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NFL Picks. Week 13, 2015.

Updated on December 1, 2015


Well... I mean...

Packers vs. Lions- Lions.

Frankly, the Packers are desperately missing Jordy Nelson.
I don't know if it's the offense or Rodgers or what, but without Jordy Nelson, the once prolific Packers offense just looks... pedestrian.
Rodgers' stats look fine, but the offense isn't moving the ball consistently, and the defense is a joke.
Know what team hasn't been a joke?
Over the last few weeks, anyway?
The Lions?
They've really come to life.
The defense has been spectacular, Calvin Johnson looks like he's back to being himself, and this game has playoff implications for both teams.

Jets vs. Giants- Jets.

When picking games, you've gotta go with the hot hand. A team on a roll can beat a superior team. And let's be honest...
It's not like homefield advantage plays a big role here.
I'm taking the Jets because I think they're a more rounded, balanced team.

Cardinals vs. Rams- Cardinals.

The Rams offense has completely fallen apart.
They can't pick between their terrible quarterbacks, they don't have receivers that can move the ball, and teams are containing Gurley.
I just don't see how they upset a physical Cardinals defense.

Falcons vs. Buccaneers- Buccaneers.

Have the Falcons fallen this far?
Yes they have.
Next pick.

Seahawks vs. Vikings- Vikings.

This was a really tough pick for me.
These two teams have a lot in common.
Great defenses that run the ball really well and try to avoid turnovers.
If the game was in Seattle, I'm probably taking the Seahawks, that's how close this one should be.

49ers vs. Bears- Bears.

I have a really hard time picking Blaine Gabbert, regardless of how surprisingly well he's been playing lately.
It's still just well for... Gabbert.
Chicago has been okay lately, playing solid football.
It wouldn't surprise me if they were able to end this season on a good note.

Jaguars vs. Titans- Jaguars.

It's hard to believe, but the Jags are actually on their way up.
They've been pretty competitive this year.
Hell, they might be in the division championship conversation as the road goes on.
It's that kind of league.
Meanwhile, Mariota... Just needs to clean up his play. He's not quite ready.

Texans vs. Bills- Texans.

Same as before.
You've gotta go with the hotter team.
The Bills are beat up, they're struggling, and the Texans...
Believe it or not, are doing pretty well for themselves.
They upset Cincy, beat New Orleans and the Jets...
Houston's on a bit of a roll.

Ravens vs. Dolphins- Dolphins.

Yawn city.
I'll take the Phins because the Ravens defense is god awful and Matt Schaub is still Matt Schaub.

Bengals vs. Browns- Bengals.

The Browns won't be able to effortlessly move the ball against the Bengals like they did against the Ravens, and they'll most definitely see a more competent offense.

Chiefs vs. Raiders- Chiefs.

Remember the theme I established earlier?
You pick the hotter team.
The Raiders have won one of their last few games, and it was a shaky win over a bad Titans team.
The Chiefs don't take risks, they don't turn the ball over, and I don't think they'll hand the game over to the Raiders.

Broncos vs. Chargers- Chargers.

Hold on tight, ladies and gentlemen.
This game could be a doozy.
The Chargers offense is red hot.
The Broncos defense is among the best.
This game could be really interesting.
i'm just going with my gut here.
I trusted it last week, and it worked for me then.

Eagles vs. Patriots- Patriots.

Okay, the Pats are a little banged up...
The Eagles...
The Eagles...

The Eagles.

Panthers vs. Saints- Panthers.

If the Texans were able to beat the hell out of the Saints, the Panthers absolutely will.
Easy as that.

Colts vs. Steelers- Steelers.

Barring some absolutely terrible coaching, the Steelers should be able to win this game.
I wonder how many awful, ill-advised fake punt plays we'll see in this game?

Cowboys vs. Redskins- Redskins.

The Redskins are probably winning the NFC East.
That's hard to write.
Especially after all the, "Linda, the Redskins suck" memes.
Seriously though...
The Cowboys suck.

Fleegle's Picks: Best In The World Challenge.

Hope is slowly fading for my picks....

Green Bay @ Detroit: The Packers are in a complete free fall, man. They've got some serious issues up there. The James Jones receiving magic has worn off, and missing Jordy Nelson is looking bigger and bigger. As for the Lions, that offense seems to finally be clicking together as they've won 3 in a row. They also already beat Green Bay AT LAMBEU earlier this year for the first time since the year I was born. And you know what? I think they complete the sweep this Sunday. Lions get the win, and keep the Packers reeling.

New York Jets @ New York Giants: It's a home game and a road game all in one! I can't figure out the Giants. Almost beat New England, have a bye week, then completely suck against Washington. And the Jets, I haven't figured them out all year. Sure they looked good last week, but the Dolphins are.....well, BAD. I really do think the Giants are a better team, so I think they eek out this win....barely.

Arizona @ St. Louis: Child, please. Cardinals win.

Atlanta @ Tampa Bay
: Not picking the falcons again until they show me they deserve it. Plus, Tampa already beat Atlanta once this year. So, Bucs win, again.

Seattle @ Minnesota: This should be a great game. If the Vikings want to prove they're for real, they'll win this game against a team that's been in those big games. I think we're in for a defensive struggle.....and, I think the Vikings will win it. Seattle is a different team on the road. I think the Vikings will take advantage.

Houston @ Buffalo: Not really that impressed with either one of these clubs, to be honest. Although, Houston has won their last 4, so I guess they're the more trustworthy team at this point? And lets be honest, Buffalo is a mess. The early season luster is gone. I think Houston makes it 5 in a row this week. Texans win.

Baltimore @ Miami: Did you all see that ridiculousness that was the end of the Ravens/Browns game on Monday night??? I can't believe they won that on the Kick 6. And Miami, no words left. They just stink. But, so do the Ravens. Does anyone deserve to win this one? But, I'll go with my heart one more time. Ravens win.

Cincinnati @ Cleveland: Browns are an absolute mess. The way they lost the other night signifies the franchise. And now they have more QB issues, against the second best team in the AFC. Have fun with that! Bengals win, BIG.

Jacksonville @ Tennessee: The suckfest game! Does anyone care who wins? Jacksonville is a better team, but I could see the Titans defending home field with a win. I'm gonna flip a coin real quick. Heads, Jaguars, tails, Titans (this is not a joke). Here's the's tails. Titans win.

San Francisco @ Chicago: Still not picking the 49ers, ever. Bears are off a big road win against the Packers, and they win this week too. Daaaaaa Bears win.

Denver @ San Diego: I could see the Chargers stealing this win. Then again, I could also see palm trees in Antarctica, and snow in Death Valley. Broncos win.

Kansas City @ Oakland
: I'm actually looking forward to this game. Chiefs are playing out of their minds, and this is a big game for this young Oakland squad. It's hard to overlook how the Chiefs are playing.....BUT, I think the Raiders find a way to squeak out the W. Yeah, I said it! Rrrrrrrrraiders win.

Carolina @ New Orleans: Watch, this will be the week where Drew Brees has a game from like 5 years ago and throws for 500 yards and 5 TD's when Carolina's not expecting it. But, I don't think so. Panthers stay unbeaten and go 12-0.

Philadelphia @ New England: Yes, I know Brady has practically his grandmother left to throw the ball to. But, have you seen what the Eagles defense has allowed the last 3 weeks? They lost to the Dolphins at home, then gave up 45 to Tampa Bay and 45 to Detroit. This game is going to be UGLY. Patriots win, BIG.

Indianapolis @ Pittsburgh: Should actually be a good game, but, I think the Steelers find a way to defend home field with a win. Eventually Matt Hasselback has to lose a start, right?

Dallas @ Washington: No Romo, no chance. Washington wins, and continues their recent impressive form.

I gotta start making up ground. Maybe this week? Maybe?

@McFleegle (20-25) vs @Brodhisattva (25-20)


I picked the Jets while he picked the Giants.
I picked the Dolphins while he picked the Ravens.
I picked the Jaguars while he picked the Titans.
I picked the Chargers while he picked the Broncos.
I picked the Chiefs while he picked the Raiders.

A bunch of disagreements this week! Fun stuff!


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