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NFL Picks. Week 11, 2013.

Updated on November 13, 2013

Indianapolis at Tennessee- Indianapolis.
Despite an awful beating last week, the Colts are still one of the best teams in the AFC, and they should be able to essentially lock up the AFC South vs a TItans team that will be without Jake Locker for the rest of the year.

New York (Jets) at Buffalo- New York.
Baltimore at Chicago- Baltimore.

Cleveland at Cincinnati- Cincinnati.
This is a game that the Browns would really like to win, but I just don't think that they have the firepower to outscore them.

Oakland at Houston- Houston.
I can't trust the Raiders passing offense to move the ball versus anybody. Terrelle Pryor just isn't the answer, and that won't change versus a very talented Texans defense.

Arizona at Jacksonville- Arizona.
Washington at Philadelphia- Philadelphia.
Remember then the Eagles were near the bottom of the division?... That's how bad the NFC East is.

Detroit at Pittsburgh- Detroit.
Atlanta at Tampa Bay- Tampa Bay.
Yup. I'm picking them for their second win over a Falcons team that has completely given up on their season and their coach.

San Diego at Miami- San Diego.
The Dolphins season is imploding. Ryan Tannehill is not developing and the controversy off the field is definitely a distraction.

San Francisco at New Orleans- New Orleans.
Green Bay at New York (Giants- New York.
Minnesota at Seattle- Seattle.
Kansas City at Denver- Denver.
KC finally plays a legitimate offense. I'm not sure that the Chiefs pass rush will be able to get to Manning before he gets his passes off.

New England at Carolina- Carolina.


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    • pmarinov profile image

      Blogger at Best 4 years ago from Detroit MI

      I agree about Atlanta, they have completely given up everything. They have such great players, and no motivation to win. Whatever, I guess Tony Gonzalez should have retired last year.