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NFL Picks. Week 15, 2014

Updated on December 10, 2014


Arizona @ St. Louis- St. Louis.

I'm taking a bit of a leap of faith here, but I really believe the Rams can win this game.
The Cards did well enough against a talented Chiefs team last week, but the Rams have back-to-back shutouts.
...Now, I'm aware those two shutouts were against bad teams, but it still takes a lot of work to get 52 points on the scoreboard.
The Rams defense has been a different monster altogether since the return of Chris Long, and I just think they'll get enough hits against Stanton to force more mistakes than the boring Shaun Hill offense will.

Pittsburgh @ Atlanta- Atlanta.

I just can't figure out the Steelers.
They can blow out Indianapolis, Baltimore, and Cincinnati, and then lose to teams like Tampa Bay and New York.
As funny as it is to say, the Falcons are the more consistent team, and in the dome, I think they'll have the bigger game.

Washington @ New York (Giants)- New York.

The Redskins are enduring a dead season.
There's no room for hope, no space for optimism, and I don't know who deserves to be back next year outside of the pass rushers.
As for the Giants... They're really not that much better off.
I mean... If Eli had a different last name, would he still be starting for this team?
Let me put it in perspective.
In Tom Brady's worst season, (2002, his second), he only threw 28 TDs, and paired that with 14 interceptions.
Eli has only thrown for more than 28 touchdowns three times (the last time being in 2011), and he has at least 14 interceptions in eight of eleven seasons, and he's sitting at 13 right now.
Since the beginning of last season, Eli has 41 touchdowns... to 40 interceptions.
Whaaa.... I don't... How....

But! His team is still better than the Redskins and OBJr should have a field day against a porous secondary.

Miami @ New England- New England.

Miami has been a very competitive team this year, even grabbing an upset win over the Patriots early in the season.

A lot has changed since then. The defense is on fire, the running game is going, and Gronk is at full strength and killing it.

The Pats win huge.

Oakland @ Kansas City- Kansas City.

Maybe I was a little tough on my Raiders last week.
They really showed up against the 49ers.
What a second half! Bah God!

But lets be real, the Chiefs are due.
The rain helped my Raiders two weeks ago, and they just gave the game against the Cards away this week... And with the game IN Kansas City, I've gotta roll with the Chiefs.
Expect KC to simplify their offense and focus on screens and short passes, as well as pressing to corners as to give the pass rushers more time to get to DC.


Houston @ Indianapolis- Indianapolis.

This game will pretty much wrap up the AFC South.
I love the Texans, I think Watt is easily the DPOTY if not the rightful MVP, but they just don't have the offense to keep up with the Colts.
You can't stop the Colts, you can only hope the contain them, as the Browns did last week, but let' be real, even then, it wasn't enough to stop ol' Andy Luck from doing his thing.

Jacksonville @ Baltimore- Baltimore.

Do I have to?
It's IN Baltimore.
Blake Bortles...
I have a cold, you get the idea.

Green Bay @ Buffalo- Green Bay.

Sorry Bills fans, if your defense couldn't stop the Broncos, you won't be able to stop the Packers.
Rodgers will probably be our MVP (I disagree with it but... I don't get a vote), and even in icy buffalo, the Packers go Pack go.

Tampa Bay @ Carolina- Tampa Bay.

I really wanted to pick the Bucs.
I almost did.
If I wasn't competing with Fleegle, I might have.
But ultimately, I can't trust them to play well enough.
They've come very close many times, but close isn't enough.
Expect some big plays from Mike Evans.
Eh. Maybe I'll pick the Bucs anyway? I mean... Cam's hurt...
Nah, I can't take that risk.
Can I?
Okay, I will.
I'm taking this risk.
Bucs win.

Cincinnati @ Cleveland- Cincinnati.

The Browns sealed their fate when they handed the keys over to Johnny Football.
Bengals win big.

Minnesota @ Detroit- Detroit.

They're not facing the Jets, they're facing the effing Lions, in the dome.
Calvin goes wild, scores 100 touchdowns, and tosses Teddy Bridgewater into the crowd.

New York (Jets) @ Tennessee- New York.

I didn't want to pick this game.
It makes me uncomfortable.
I'll take the Jets because I think I can probably name more starters that deserve NFL jobs on that team.
Is this the worst QB duel of all time?

Denver @ San Diego- Denver.

Sorry Chargers fans, I was hoping, I was even hoping against hope, but you didn't show me enough last week to earn this spot.
It's rough getting Manning and Brady back to back, but...
It happens man.

San Francisco @ Seattle- Seattle.

RULE NUMBER ONE OF PICKING PICKS- Never pick against Seattle at home.
RULE NUMBER TWO OF PICKING PICKS- Never pick someone who just lost to the Raiders.

Now you see my point.
Bye Harbaugh!

Dallas @ Philadelphia- Philadelphia.

I don't trust the Cowboys. They just can't keep it together. They had the entire NFC right in the palm of their hand and they're letting it slip away.
The Eagles suffered a rough loss to the Seahawks last week, but they face a significantly less fearsome defense in a much win game.
If they can take Murray out of the game plan and pressure Romo like they did last time, the Eagles should breeze to a win.

New Orleans @ Chicago- New Orleans.

Once upon a time, I would've guffawed and picked the Bears because they can't win outdoors, but, screw this season.
Without Brandon Marshall, I don't see the Bears being competitive.

Fleegle's Picks.

We're approaching the final stretch... I made some controversial choices...

Getting down to crunch time. No wiggle room to screw up!

Arizona @ St. Louis: With the way that the Rams have been playing lately, this all of a sudden has become an interesting game. And, as readers know, I've for some reason been picking against the Cardinals all season long. So why stop now?!? Rams get the upset win at home, as I think the Cards are feeling the heat now from the Seahawks.

Jacksonville @ Baltimore: Child, please. Good luck Blake Bortles! Ravens win, big.

Pittsburgh @ Atlanta: The Falcons are starting to play better. They still sit at 5-8, BUT, they are playing better. As for the Steelers, they went on the road and HAMMERED the Bengals last week. Tough game to call, but the Falcons are in the dome, so I'll take Atlanta for the win.

Washington @ NY Giants: Remember when these late season NFC East games between these two used to mean something? Giants win.

Miami @ New England: Could be an interesting game. Oh wait, the games in New England? In December? Where it's not 80 degrees? Gimme Brady and Company to deal a blow to the Dolphins playoff hopes.

Oakland @ Kansas City: I don't think KC will be sleeping on the Raiders this time. That being said, kudos to Oakland for beating Kaeperchoke last week!!!!! Chiefs win.

Houston @ Indianapolis: Lets see if JJ Watt can disrupt Andrew Luck enough to give Houston a chance.....I don't think he will. Colts win.

Green Bay @ Buffalo: I think the Bills luck has just about run out, and Aaron Rodgers will help to drive that point home. Go Pack Go! Packers win.

Tampa Bay @ Carolina: Cam Newton, Derek Anderson, doesn't matter. Tampa is terrible. Panthers win.

Cincinnati @ Cleveland: MANZIEL MANIA!!!!! Seriously though, Cincy might be the most inconsistent 8-4-1 team ever. They already lost at home to Cleveland once this year......and they're gonna lose to them again!!! I think the Browns find a way to give the national media a reason to drool over Johnny some more, and the Browns win. HEIL MANZIEL!!!!!

NY Jets @ Tennessee: Does anyone care? I was ready to give the Titans the win, then Mettenberger got hurt. Now I really don't know, or care. I guess I'll take the Jets?

Denver @ San Diego: Should be a good game. Now we're gonna see what Philip Rivers is made of with the tough schedule he and the Chargers have left. I think it's too much Peyton in this one and the Broncos win.

Minnesota @ Detroit: Vikings have looked better recently, but not good enough to go to Detroit and win. I'm rolling with the Lions.

San Francisco @ Seattle: LOL, the 49ers couldn't even beat the Raiders, and now they get to go to The 12th Man, who are currently playing lights out? Child please. Seahawks roll.

Dallas @ Philadelphia: Outstanding SNF game! Good job NBC! Should be a classic matchup with the NFC East potentially on the line. Philly already went to Dallas and won, and I think they have enough to get the clean sweep. Eagles win in a close close game.

New Orleans @ Chicago: This game should actually be halfway decent, and hard to call as well. I've been on the Drew Brees wagon all year, so why get off now? I think the Saints find a way to go to The Windy City and get a much much needed W. Saints win.

How much of a swing this week? I see 4-5 games at least. Lets do this!


Ryan vs. Fleegle.

I picked the Bucs, and he picked the Panthers.
I picked the Bengals, and he picked the Browns.


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