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NFL Picks. Week 16, 2014

Updated on December 17, 2014


I'm 138-83
Meh. That's about 62% right?

Tennessee @ Jacksonville- Jacksonville.

I am picking the Jacksonville Jaguars.
What. The. Hell. Is. Happening?
This is spicy banana pants.
I just can't get past the lack of talent on the Tennessee Titans.

Could these teams beat the Raiders?
The Jags might be able to.

San Diego @ San Francisco- San Diego.

The 49ers almost showed a sign of life... and then Richard Sherman and the L.O.B. snuffed it out.
The Chargers weren't largely competitive either, but I would blame that more on the missed opportunities than lack of talents. The 49ers aren't playing for anything anymore, but the Chargers are.

I'll take the Chargers and their functional coaching staff over the imploding 49ers front office.

Philadelphia @ Washington- Philadelphia.

The loss to the Cowboys was hard for the Eagles, and the Redskins actually played pretty well in their loss to the Giants.
But the Eagles simply need this win more and have signficiantly more talent. I'll take the E-A-G-L-E-S to W-I-N.

Minnesota @ Miami- Miami.

Detroit embarrassed Teddy Bridgewater and the Vikings.
It was hard to watch.
I have a hard time putting faith in the Vikings after that, esecially with nothing to play for.

Baltimore @ Houston- Baltimore.

If Baltimore played like they did last week, and the Texans were healthy on offense, then they would get destroyed...
However they have Tom Savage at QB playing against a Ravens team that knows they have to play better than they did last week, especially with the AFC North race being as close as it is.

Detroit @ Chicago- Detroit.

I was tempted to pick against the Lions this week because the Bears could sit back, play spoiler, and exploit the soft dome mentality of the Lions...
But then I realized the Bears were awful, injured, and unmotivated, and I had to change my mind.

Cleveland @ Carolina- Carolina.

What did I tell you guys about Johnny Manziel?
If they keep that show on the road, I'll just keep picking against the Browns.
I don't care if it's Cam Newton or Derek Anderson, I'd be tempted to take the Titans over a team starting that "oompa loompa" at QB.

Atlanta @ New Orleans- New Orleans.

This game can pretty much wrap up the NFC South moving forward.
If the Falcons couldn't pull off the gift the Steelers gave them last week, they won't against a hungry Saints team.
Sorry dirty birds, say goodbye to Mike Smith.

Green Bay @ Tampa Bay- Green Bay.

I openly mocked the Packers and their ability to play on the road.
But does it really count as playing on the road if you're facing off against the Tampa Bay Yuks?
Not really.
Green Bay wins big and continues to put up points against teams like Tampa and the media salivates over Rodgers some more.

Kansas City @ Pittsburgh- Pittsburgh.

The Chiefs fell apart after Eric Berry left.
It's sad but true. They were on top of the world when they beat the Seahawks, but then they dropped three games in a row, including a loss to my Raiders... It pretty much took them out of the playoff picture.
Now they got a win over the Raiders last week, but that's not saying much, and the Steelers know they need every win they can get to stay alive.

New England @ New York (Jets)- New England.

The Patriots take one more step towards clinching homefield advantage by absolutely destroying the Jets.
NYJ put up a fight when they faced earlier on TNF this year, but that was a completely different Pats team.

New York (Giants) @ St. Louis- New York.

I don't want to watch either of these teams play again this year.
I'm done with em!
I'm taking the Giants because they have some semblance of momentum and the Cardinals managed to hold them off with Ryan Lindley taking over at QB.

Buffalo @ Oakland- Buffalo.

Buffalo's front seven versus the Raiders offensive line?
I think I've said enough.

Indianapolis @ Dallas- Dallas.

I'm taking a chance on this one.
The Cowboys offense has been red hot lately, and even though the Seahawks will be rooting hard for the Cowboys to drop this one, I don't trust the Colts.
I know I didn't trust the Cowboys last year, but what Dez and the offense did to the Eagles defense was hard to watch.
Not to mention, the Colts have been squeaking by bad teams with wins, and I just don't know if they have the offensive firepower to win.

Seattle @ Arizona- Seattle.

Ryan Lindley versus the Legion of Boom.

Denver @ Cincinnati- Denver.

The Bengals are going to drop their division title simply because they couldn't stop the Broncos offense.
The Bengals have dealt with too many teams scoring too many points for them to pull this game off.
Sorry Daltonites, but it's on Pittsburgh or Baltimore to become division champs now.

Fleegle's Picks.

We split our differences last week so no change! Still +2 for me!

You're 136-85 Fleegle! Only two weeks left!

Running out of time. Might have to do some drastic stuff here.....

Tennessee @ Jacksonville: Oh my god, who the hell put this on primetime??? I'll probably wind up losing a game because of this pick. But, the Jaguars are at home, so ill take them to win in a battle of field goal kickers.

Philadelphia @ Washington: The Eagles are going to be PISSED after last week. I wouldn't wanna be RGIII. Eagles get the win.

San Diego @ San Francisco: Could actually be a good game. Usually I don't trust Philip Rivers this late in the season. But, I trust him more than Colin Kaeperchoke. Chargers get the win.

Baltimore @ Houston: Oye. I don't know what to make of this game.....oh wait, Houston is starting their 4th/5th string QB? That's right!!! Ravens win, albeit I think it will be a struggle.

Minnesota @ Miami: Dolphins are officially on playoff life support. They'll get this win over a rapidly improving Minnesota team.

Detroit @ Chicago: I've officially given up on Da Bears. What an absolute mess they have become. Lions win.

Cleveland @ Carolina: Boy. This is actually a tough game to pick. Johnny Football was AWFUL last week. This week, he gets to face an average defense. However, I think the wheels are coming of the Cleveland wagon (they gave up 30 to Cincy after all). Carolina is at home, so, I'll say they get the win, but it's not a confident pick.

Atlanta @ New Orleans: The Saints have lost 4 in a row at home. But, Atlanta won't make it 5. Saints win, in a shootout.

Green Bay @ Tampa Bay: Are the Pack Attack suddenly in trouble? Ummm, nah. Rodgers gets back on track this week by shredding Tampa Bay and getting Green Bay the win.

Kansas City @ Pittsburgh: My god, another tough game. I honestly think the Chiefs are the better team. I really do. But, they're going to Pittsburgh.......screw it, if I'm going down, I'm going down swinging. Chiefs go to Pittsburgh and get the win.

New England @ NY Jets: LOL. The Jets are a mess. Patriots win, BIG.

NY Giants @ St. Louis: The Rams defense is vastly improved, but, for some reason I can't pick against the Giants in this game. I just can't do it. Eli leads NY to the W.

Buffalo @ Oakland: I'm so tempted to pick the Raiders. I'm sure Ryan will. But, logic wins out here with my pick, and I think the Bills find a way to win. (watch, I'm gonna wind up losing this year long contest because of the fricken Raiders)

Indianapolis @ Dallas: This should have been flexed to SNF. A premier matchup. Luck vs. Romo. I think this game is a cook flip. However, the last 2 weeks have been a struggle for ole Andy and his boys. Plus, the Cowboys are riding high right now after the Philly win last week. Give me Dallas for the win.

Seattle @ Arizona: Nothing to get excited about here. Arizona is on their 3rd/4th QB. The Seahawks have the best defense in the league right now. Check, please! Seattle wins.

Denver @ Cincinnati: Finally, a good Monday Night game! Denver is the better team and I think Peyton will rip that secondary apart. Broncos win.

This week might be the death of me, or the week that puts me back over the top. Lets see!


Fleegle vs. Ryan.

This week there's only one difference.
Conner picked the Chiefs and I picked the Steelers *gag*

Depending on the outcome of that game, we either go into week 17 with me +1 or +3 in a swing week full of resting starters and stunning spoilers.


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