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NFL Picks. Week 11, 2014

Updated on November 12, 2014


Nailed it last week! I do need to take a few risks her if I want to catch up with Fleegle...

Buffalo @ Miami- Miami.

I don't feel comfortable with this pick.
I wanna say the Bills will pull off the win, but I have to look at last week.
The Dolphins just barely lost a very talented Lions team.
The Bills completely blew a game against a very inconsistent Kansas City team.
I just believe in the Dolphins more as a viably consistent team.

Atlanta @ Carolina- Atlanta.

As bad as the Falcons have been lately, I still have a really hard time picking the Panthers and Cam Newton over them. And maybe I would've been able to slide that way a little more if they hadn't just gotten spanked by Mark Sanchez on Monday Night Football.
Sadly I have to the pick the Falcons, but I could easily see them screwing this game up because... Well... It's the NFC South.

Minnesota @ Chicago- Chicago.

Do I have to?
Be it locker-room turmoil or bad coaching, these Bears are just bad...
But are they bad enough to lose to the Vikings?
I have to pick the Bears.
Because while the Bears are losing badly, nobody knows why.
We're all perfectly aware of why the Vikings are losing.

Houston @ Cleveland- Houston.

Cleveland has to try to ride the momentum of demolishing the Bengals on TNF last week into this game.
With plenty of time off, they've been able to sit back and watch tape of the Texans, but I'm not sure how much help that will be since they're starting a new QB in Ryan Mallet this week.
It'll be an interesting match for sure.
If Mallet can be half the QB that New England thought he was a few years back, the Texans can win this game.
Long sustained drives with Arian Foster should take the pressure off, and it's not like he doesn't have Andre Johnson and DeAndre Hopkins catching passes.

Seattle @ Kansas City- Seattle.

I was very tempted to pick the Chiefs to win this game.
Seattle hasn't been themselves at points lately, and on the road, in one of the most hostile environments in the NFL...
But then it comes down to offensive talent. Jamaal Charles is a ton of fun to watch, and Kelce has been a nice find for the Chiefs, but outside of that... It's not pretty.
Ultimately, this game comes down to whoever turns the ball over more.
I know that's cliche, but in a game like this, where defense sets the tone, whoever holds on to the ball better will come away with a win.

Cincinnati @ New Orleans New Orleans.

I think it's about time we packed up the Bengals and sent them on down the river. They had been skidding for weeks anyway before Cleveland beat the living hell out of them on Thursday Night Football, and as much as I don't buy into the Saints as a team, or Drew Brees as an "elite" QB, he's in his comfy little dome, and he certainly has more weapons on offense than the Browns did last week.

San Francisco @ New York (Giants)- San Francisco.

The Giants haven't been a serious contender for quite some time now, and while the 49ers aren't who they used to be either, I think they can handle the jetlag and notch a tough win in the meadowlands.
I know this seems sacrilegious to even ask, but does Tom Coughin get fired after yet another disappointing season?
Rings are one thing but...

Denver @ St. Louis- Denver.

The Broncos faced more opposition from the Raiders than they will this week.
This is hilarious.
Big Broncos win.

Tampa Bay @ Washington- Washington.

These two teams deserve each other.
I'm just taking the Redskins because they had a bye week and show more consistency all around the board.

Oakland @ San Diego- San Diego.

After the last time the Raiders played the Chargers, I considered picking them here.
Then I remembered that the Raiders can ran the hell over by the Broncos last week, and they'll probably be too bummed out to even show up to this game.
They're crushed. They're beaten.
And guess what, they're the first team to be mathematically eliminated from the playoffs.

Detroit @ Arizona- Detroit.

Finally! The Cards will collapse!
The loss of Carson Palmer was rough, and it couldn't have come at a worse time.
Facing off with an extremely talented Lions team featuring a healthy Calvin Johnson.
I don't think Drew Stanton is capable of out-dueling Matt Stafford.

Philadelphia @ Green Bay- Green Bay.

You know, a lot of people were ready to condemn the NFC East with the loss of yet another starting QB, but the Cowboys and Eagles haven't missed a step.
Or at least, they hadn't.
Until this week, when they run face-first into the red hot Green Bay Packers.
Rodgers shreds the secondary, and Mark Sanchez returns to classic form.

New England @ Indianapolis- New England.

Some rivalries survive roster changes.
This is one of them.
I can't express how excited I am for this game.
It should be a great one, and with the game happening in the oil rig, the Colts could pull this game off.
And yet, I can't quite pull the trigger on that pick.
Andrew Luck is the future of the NFL, and while the future has arrived... The pesky past won't leave the present.
The Patriots haven't flinched since losing to Kansas City in primetime.
The likes of Cincinnati and Denver have felt the wrath of Tom Brady and a rejuvenated Rob Gronkowski.
I'm siding with the Pats here because I'd rather be wrong and happy than right and upset... If you catch my drift.

Pittsburgh @ Tennessee- Pittsburgh.

Is it 2008?
Is Kerry Collins handing off to Chris Jonson?
Is Big Ben lobbing it deep to Santonio Holmes?
Is Hines Ward going to be out there?
Then why the hell is this on Monday Night Football?
Jesus. I just don't get it.
Well, the Titans suck so...
There's your explanation.

Fleegle's Picks.

Alright Fleegle... I'm coming after ya.

No ground gained or lost last week because Ryan and I somehow (somehow) had the exact same picks. Somehow, I don't think the same will happen this week. Anywho.....

Buffalo @ Miami: THIS is a primetime game?!? Who gets put in charge of these damn things??? Miami gets the win, because they're playing better football right now.

Minnesota @ Chicago: Nice to see Da Bears showed up in primetime against their biggest rivals in the Packers last week. Luckily for them, they go home and play Minnesota this week. I very well think jobs could be on the line in this game. Bears finally get their first home win of 2014.

Houston @ Cleveland: A rather interesting matchup. Houston has been decent this year, anchored by JJ Watt. Cleveland, in the meantime, is LEADING THE AFC NORTH THROUGH 10 WEEKS. Who saw THAT coming??? Cleveland picks up another win to stay atop the division this week.

Seattle @ Kansas City: This is going to be a grind em out type of game. That KC crowd will be rocking. Seattle has had tons of problems away from home this season, while KC has been playing pretty good football this year. I don't expect many points in this one, and I also think the Seahawks will find a way to pick up a win away from The 12th Man. Seattle wins.

Atlanta @ Carolina: This is one of my two LOL, who cares?!? games of the week. Atlanta is terrible, and Cam Newton, quite frankly, isn't much better. Carolina is at home, so I guess I'll take them.

Cincinnati @ New Orleans: The Bengals got flat out embarrassed by the Browns last week. And the Saints lost a rare, rare home game. I still don't buy all that much into the Bengals, and I think Drew Brees is going to shred them apart this week. Saints win at home to stay atop of the terrible NFC South.

Tampa Bay @ Washington: This is my second LOL, who cares?!?!? game of the week. Both teams are awful and not going anywhere. I suppose that Washington will win, being at home and such.

Denver @ St. Louis: Turf+Peyton Mannings receivers+the Denver defense=a BIG win for the Broncos this week. Simple as that.

San Francisco @ NY Giants: Well, to say that the 49ers went to the dome in New Orleans and saved their season last week would be a big understatement. As for the Giants, they NEED a win, badly. And you know what? I think they get it at home this week. Giants win.

Oakland @ San Diego: I was very very very VERY tempted to pick the Rrrrrrrrraiders this week. Seriously, I was. But I just can't bring myself to do it. I wouldn't be surprised to see Ryan take his boys this week. But I can't. Chargers win.

Philadelphia @ Green Bay: I love this matchup. Mark Sanchez actually looked, dare I say it, great on Monday Night in his first start in, what, 2 years? And the Packers are, well, the Packers, with an explosive offense led by Aaron Rodgers. This should be a great game that I expect will go right down to the end. I wouldn't be surprised at all to see the Eagles win, but, I still think that Green Bay finds a way to get it done in Lambeau.

Detroit @ Arizona: I swear I've picked against the Cardinals every single week. And yet, they sit at 8-1. So, why break the trend this week?? I really think that Detroit can go get this W on Sunday. With Carson Palmer gone, and a fully healthy Calvin Johnson and Reggie Bushhhhhhhh, the chips are set for the Lions to pick up a huge road win.

New England @ Indianapolis: What a matchup this is. But then again with the recent trend of SNF games, someone will win this by about 30. A matchup of two of the best QB's in all of football awaits us here. Expect a high scoring affair, but I think the youngster Andrew Luck keeps his amazing hit streak alive and beats Brady and Company this Sunday night. Colts win.

Pittsburgh @ Tennessee: Well.......yeah. I don't really know what to say about this one either, I guess. Steelers win on the road. And who the hell decided to give the Titans a Monday Night game anyhow?!?!?

I see a 3-4 game swing in the picks this week. What say you, Ryan??


McFleegle vs Ryan.

Unlike last week, we actually have a few differences this week.
I picked the Texans while he picked the Browns.
I picked the Falcons while he picked the Panthers.
I picked the 49ers while he picked the Giants.
And in the game of the week, I picked the Patriots while he picked the Colts.

This is exciting!


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