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NFL Picks. Week 12, 2014

Updated on November 19, 2014


Now THAT is what an impressive week looks like.

Kansas City @ Oakland- Kansas City.

I really wanted to take Oakland in this game.
I feel like this makes for a perfect trap game for the Chiefs and primetime in the Black Hole can only mean good things for the winless Raiders.
However, Logic prevailed.
The Raiders run defense, while talented, has given up big games to no names.
And Jamaal Charles is much more than a no name.

Cleveland @ Atlanta- Atlanta.

This is a tough game.
On one hand, a team with questionable talent has been overachieving.
On the other... Well... The opposite.
First place or not, Mike Smith has to get fired after this season, right?
I certainly hope so.
I'm taking the Falcons because the game is in Atlanta. But I don't feel good about it.

Tennessee @ Philadelphia- Philadelphia.

Yeah yeah yeah, the Eagles got exposed last week against the Packers.
But I think they're safe going up against the lowly Titans working on a short week.

Detroit @ New England- New England.

This has to the potential to be a very exciting game if both offenses perform.
My only concern is the inconsistency of the Lions offense and some questionable talent in their secondary.
If Gronk and Megatron wanted to both explode and have monster days, my fantasy team wouldn't be upset...

Green Bay @ Minnesota- Green Bay.

Two weeks in a row, Aaron Rodgers has gone off on "big name" NFC teams.
The Vikings are far, far, faaaar from a big name NFC team.
Matt Flynn gets playing time as the Packers win huge.

Jacksonville @ Indianapolis- Indianapolis.

The Colts are licking their wounds after a Sunday Night beatdown at the hands of the Patriots, and who should come along but the pathetic Jacksonville Jaguars.
Andrew Luck feasts and the Colts get back on track.

Cincinnati @ Houston- Cincinnati.

I'm picking the Bengals because I think they're going to ride the momentum from last week into another comfy dome win over a soft team.
While JJ Watt is the and Arian Foster has been carrying my fantasy team, I saw what I needed to see out of Ryan Mallet last week, and trust me, he's no Drew Brees.

New York (Jets) @ Buffalo- New York.

When I compare bad teams, the first thing I do is look at the quarterback.
As hilarious as it is to say out loud, Kyle Orton is better than anything the Jets have lining up under center.
However, I have a weird feeling about this game.
Maybe it's because the Bills weren't able to practice all week.
Maybe it's because the Bills are relying on an immobile QB to win.
II'm taking a chance...

Tampa Bay @ Chicago- Chicago.

Tampa Bay blew out the Skins last week.
Just destroyed 'em.
That doesn't mean I'll pick them over the dysfunctional Chicago Bears though.
Freakish receivers.
Freakish receivers everywhere.

Arizona @ Seattle- Seattle.

I don't trust this game.
I can't mentally wrap my head around the idea of Drew Stanton lighting up the legion of boom.
I just can't do it.
But don't be surprised if this game is close.

St. Louis @ San Diego- San Diego.

What the hell happened to San Diego?
Just a few weeks ago, Philip Rivers was the MVP and the Chargers were gonna win the Super Bowl.
Now they need help from the officials to beat Oakland.
Despite a fun upset last week, I don't quite buy the Rams yet, and I can't justify picking them over the Chargers.

Miami @ Denver- Denver.

This game will say alot about both of these teams.
Are the Broncos the team who ran up the score in Oakland or the team who lost to the Rams?
Are the Dolphins the team who beat the Patriots?
We'll see.
I'll roll with Peyton and the boys for now.

Washington @ San Francisco- San Francisco.

I hate this game.
I don't like either of these teams.
But the 49ers have more base talent so...

Dallas @ New York (Giants)- Dallas.

Five interceptions.

The Cowboys have had a week off to rest and now they get to play the Giants and their inconsistent run game.

Baltimore @ New Orleans- New Orleans.

AT New Orleans.
With THAT Ravens secondary?
Check please.

Fleegle's Picks.

Tick tock!

Damn, last week wasnt the greatest. Lets try to do better this week, shall we? 15 games this week, lets see how much ground we can make (or how bad we can suck).....

Kansas City @ Oakland: For the second week in a row, I'm half tempted to pick Oakland this week. They didn't play bad last week against the Chargers, and they after all will be at home. But then again, the Chiefs just beat Seattle, and have a too seed in the AFC in sight (yes I just said that). Should be a closer game than most predict, but ill take the Chiefs.

Cleveland @ Atlanta: I think the Brownies are finally starting to come back to earth a little bit. Meanwhile, Atlanta at 4-6 is in first place? Jesus, how bad is the NFC South? Atlanta gets to 5-6 this week with a win.

Tennessee @ Philadelphia: The Titans damn near pulled off the upset against the Steelers on MNF, but alas.....they didn't. Meanwhile, the poor Eagles just ran into the buzzsaw that is the Packers right now. Look for Philly to rebound this week with a win.

Detroit @ New England: The Lions just couldn't find a way to get it done on the road last week. Meanwhile, Tom Brady did his thing.....well, not really (thank his run game, for once) against Andrew Luck on SNF. Look for the Patriots to pick up another win this week.

Green Bay @ Minnesota: Packers. Big. Period. Moving on.

Jacksonville @ Indianapolis: Colts. BIG. I think Andrew Luck comes out pissed off and destroys the Jags this week.

Cincinnati @ Houston: Intriguing game. I was thoroughly impressed with both of these teams last week, picking up big road wins. I look for this game Togo either way, but once again JJ Watt will somehow factor in to the result. Houston wins at home.

NY Jets @ Buffalo: This game could honestly go either way. Or could it be a tie because of how bad they both suck? Bills win at home.

Tampa Bay @ Chicago: Da Bears had all kinda of problems with Minnesota last week at home. Don't expect the same problems this week. Bears win.

Arizona @ Seattle: Possibly the game of the week, yes? The Cardinals actually went to Seattle and won last year, and already sit at 9-1 this year. Seattle needs to regroup after a close road loss to the Chiefs. Don't expect a lot of scoring here with these two defenses. However, I've picked against Arizona practically all year, so why stop now?!? Seahawks use The 12th Man advantage and win at home.

St. Louis @ San Diego: Quite frankly, this game could go either way. St. Louis pulled off the unthinkable at home against Peyton and the Broncos, while San Diego didn't really look too impressive against the winless Raiders. Plus, I think Philip Rivers is hurting more than he's letting on to everyone. I'm still going to play it safe and take San Diego at home, even though it's very tempting to take the Rams. Chargers win.

Miami @ Denver: Miami is really not a bad football team. However.....Peyton and company are going to be PISSED this week. Broncos win.

Washington @ San Francisco: LOL, child please. 49ers win.

Dallas @ NY Giants: The Giants have completely fallen apart. Yet, they will still show up on primetime and make a game against Dallas. However, I think the Cowboys took full effect of the bye week to rest up. Look for Dallas to win and send Tom Coughlin one step closer to the unemployment line.

Baltimore @ New Orleans: Oye, tough tough game to call. Hopefully Baltimore took advantage of the bye week to work on the secondary. As for the Saints, 2 straight losses at home? And only put up 10, in the dome, against the Bengals? Those are two things that NEVER happen. I have both Drew Brees and the Ravens defense in fantasy football too......oye vey, kids. This is probably the spot where Ryan picks up another game on me, but oh well. I really think the Ravens find a way this week. Just feed Justin Forsett the ball and set up the play action for Joe Cool and there you go. Expect a higher scoring affair, and for the Ravens to send the Saints to their third straight loss at home.

Well, there you have it. Week 12.....crunch time coming!!!


McFleegle vs. Ryan.

I picked the Bengals and he picked the Texans.
I picked the Jets and he picked the Bills.
I picked the Saints and he picked the Ravens.


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