

NY Giants @ Seahawks: Just when you think the Giants have things figured out, they get slammed at home by Indy. And now? Off to Seattle! I think if the offense for the Giants shows up they have a great chance. In fact, I'm half tempted to pick them. But, I just can't. Seahawks win at home.

Chicago @ Green Bay: Has there been a more disappointing team in football than the Chicago Bears? All that talent and still sit last in the NFC North. Meanwhile, the Packers have rebounded since the rough start, and I think, beings this game is in Lambeau, that they keep Da Bears reeling. Packers win at home.

Carolina @ Philadelphia: Enter the Mark Sanchize era.....again. Is it sad that I still think Sanchez will have a better game than Cam Newton? Eagles win at home on MNF.

Do your worst, Ryan!


Ryan vs Fleegle.

We uh... don't disagree this week.
This is awkward.


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