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NFL Picks. Week 3, 2013

Updated on September 19, 2013

25-7 so Far.

Meh. Not bad.

Kansas City at Philadelphia- Kansas City.

The return of Andy Reid. What a tale.
Whether the city of brotherly love boos or cheers for the man who coached their franchise for over a decade, football will be played.
I actually really wanted to pick the Eagles. Their offense has been fun to watch over the last two weeks, and after watching Chiefs corner, Brandon Flowers, struggle mightily covering Dez Bryant last week, I've gotta think that Desean Jackson is primed for a big day.
However, it's the balance of the Kansas City Chiefs that makes me feel like they'll win this game. Short, accurate passes, with stretching, potentially explosive runs will keep the Eagles and all of their plays off of the field. Also, their run defense has been stellar so far this weekend, especially last week.

Houston at Baltimore- Houston.

Sorry Ravens fans, I think the Texans are just too complete and the Ravens are still trying to find an identity on both sides of the ball. The Texans defense just might be too good for the Ravens receiving corps right now.

New York (Giants) at Carolina- New York.

I still don't trust Cam Newton. If the Giants were a running team, I might have picked the Panthers because that front seven is incredible. However, the secondary is questionable, and the Panthers offense isn't exactly lighting up the scoreboard. If the Giants can avoid turnovers, I think they will be okay.

Green Bay at Cincinnati- Green Bay.

This actually figures to be a pretty good game. Two great offenses going head to head.
However... The Packers offense is superior. Aaron Rodgers has been incredible so far, including the 400 yard, 4 TD blowout of the Redskins last week. I just don't tryst Andy Dalton to keep up.

St. Louis at Dallas- Dallas.

Dallas is far too consistent for the Rams. I think they will actually attempt to be serious with the run game this week, and that will only help Tony Romo and Dez Bryant light up the scoreboard.

Cleveland at Minnesota- Minnesota.

The Browns have already packed it in for this season. Without Trent Richardson, and with Brian Hoyer starting at QB, it won't be close.

Tampa Bay at New England- New England.

I actually almost picked the Bucs. The Patriots have looked so bad on offense, and going against a pretty decent Tampa Bay defense. However the Tampa Bay offense looks awful. They can't move the ball at all despite having such a talented roster. They aren't moving the ball well enough for me to risk being wrong here.

San Diego at Tennessee- San Diego.

Both of these teams have actually looked pretty good this season. Surprisingly.
But... The Titans are trying to win a lot of games playing small ball... And that just won't work, especially against a Chargers offense that has looked outstanding through the air so far.

Detroit at Washington- Washington.

As inconsistent as the Redskins have been, the Lions have been worse. They've been keeping teams in games with turnovers and sloppy play. The Redskins have been terrible in the first half of both games this season, but they've shown life in the second. While it's true that in both games, the other team has had a huge lead, and that they may have been playin relaxed defense. I think that the Redskins will just pound the rock and try and sustain consistency.

Atlanta at Miami- Atlanta.

I'm sick of the Miami hype. The Falcons will throw all over the Dolphins defense.

Buffalo at New York (Jets)- Buffalo.

God this was a tough one.
I don't like either of these teams or their quarterbacks, but ultimately that's what helped me decide. The Bills have more talent than the Jets do.
Geno turns the ball over far too often for me to be comfortable with him starting versus anybody. If Mark Sanchez were healthy, this would be his job, and to me, that says a whole lot.

Jacksonville at Seattle- Seattle.

Tell me that I don't actually have to explain this one.
Jacksonville is easily the worst team in the NFL. Seattle might be the best.
Oh, and it's at Seattle, the loudest stadium in the NFL?
And Maurice Jones-Drew is beat up?
As I said.

Chicago at Pittsburgh- Chicago.

Pittsburgh looks god awful this season.
True, they're beat up on offense.
True, their defense is old enough to have watched the original Steel Curtain play.
But that's no excuse.
Mike Tomlin and the Rooneys should have put a better team together than this.
They can barely move the ball through the air and Chiefs QB Alex Smith has more rushing yards than their entire team.
Chicago has been a little sloppy this season, and not quite as good as I thought they would be, but they're balanced enough to beat this version of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Oakland at Denver- Denver.

The Raiders fan in me desperately wants me to find a way to pick Oakland.
Ryan Clady, their star left tackle is out for the season, and defensive end, Lamaar Houston has looked great so far this season. The Raiders are leading the league in yards rushing and yards per rush, and maybe they could sustain a drive long enough to ma-
I give up. The Broncos look incredible this season. Especially on offense.
They steamrolled the Ravens and Giants, and I don't believe the Raiders have enough talent on defense to hold them back.


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