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NFL Picks. Week 14, 2013.

Updated on December 5, 2013

123-68, Jack.

Houston at Jacksonville- Do I have to? Fine. Houston.
This game could easily go either way. Both of these teams are just insanely bad this season. Houston is vying for the first round pick in next years draft. Who saw that coming? I know I didn't. Ultimately it came down to Houston to having a more talented roster and the fact that Jacksonville has the saddest excuse for a home field advantage in the NFL.

Minnesota at Baltimore- Baltimore.
This is an easy one. Baltimore is building momentum off of tiny wins over inferior opponents and are trying to lock up the sixth and final playoff spot in the AFC. If they can't beat the lowly Vikings at home, then they won't stand a chance against the Lions or Patriots in the next two weeks.

Indianapolis at Cincinnati- Cincinnati.
The Colts have struggled mightily since losing Reggie Wayne earlier this season, and it threw them off of their game. At one point, they were one of my contending teams in the AFC... Now I see them as a write-off who will be lucky to survive their game with Baltimore. I mean. Whoever they play in the first round. Wink. Wink.

Atlanta at Green Bay- Green Bay.
Oh, how the mighty have fallen. I don't trust Atlanta in the cold, and rumors are circulating that we may see Aaron Rodgers this week, and in a match-up with teams this bad, that's all it takes.

Cleveland at New England- New England.
Come on.
No, really. Please.

Oakland at New York (Jets)- Oakland.
I can't figure out either of these teams.
There have been times when both teams looked like they might be sneaking into the playoffs and other times when they have looked downright awful. The Raiders might have something special in Matt McGloin, but they've also lost 12 straight games on the east coast. The Jets might have something special in Geno Smith. As in, wow, I have never seen somebody that bad before.

Detroit at Philadelphia- Philadelphia.
The Lions have been struggling to win the games that count. I'm taking a bit of a risk on this one, because the Eagles have such an inconsistent squad. But... Then again. Nick F'n Foles.

Miami at Pittsburgh- Miami.
Buffalo at Tampa Bay- Tampa Bay.
Kansas City at Washington- Kansas City.
Tennessee at Denver- Denver.
St. Louis at Arizona- Arizona.
New York (Giants) at San Diego- San Diego.

Seattle at San Francisco- Seattle.
Have you seen the embarrassing e-mails that the 49ers have sent to their fans? Seriously? You need to tell your fans how to cheer? I know that the crowd noise thing has become a staple for the Seahawks, and that the Niners haven't had the success of last year... But come on... Seriously?

Carolina at New Orleans- New Orleans.
The ONLY reason that I am picking the Saints over the Panthers is the location of this game. I guarantee the pick will be reversed when the game moves to Charlotte. The Super Dome is about the only place that I trust Drew Brees.

Dallas at Chicago- Dallas.
Chicago is far too beat up to put up a serious fight. The only way the Bears win is if Romo decides to play Romo-Ball, or the McCown boy decides to take advantage of a dreadful Dallas D.


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