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NFL Picks. Week 13, 2014

Updated on November 25, 2014

Last week.

I did okay.

Woo. Broke 100.

Chicago @ Detroit- Detroit.

I won't sugarcoat this.
The Detroit Lions looked lost against the Patriots last Sunday. They pressed and blitzed extremely well and the offense never found its groove.
Defensively the Lions just couldn't get their act together and didn't stop or even slow down the Patriot running game...
The running game.
Meanwhile, Chicago is still a locker-room disaster and far too inconsistent on defense to handle an offense like Detroit.

Seattle @ San Francisco- Seattle.

The Seahawks have slowly but surely returned to dominance, winning four of the last five, including a convincing win that exposed the fraudulent Arizona Cardinals.
I don't trust the 49ers, who are on a streak of unconvincing wins versus mediocre teams.
Expect lots of running and defensive knocks but for the 49ers to make more mistakes.

Philadelphia @ Dallas- Dallas.

Maybe if Nick Foles was healthy, I'd be able to justify picking the Eagles.
But... He's not.
And Mark Sanchez is.
Sanchez is a decent back-up qb.
He'll make sure you win the winnable games and can keep your team relevant while your starter is out.
But under no circumstances can he carry your team.
Especially not to a win over a team like the Dallas Cowboys, who look poised to take over the division.

Washington @ Indianapolis- Indianapolis.

This is an easy one.
I don't care who is starting at QB for the Redskins, they're still a bad team who fail at everything but running the ball effectively.
There's a decent pass rush, but the secondary isn't good enough to compensate.
Indy balls out.

Tennessee @ Houston- Houston.

Fitzpatrick or no Fitzpatrick, the Texans have more talent from 1 to 53.
I'll take a healthy Arian Foster and a dominant JJ Watt over anything the Titans are offering.

Cleveland @ Buffalo- Buffalo.

Cleveland got the win last week, but I'm not sure how.
I don't know how you get away with throwing three picks.
The Bills played some amazing defense last week against the Jets, and I think that regrettably, the Browns are offensively comparable. Especially in snowing Buffalo.

San Diego @ Baltimore- Baltimore.

Well after the Ravens went into the Super Dome and dominated the Saints on Monday Night, it's hard to pick against them. The Chargers have completely collapsed, and the inconsistency of Ryan Matthews is playing a bigger part than I ever knew possible. Expect heavy doses of Forsett and the play action bomb.

New York (Giants) @ Jacksonville- New York.

Finally! An opponent that the Giants can beat!
It doesn't matter if Eli isn't dominant, Jennings and a physical Giants team can simply out-talent and out-muscle the Jags.

Here's a fun question.
Who throws more picks, Eli or Bortles?

Oakland @ St. Louis- Oakland.

YES! I'm taking my Raiders for win number two!
They're suddenly confident and a lot of key pieces (Gabe Jackson, Rod Streater, T.J. Carrie) are getting healthy.
I'm taking them for the upset(?) and a win that hurts more than it helps.
(So much for tanking).

New Orleans @ Pittsburgh- Pittsburgh.

If the Saints couldn't beat the Ravens in New Orleans, i don't see how they can go to nasty Pittsburgh and play that physical team.
If you thought Justin Forsett was bad, I can't wait to see how they try to handle Leveon Bell.

Carolina @ Minnesota- Minnesota.

This is a gut pick. I'm going with the Vikings because when two bad teams play, you look to the coaching and nothing the Panthers coaching staff has done this year gives me any confidence in them.

Arizona @ Atlanta- Atlanta.

This is a gut pick, I'm predicting the demise of the Arizona Cardinals, and with the Falcons playing at home, they've gotta be able to exploit this team the way the Seahawks did last week.
If not, it's time to permanently close the door on Mike Smith and his Falcons.

Denver @ Kansas City- Kansas City.

I'm taking the Chiefs for the upset.
They fell into a trap game against the Raiders last week, and the loss of Earl Thomas hurts, but the Broncos are truly struggling on offense lately. They've lost two of the last four, struggled against the Dolphins, and even had first half struggles with my lowly Raiders.
Call it a gut feeling, but I'm rolling with the Chiefs here to grab first place in the AFC West.

New England @ Green Bay- New England.

I thought this game might have been competitive...
But it's tough for me to side with the Packers when their defense has been struggling and they've been trying to get Clay Matthews to cover tight ends.
Matthews is a glorified defensive end, and if he's asked to cover somebody like Rob Gronkowski?

Fuhgetttttt about it.

Miami @ New York (Jets)- Miami.

After what the Bills did to the Jets despite not practicing, they may be the worst team in professional sports.
Not just football.
Phins win big.

Fleegle's Picks!

I'm riding high! I wouldn't call it dominating, but as the sun begins to set on this season, I've got a 3 game lead...
(decided to call the tie a loss because technically we didn't predict it correctly)

I'm 3 games back? When the hell did THAT happen?!?!! And ya know what, there's a TON of tough games to pick this week. This could be make or break.....

Chicago @ Detroit: aaaaaaaaand speaking of tough games to pick, how about all 3 thanksgiving games? Da Bears have back to back wins, albeit struggling wins against bad teams. Meanwhile, the Lions are on a 2 loss losing streak and licking their wounds after a beat down by Brady and Company last week. This game could go either way. But Chicago needs a signature win at some point, right? That being said, it won't come this week. Detroit wins at the dome.

Philadelphia @ Dallas: Wow. I have no idea which way to go in this game. I really really don't. I think it's going to come right down to the last possession. So, because this game is in Dallas, ill lean and give the Cowboys the win.

Seattle @ San Francisco: Seriously, all 3 Turkey Day games are this hard to pick?!? Seattle took advantage of that home cooking last week, as did San Fran, and now all of a sudden, both teams are just 2 games behind the Cardinals for first place. I think Seattle is the better team, but they've been struggling bad on the road this year. And the 49ers, they've been playing down to their competition, but this week they won't have to worry about it with the defending champions coming to town. These teams meet a couple times in the next 4 weeks, and the 49ers will win round one this weekend.

San Diego @ Baltimore: Chargers have struggled since their hot start, yet still sit at 7-4. Baltimore outslugged the Saints in the dome on Monday night, and also sit at 7-4. Huge huge game for playoff seeding here. The game is in Baltimore, so have fun with that cross country flight, Chargers. Ravens win at home.

Washington @ Indianapolis: LOL, Colts win, big.

Tennessee @ Houston: Hmmmm.....I could see the Titans going and pulling off this win. Then again, I think that JJ Watt gets another touchdown this week, and I think that the Texans win, because they have to run the table if they want the playoffs. Houston wins.

Cleveland @ Buffalo: I honestly think this is a hard game to call. Cleveland has been up and down but still sits at 7-4. And the Bills, I tell ya, they keep hanging in there at 6-5. I think they'll both be 7-5 after this week. Bills win, in a true home game, instead of a home game in Detroit.

NY Giants @ Jacksonville: Oh god, is it sad that I think the Jags have a fighting chance in this game? I still think the Giants win, but quite frankly with the mess they have, outside of Odell Spider-Man Beckham, it wouldn't surprise me if they don't.

Cincinnati @ Tampa Bay: Go Bucs!!!! I think the Bengals will win, but god I would love to see them lose. Tampa is just a mess though. Cincy wins.

Oakland @ St. Louis: Oakland won a game!!!! Oakland won a game!!!! And guess what?!?!? They're.....not gonna start a winning streak. Rams win at home.

New Orleans @ Pittsburgh: The Saints are 4-7, but still in first in their division. The Steelers are 7-4, yet technically are tied for last in theirs......makes total sense, right? Saints are losers of 3 in a row, and all at home, which is nuts. But you know what? I think they turn it around this week. I really, really do. An I think I can steal a game this week here. N'Awleans wins.

Carolina @ Minnesota: Ummmmm......Bueller? Bueller? Bueller? Does anyone care? I can't believe I'm gonna do this, but, I think I'm gonna pick the Vikings this week. They played tough their last 2 weeks, and quite frankly I'm not sold on the Panthers. At all. Minnesota at home gets the W.

Arizona @ Atlanta: Jesus, another close game to pick. Atlanta had horrible clock management and blew a win against the Browns, while Arizona got shut down by the Hawks in Seattle. I think the loss of Carson Palmer might start to finally be catching up to the Cards. Not to mention, I've picked against them all year, so why stop now?!? Atlanta finally gets their first non-division win this week.

New England @ Green Bay: Game Of The Week. Why this game didn't get flexed to NBC is beyond me. My guess is CBS protected it so that it wouldn't. Brady vs. Rodgers. The two hottest teams in football. Yes, please! I think we see an offensive slugfest, with Rodgers and Company eeking out a close win at Lambeau. Packers win.

Denver @ Kansas City: Still a solid game for NBC even if they couldn't get Brady vs. Rodgers. Another game that could go either way. I think the Broncos can stop the Chiefs run game, and Alex Smith won't beat Denver by himself. And Peyton can do more than enough to lead the Broncos to the road win. Not to mention, the Chiefs just lost to the Raiders!!!!! Broncos win.

Miami @ NY Jets: Good to see I can catch up on my sleep. Dolphins win.

I see a 6-7 game swing potentially this week. Bring it!


Fleegle vs Ryan.

We've got a few huge differences!

I'm rolling with the Seahawks and he's going with the 49ers.
I'm picking the Raiders and he's picking the Rams.
I'm choosing the Steelers and he's riding with the Saints.
I'm picking the Patriots and he's picking the ackers.
I'm siding with the Chiefs and he's taking the Broncos.

Five games! This can make or break a season.


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