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NFL Picks. Week 15, 2013 (Rushed)

Updated on December 15, 2013

At the other job, this is just the busiest time of the year, and unfortunately I just haven't had any time to do these, so I have to throw them together now.

Washington at Atlanta- Washington.
I have no faith in the Falcons, and I think that the Skins might just get a boost from Cousins playing.

Chicago at Cleveland- Chicago.
Unlike everybody else in the world, I actually kinda like Jay Cutler, and I think that Alshon Jeffery and Brandon Marshall like him too.

Houston at Indianapolis- Indianapolis.
The Colts get a much needed confidence booster.

Buffalo at Jacksonville- Jacksonville.
Hey, they've got the longest winning streak in the conference after all.

New England at Miami- Miami.
Sorry Patriots fans, I think that maybe the Dolphins steal a win. Tom Terrific can't complete every comeback.

Philadelphia at Minnesota- Philadelphia.
Who in their right mind would pick the Vikings without AP?

Seattle at New York (Giants)- Seattle.
The Seahawks are a team from the West Coast, so this could mean trouble, but if they want to be successful in this very stadium in say... February? They need to figure it out.

San Francisco at Tampa Bay- San Francisco.
New York (Jets) at Carolina- Carolina.
Kansas City at Oakland- Oakland.
Call me crazy.
Green Bay at Dallas- Dallas.
New Orleans at St. Louis- St. Louis.
This is a freebie. I'm pretty sure it's wrong... But then again...
Arizona at Tennessee- Tennessee.
Carson Palmer versus that turnover friendly defense? Okay.
Cincinnati at Pittsburgh- Cincinnati.
Baltimore at Detroit- Detroit.


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