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NFL Picks. Week 14, 2014

Updated on December 2, 2014



Dallas @ Chicago- Dallas.

Both of these teams were destroyed on Thanksgiving.
The only difference is that I think we all expected the Cowboys to win.
I mean... The Eagles?
With Mark Sanchez?


Much disappoint.
But, we have to move on.

I don't care if it's Chicago, Dallas, or London, the Bears are not a good team.
And I don't understand why.
Cutler isn't great, but a lot of teams have done much better with much worse, and they didn't have teammates like Brandon Marshall, Matt Forte, Martellus Bennett, and Alshon Jeffery.
It's gotta be coaching.
And while I'm not a fan of the Dallas coaching staff either, at least they seem to have some kind of chemistry offensively.
I think the Cowboys will return to the run, take pressure off of Romo, and exploit this shoddy defense.
Cowboys win big.

Pittsburgh @ Cincinnati- Cincinnati.

While I'm not a fan of the Bengals, I most certainly don't trust the Steelers.
Big Ben and his cast of misfits made last week look a lot closer than it was, the secondary was exposed, and Bell was the only thing working on offense.

Now, I know that a terribly close game with the Bucs isn't a confidence booster either, but I actually find a reason to pick the Bengals in their failure.
Andy Dalton threw three interceptions... and still won.
Three free possessions and you still win the game?
It says a lot.
Plus you had three straight home games and you won each one? That's impressive.

Plus the Bengals are just a more talented team who realize the division is very close and that they need this win.

St. Louis @ Washington- St. Louis.

I've had St. Louis nightmares every night since they completely dismantled my Raiders last week.
The Rams scored about as many points as there are Raiders who should be fired.
Meanwhile, old Andrew Luck completely destroyed the Redskins.

I don't know, you don't score 52 points and then lose to a team like the Deadskins.
Regardless of which career backup is starting for them at QB.

New York (Giants) @ Tennessee- New York.

I have no words for what happened to the Giants last week.
The Jags?

Sigh. That's depressing.
I don't know how you give up 21 points to the Giants.
Try not to do it against the Titans.

Carolina @ New Orleans- New Orleans.

You know, I used to think the Saints couldn't win on the road but dominated at home.
Recently... That hasn't been the case.
I think that changes here.
True, the special teams carries most of the blame for the Minnesota trainwreck last week, but the Panthers didn't even try to make it look competitive offensively.
The Saints will expose Cam Newton and score enough points to win comfortably.

New York (Jets) @ Minnesota- Minnesota.

It doesn't matter if the Vikings special team did all the work last week, if you can't beat the Dolphins with 200 rushing yards in the first half... Shame on you.

Baltimore @ Miami- Baltimore.

The Ravens barely lost to a playoff contender.
The Dolphins barely beat the New York Jets.
That says it all.

Indianapolis @ Cleveland- Indianapolis.

If the Browns start Hoyer, I believe the Colts will grind out a 14 point win.
I'm sorry guys, but that vaunted defense just hasn't shown the ability to beat the really big teams, and has been exposed by teams that like to pass the ball alot, and Hoyer just isn't making the huge plays.
If the Browns star Manziel...
The Colts will absolutely destroy them.
I'm not impressed by someone who takes 6 months to learn what other guys learned in July.

Tampa Bay @ Detroit- Detroit.

Calvin Johnson is back at 100%.
The game is in Detroit.
Dat defensive line.
Sorry Bucs fans, I know you were hoping to carry that momentum into this game, but I don't think Stafford is going to feed you 3 interceptions at the beginning to give you a head start.

Houston @ Jacksonville- Houston.

That game against the Giants...
That game against the Titans.

Six TDs?
21 point comeback?

Great job guys.

But JJ Swats the momentum away from the Jaguars and the Texans pick up another huge win as they lurk around the wild card hunt.

Buffalo @ Denver- Denver.

Sorry Doug.

It's not in Buffalo or anything.
I don't see how the Bills can win this game.

Kansas City @ Arizona- Kansas City.

Oh. How. The. Mighty. Have. Fallen.
You know the old cartoon where the guy is sleeping and his lips flubber around, there's a little spit bubble, and the ZzZ's hover above his head?
Yeah, the Cardinals are a lot like that.
Expect the Chiefs to exploit the Cardinals with lots of short passes and screens to Charles.
They're exceptional against the run, so it should be close, but the Chiefs will avoid turning the ball over and Drew Stanton simply won't.

Seattle @ Philadelphia- Seattle.

If you thought Drew Stanton versus the LOB was funny, just wait until you see Mark Sanchez versus the LOB.
The Seahawks run defense has finally shored up and it's help compensate for a stagnant offense.
The Hawks had some locker room issues earlier in the year, but as always, winning cures everything.

The Eagles might make it competitive simply because it's on the east coast and it's a...
We'll say "passionate" crowd.
Expect heavy doses of McCoy and Lynch.

San Francisco @ Oakland- San Francisco.




I rest my case.

Can we skip the rest of the year?
I'm ready for Jim Harbaugh and Amari Cooper.

New England @ San Diego- New England.

San Diego got an impressive win over the Ravens last week.
But it won't continue.
The Patriots simply don't lose back to back games.
It. Just. Doesn't. Happen.
Look for the Patriots to come out angry and light the Chargers up.

Atlanta @ Green Bay- Green Bay.

First I'd like to thank the Falcons for continuing to expose the Arizona Posers. Grazie.

Holy cow! What a game! I can't say how impressive the Packers were.
They made the Patriots look... well... average.
On offense!

I didn't think their defense had it in 'em!

This is an easy game to pick, even if it were IN Atlanta.

Fleegle's Picks.

Oomf. Last week... Ouch.

What a week last week. I'll take that 3 game swing in my favor. Hey Ryan.....wait for it.....wait for it.....
Dallas @ Chicago: A decent game to start the week off. Both teams coming off of Thanksgiving losses. If this game were in Dallas, I would immediately declare a Cowboys win. However, in Chicago is slightly different, beings the weather in the middle of the winter. I just don't get Chicago, they have tons of talent but can't seem to put it all together. I'll still take Dallas for the win. However, I wouldn't be surprised if Da Bears pull it off.

Pittsburgh @ Cincinnati: I don't really want either one of these teams to win, beings as my Ravens are in the same division. However, putting on my non-bias hat for a second....Pittsburgh couldn't defend home field last week against the Saints, and Cincy barely, barely beat Tampa on the road. I'll give Cincy the W this week, simply because the game is at home, and quite frankly because I have no idea how the Steelers are even 7-5.

St. Louis @ Washington: I couldn't care less about this game, but I think this game could be interesting. Both offenses should have successful days against subpar defenses. As tempted as I am to pick DC, I just can't do it. Rams get the win.

NY Giants @ Tennessee: How has Tom Coughlin not been canned yet?!?!? In the midst of a terrible year, and then blow a 21 point lead and lose to the JAGS????? That's bad. However.....I still think they'll find a way to win this week, because I don't trust Tennessee at all. Giants win.

Carolina @ New Orleans: CaroLOLina got flat out embarrassed by the Vikings (the VIKINGS!) last week. And the Saints lose 3 straight at home then go to Pittsburgh and win?? That's the NFL for you....oh wait, I'm supposed to pick this game, right? Saints win at home.

NY Jets @ Minnesota: What the hell did the Jets do on Monday night? If you wanna test Geno Smith, the way the gameplan worked out was NOT the way to do it. And now they get to go to Minnesota this week? I can't believe I'm about to say this, but I think the Vikings put Rex Ryan one step closer to the unemployment line this week. Minnesota wins at home.

Baltimore @ Miami: Oooooof, I'm still recovering from that collapse by the Ravens defense last week. Score 33 points at home against a west coast team and lose? That secondary was finally exposed, and now they get to go take a tough road trip to Miami to face another fellow 7-5 team. As a Baltimore fan, this game scares the hell out of me. BUT, after seeing how the Jets ran the ball on the Dolphins Monday night, what makes you think that Justin Forsett won't do the same? Not to mention, Joe Flacco is much better than Geno Smith, so the Raves should be able to effectively mix the run and pass. The real question is, can Ryan Tannehill expose the Ravens secondary like Philip Rivers did? I'm hoping he doesn't. Ravens get the win.....I think.

Indianapolis @ Cleveland: Brian Hoyer, Johnny Football, Tim Couch, Derek Anderson, does it really matter??? Colts win, because they have Andrew Luck.

Tampa Bay @ Detroit: Lions win, big. Calvin Johnson goes big, again.

Houston @ Jacksonville: Which number is higher, J.J Watt touchdowns, or Blake Bortles touchdowns? And did Ryan Fitzpatrick really throw 6 TD's last week? I still can't believe that. Houston keeps their slim playoff hopes alive for another week with a W.

Buffalo @ Denver: This could be the game that finally derails the Bills playoff momentum. Look, the fact Buffalo is playing this well is great for them because they needed the boost this season, BUT, I don't like their chances going across country to face Peyton and Company. Broncos win and keep chasing New England.

Kansas City @ Arizona: I'll keep this pick simple....I've picked against Arizona practically all year, and I'm doing it again this week!!!! I think the wheels are finally starting to come off the Cardinals wagon. Plus, top to bottom, I honestly think the Chiefs have the better team. KC wins.

Seattle @ Philadelphia
: What a doozie of a game this is. The Eagles are flying about as high as they can right now (pun totally intended) all behind the leadership of....Mark Sanchez? Yes,
Mark Sanchez. Meanwhile, Seattle looks like their defense finally has that swagger back, having allowed just 3 points per game the last 2 games. Something has to give this week.....and it will be the Seattle D. I think the Eagles find a way to win this game, especially with it being in Philly and not at The 12th Man.

San Francisco @ Oakland:
You guys have no idea how tempted I am to pick Oakland this week. However, Ryan took them last week, and they proceeded to lose by 40 and I picked up a game. I'm hoping for the same this week! I don't like anything about the 49ers this season but I think they find a way to win.

New England @ San Diego: A game well deserving of being on Sunday Night! Should be a great one. I think the Patriots have more talent than San Diego does, but the Chargers could very easily keep their hot offense from last week going this week. It's a tough choice, but I'll go with my gut and roll with Brady and Company. Patriots win.

Atlanta @ Green Bay: Oh for God sakes, really ESPN?!? Packers win, and it won't even be close.

I don't forsee a whole lot of disagreement this week...maybe 2-3 games? Just enough to put me back in the lead?

Ryan vs Fleegle.

Actually this week we only have one disagreement.

I picked the Hawks and he picked the Eagles.
Different bird! Lessssgo!


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