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NFL Picks. Week 12, 2013.

Updated on November 21, 2013

New Orleans at Atlanta- New Orleans
I almost picked the Falcons in this one, simply because I know that Drew Brees is a completely different player on the road, but in the end, the Falcons have completely given up on their season, and it's hard to remember a time when they were a serious NFC contender.

New York Jets at Baltimore- Baltimore.
These two teams are about evenly matched. The Jets have overachieved at points (Beating the Saints and Patriots) but have also been embarrassingly bad at points (See: Da Bills). Meanwhile the Ravens have terribly underachieved. Were these really the Super Champions last year? I almost picked the Jets to be completely honest with you, but it came down to comparing quarterbacks. Joe Flacco versus Geno Smith? Not a chance that I pick Geno, especially since the Ravens run defense has been much better this year.

Pittsburgh at Cleveland- Pittsburgh.
I think I'm officially jumping off of the Browns bandwagon. They had a real chance to win the division last week, but they completely gave it up to the Bengals. They're playing for a winning record now, and Pittsburgh offense is just more "together"... That's not saying a whole lot.

Tampa Bay at Detroit- Detroit.
I accurately predicted the Bucs getting their first two wins over the last couple of weeks. I feel pretty good about that. And ya know what? If the Bucs had any kind of serious offense, I would probably pick them. Their defense matches up perfectly against the Lions offense. But again, this team has something that the Yuks don't, an identity. They know that they're in a pretty spot, with the Packers and Bears missing their quarterbacks, and they'll be focused on a win this week.

Jacksonville at Houston- Houston.
Houston finally breaks the losing streak this week. The Jaguars have been competitive lately, separating them from the 2008 Lions as the worst team of all time, but I don't see them thriving against the Texans defense... I mean, I don't think Matt McGloin plays for the Jags.

San Diego at Kansas City- Kansas City.
This is a tough pick, and not necessarily one that I'm confident with. Earlier in the season, I actually would've picked the Chargers, but I'm starting to see Philip Rivers come back to 2010-2012 form, and the Chiefs pass rush is owed a big game. I could see the Chiefs rattling the Chargers in Arrowhead and getting the win.

Carolina at Miami- Carolina.
This is easy, the Dolphins aren't really playing for anything. They're slipping and stumbling and haven't had an impressive win all year. The Panthers are red hot and know they need every win they can get to catch New Orleans.

Chicago at St. Louis- Chicago.
Indianapolis at Arizona- Indianapolis.
Tennessee at Oakland.
Dallas at New York (Giants)- Dallas.

Denver at New England- Denver.
I almost don't want to pick the Denver/New England game. I feel like I'll be wrong regardless. My first instinct is to take Denver and the high powered offense, but then again, they were pseudo-exposed versus the Chiefs on Sunday night, and they ARE playing against the Patriots IN New England. Whenever I leave the Patriots for dead, they almost always find a way to win. But can I really trust that flimsy defense versus that attack?
And what about Wes Welker?! Do the patriots know how to contain him or is he primed to exact some revenge?
Can I just talk about Survivor Series instead?

San Francisco at Washington- San Francisco.
The Redskins suck.


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    • profile image

      annie gelderman 4 years ago

      and the winner of TEN v OAK will be…???


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