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NFL Picks. Week 11, 2015.

Updated on November 17, 2015


Man! After a weekend of upsets, my picks took a beating! Between writing on here... and somewhere else... This will probably be the last year I post my picks on here... Let's try to end it on a good note.

Titans vs. Jaguars- Jaguars.

Are either of these teams going to win the Super Bowl?
But... with Andrew Luck likely missing the rest of the season, this game does have playoff implications.
The AFC South is that bad.
And you know what? With two young QBs playing pretty well... This game might be interesting.
It could even be fun to watch... not that anyone will.

Rams vs. Ravens- Rams.

This game could actually be very interesting.
Assuming nobody does anything dum, the Ravens should be in it for most of the game.
However... I just don't trust them.
The Rams got smoked by the Bears, which... makes them the most unpredictable team in the league, but by feeeeding Todd Gurley, they should be able to beat up a defense that just isn't very good.

You know it's funny...
Without Terrell Suggs, nobody's saying CJ Mosley is better than Khalil Mack anymore... Are they?

Broncos vs. Bears- Broncos.

This was a toughy.
Honestly, I really struggled.
After all... We are getting Brock Osweiler instead of Peyton Manning...

But... Peyton wasn't exactly shooting the lights out. I mean, the Broncos aren't really losing much... They might even be a better team now.
And I just can't imagine a world where Jay Cutler beats up that Defense. Even in a revenge game.

Yeah, it's a revenge game.
Cutler was a Bronco?

Redskins vs. Panthers- Panthers.

Nobody look, but the Panthers have a pretty stiff grip on the number one seed in the NFC.
And with a schedule like this, it's not really surprising.
I wish Cousins could lead the Skins to a big "YOU LIKE THAT" victory over the Panthers, but...

They don't get to play against Drew Brees this week.

Cowboys vs. Dolphins- Cowboys.

Two of the biggest disappointments this season.
I'm picking Dallas.
Don't know why, they keep losing and making me look stupid but...
Maybe Romo's return will be enough to finally break out and make the NFC East interesting again.

Raiders vs. Lions- Lions.

I should really be sticking with the Raiders here, but I'm sick and tired of that defense.
And the lack of depth on offense.
And you know what, I hope Calvin Johnson has a monster game.
After all, he is auditioning for the Raiders.
Quote me on it.
Megatron will be replacing Michael Crabtree in Oakland next year.

Jets vs. Texans- Jets.

I'm actually taking the Jets because they lost on turnovers last week.
Bad teams turn the ball over, but worse teams can't move the ball at all.
The Texans stole a huge win on monday night, but that doesn't make them a good team by any means.

Colts vs. Falcons- Falcons.

Both of these teams are massive disappointments. Injuries to Luck crippled the Colts and the Falcons...
Well, you almost can't call the Falcons disappointments because they just did what they always seem to do.
Start off hot and then disappear down the stretch.

Buccaneers vs. Eagles- Buccaneers.

In games like this, you've just gotta go with the hot hand.
And in this case... that's the Bucs.
The Eagles... without Bradford... I just don't think they've got an offense at all.

Chiefs vs. Chargers- Chiefs.

This is an odd pick.
Because you'd think the Chargers would just spank the Chiefs.
But... The Chargers are just bad.
They're just a bad team this year, and the Chiefs... well... they just got rid of Peyton Manning and made the AFC West interesting again.

Packers vs. Vikings- Vikings.

Look. They made things interesting last week, but it's time to be honest.
This year, Aaron Rodgers can not carry this team.
The loss of Jordy Nelson was bigger than any NFL expert will ever admit, and the Vikings are on a roll.
Honestly, I'm not sure the Packers offense is as good as Oaklands, and they were able to handle it...
Vikings win a huge game.

49ers vs. Seahawks- Seahawks.

Even on an off-season, the L.O.B. are gonna feast on Blaine Gabbert. End of story.

Bengals vs. Cardinals- Bengals.

The loss of Julian Edelman puts New England's undefeated season on notice, and if any team can benefit, it's the Bengals. There's no way they get a chance like this and blow it. Especially after last week's embarrassing loss to JJ Watt and the Texans.
Bengals win big.

Bills vs. Patriots- Patriots.

The Patriots are beat up... But not quite beat up enough to lose to Buffalo.

Fleegle's Picks: Best In The World Challenge.

Shoutout to the NFL for costing me a 2-0 week last week! I need the help, man....

Tennessee @ Jacksonville: This game is gonna be terrible. No question about it. But, I'm doing something I usually don't do.....Jacksonville wins this week.

Oakland @ Detroit: Maybe Minnesota is better than we thought? Maybe Green Bay was due to lose to the Lions at home? Maybe the world is ending? I don't know, but I'm gonna do something I probably shouldn't and pick Oakland to win this game. I think they're the better football team and they find a way to get the road win.

Indianapolis @ Atlanta: Atlanta needed that bye week badly, because they started reeling. Now they get the Colts at home without Luck. That's exactly what they need. Falcons win.

New York Jets @ Houston: The Jets have forgotten how to win a football game. And Houston knocked Cincy from the ranks of the unbeaten in one of the ugliest Monday Night games I've ever seen. This game could go either way. I'd like to think the Jets are the better team, but the question is will they play like it? I think they will. Jets win.

Tampa Bay @ Philadelphia: Credit the Bucs for winning that game against Dallas, even though it was terribly ugly. Now they hit the road to face the SANCHIZE!!!!! Yeah, that's a joke. I just can't justify picking.....well, either one of these teams really. But I think the Eagles find a way to win.

Denver @ Chicago: Osweiler time!!! Sike, not really. That was hard to watch with Peyton last week, man. Meanwhile, Da Bears are on a little roll, and they're at home, so I think they win.

St. Louis @ Baltimore: Backup QB for the Rams, and I don't even want to talk about my Ravens. If the Rams played Foles this week, I would honestly pick them. But.....I just can't. Ravens, this is your last chance! Ravens win.

Dallas @ Miami: Nice little win for the Dolphins last week in Philly. They needed it. And for Dallas, ROMO'S BACK!!! And that NFC East is still wide open right now too. And I think he gets them back in the win column this week. Cowboys win, in what will wind up being a home game in Miami.

Washington @ Carolina: Washington absolutely destroyed the Saints last week. I mean, it was UGLY. And those Panthers, they keep finding ways to win. And they will this week too. Panthers win.

Kansas City @ San Diego: The Chargers are another team that desperately needed that bye week. And the Chiefs, they just destroyed Denver last week. I think they keep it rolling this week too. Chiefs win.

Green Bay @ Minnesota: Packers have lost their last 3 games and haven't looked great in any of them. And Minnesota, all of a sudden they're leading the NFC North. Who the hell saw that coming? If the Vikings can win this week, that will show me something. But I don't think they will, because Green Bay needs this win more than Minnesota does, just to prove to the league that they're not totally collapsing. Packers win.

San Francisco @ Seattle: LOL, please. Seahawks win.

Cincinnati @ Arizona: That Bengals offense really struggled last week, and the Cardinals dropped almost 40 IN SEATTLE. I think you know where I'm going. Cardinals win.

Buffalo @ New England: Should be a decent Monday Night game for once. Patriots survived what I thought would be a tough test from the Giants (TERRIBLE CLOCK MANAGEMENT, AGAIN). And the Bills took care of business for Rex back in New York. But this week, fuhgetttabouttttit! Patriots win and stay unbeaten.

I need some big weeks here soon.....

@McFleegle (14-20) vs @Brodhisattva (20-14)

I picked the Lions while he picked my Raiders.
I picked the Bucs while he picked the Eagles.
I picked the Broncos while he picked the Bears.
I picked the Rams while he picked the Ravens.
I picked the Vikings while he picked the Packers.
And I picked the Bengals while he picked the Cardinals.
You know... if Fleegle sweeps... It's a tied game.
Of course, if I sweep... It's pretty much over.


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