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NFL Picks. Week 3, 2015

Updated on September 23, 2015


Blew that week.
To be fair, I don't think anyone predicted that the Bucs, Browns, Raiders, and Jags would win at all this season, let alone all in the same week...
Let's try and stay over .500 this week.

Redskins vs. Giants- Giants.

Eventually... Something's gotta give.
Thankfully, they get a pretty easy opponent here, and despite a hilarious upset of the Rams, the Redskins are still the Redskins.

Bengals vs. Ravens- Bengals.

You've gotta go with the hot hand.
The Bengals pulled off a great win versus a talented opponent last week, while the Ravens...
They lost a shootout to the same team that Baltimore basically shut out the week before.
Sorry buddy, I've gotta take the Bengals here.

Saints vs. Panthers- Panthers.

I. Am. Flabbergasted.
How in the world.

I've been calling Brees overrated for years, much to the chagrin of many of my friends.
At least the Panthers know how to play defense...
I'm gambling with Riverboat Ron.

Buccaneers vs Texans- Texans.

Lol, what is this?
Lol, what is this?

Houston needs to pick a QB and then ride or die.
Seriously, nobody wins when you've got a QB controversy. You can't build momentum or develop and offensive identity if you're change QBs every week.

However, the Bucs are not as good as a win over the Saints would have you believe.
I think Watt eats Jameis' lunch and the Texans find themselves tied for first place in the AFC South at 1-2.

Jags vs. Patriots- Patriots.

Eagles vs. Jets- Jets.

Let me get this across really quickly.
The Jets aren't that good.
They're gonna be a team that hovers around 8-8 and gets destroyed by teams like New England.

But Philly is worse.
They can't pass the ball.
They can't run the ball.
They can't stop the pass.
They can't stop the run.
They need to figure something out on offense. Maybe the answer is Mark Sanchez, maybe it's Tim Tebow, maybe it's Terrell Owens (He's out there), but they've gotta change something.

49ers vs. Cardinals- Cardinals.

The Cardinals are quietly becoming one of the best teams in the NFC.
Carson Palmer has played extremely well, they've been able to move the ball on the ground, and their defense is solid.
Patrick Peterson is the most overrated player in the NFL.
But their defense is solid.

Meanwhille, SanFran's week one win is seeming more and more like a fluke.
They got absolutely destroyed by Pittsburgh last week, and I expect something similar on Sunday.

Bears vs. Seahawks- Seahawks.

Finally! A home game for Seattle.
Finally! An easy game for Seattle.
They're missing Kam Chancellor, and I'm sure the two losses to open the season didn't help Kam budge on how much he's asking for.
However... We're talking about Jimmy Clausen here.
I think the Hawks can handle this game, and get some much-needed confidence.

^Just kidding. Kam's back, Hawks win big.

Raiders vs. Browns- Browns.

I have been here before.
I have been here before so many times.

The Raiders get a great, unexpected win, and you think,"eh, maybe they've turned it around."
Then they get blown out 52-0 by St. Louis.
Cleveland isn't all that good, but they do have a solid defense and I've yet to see the Raiders stop anyone.

Falcons vs. Cowboys- Falcons.

Dallas is a much better team when healthy.
But they're just not.
No Dez.
No Romo.
And McFadden is one of your starting runningbacks?
The defense has played well, but so has the Falcon offense.
Expect lots and lots of Julio.

Colts vs. Titans- Colts.

I'm almost hesitant here.
The Colts are a terrible team with the exception of the genius caveman, and...
I just don't know anymore.
I don't think anyone predicted the Colts would be 0-2 to start the season.
Fortunately for them, the AFC South is absolute garbage.
I don't know.
I'm taking the Colts because...
I kinda have to...

Chargers vs. Vikings- Chargers.

This is a tough game.
I can see that these two teams are equal.
Seriously, I think these two teams match up really well.
I'm going with San Diego because they're just a more experienced squad.

Steelers vs. Rams- Steelers.

We were ready to anoint the Rams NFC champs just a week ago.
Then they went into Washington and laid an egg.
The freaking Redskins dude!

The return of Bell gives Pittsburgh one of the best offenses in the NFL, and at this moment, a favorite to win the AFC North.
True, Cincy looks good too... But I have my doubts about Dalton carrying this team long term.
Winning a close game against an iffy Chargers team and blowing out the Raiders don't sell me like hanging with New England despite missing half of the offense.

Bills vs. Dolphins- Bills.

The Dolphins are a massive disappointment.
Massive disappointment.
They edged out the Redskins in week one, and ya know what? That's fine. You don't have to blow everyone out.
But then they lost to the Jags...
The Jags?!

The Bills were able to... Okay, not really hang with the Pats, but... Make it competitive at points.
I'm siding with Buffalo.

Broncos vs. Lions- Broncos.

Detroit is missing that muscle on defense.
They are pushovers on both sides of the ball, and they just can't hang.
Denver's defense has been rock solid so far this year, and if they can take the aging Calvin Johnson away... I think Detroit falls on their face.

As for Peyton...
I think he's done.
But I think he'll be able to get through this.

Chiefs vs. Packers- Packers.

I was very tempted to take the Chiefs here.
I thought, hey, good defense playing good offense? WHAT'S NOT TO LIKE?

Here's what not to like, the Chiefs blew it last week.
Cripple Manning was able to move the ball pretty consistently as the game went on and the Chiefs turned the ball over like 19,000 times.

You've gotta take the Packers, especially at home.
Though... KC is coming off of a long week, they'll be well rested.

Fleegle's Picks: Best In The World Challenge.

Week 3 is here. Time to act like I actually know what I'm talking about this week.

Washington @ New York Giants: I like the Giants in this game. I mean, they've found a way to blow the first 2 games. They have to find a way to win this one, right?

Atlanta @ Dallas: The Falcons put to bed the "we don't win outside of our dome" talk last week by going to New York and beating the Giants. Now they get to go play in another climate controlled environment against a Cowboys team, minus Tony Romo? If Dallas had a decent run game I would say they can run the ball and take pressure off of Brandon Weeden (LOL, he's still in the league?). But alas, they don't. Falcons win.

Indianapolis @ Tennessee: I'm half tempted to pick the Titans in this game. But you know what? The Colts HAVE to find a way to win this game, which is why I think they will.

Oakland @ Cleveland: Thanks for nothing Raiders! No show against Cincy in week one and then destroy my Ravens secondary in week two??? Thanks. No, really, I mean it. Anyhow...I think this game is a toss up. Advantage to the home team here. Browns win.

Cincinnati @ Baltimore: The Ravens have GOT to find a way to win this game. It's the home opener and they can't afford to fall to 0-3. Remarkably, offense wasn't the problem last week, as the defense got destroyed by David Freakin Carr. As for the Bengals, they look good so far this year sitting at 2-0. But, I think the Ravens win this one at home, simply because they absolutely have to do it.

Jacksonville @ New England: Child, please. Patriots win, big.

New Orleans @ Carolina: I don't trust either one of these teams in this game. But, I'm giving one last chance for Drew Brees and company to show me something. Saints win.

Philadelphia @ New York Jets: The Eagles, with Sam Bradford at quarterback, are exactly what I thought they would be: a mess. Factor in that DeMarco Murray can't run behind a non-existant offensive line, AND the fact that the Jets are 2-0 with an amazing looking defense, and I think it could be a long day for the birds. J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS...W-I-N WIN WIN WIN.

Tampa Bay @ Houston: Another intriguing game, depending on how long it takes the Houston offense to show up. I think the Texans have enough defense to get them through in this game. Houston wins. BONUS PICK: J.J. Watt scores a touchdown this week for Houston. It's the perfect situation for him to do it.

San Diego @ Minnesota: Simply put, the Chargers are a better team right now. I think they find a way to go east and beat the Vikings.

Pittsburgh @ St. Louis: Pittsburgh destroyed the 49ers like I thought they would last week. But let me get this straight.....the Rams take out Seattle st home, then go on the road and lose in ugly fashion to Washington? now THAT'S a team that plays a lot different at home than on the road. The new Atlanta Falcons, if you will. I want to pick the Rams, but I don't think they have enough this week. Steelers win.

San Francisco @ Arizona: I picked against the Cardinals last week, like I always do, and I got burned. This week? Mark it down in the history books. FLEEGLE IS PICKING ARIZONA TO WIN. This might be a first. Cardinals destroy the 49ers this week.

Buffalo @ Miami: I really really had a hard time picking this one, but I'm going with the Bills. They have played more consistently through the first two weeks than Miami has. (but Conner, the Bills lost to the Patriots this week, and the Colts have looked like crap!). Listen up, kids. The Bills made easy work of one of the AFC Finalists from last year in the Colts, and then, did they struggle early against the Pats? Sure. But, they never laid down and made the game rather close in the end. As for the Dolphins? They struggled mightily to beat Washington, and then went out and got beat by JACKSONVILLE. So to review, the Bills beat one AFC Finalist from last year, then scored 32 points and lost by 8 to the other. Miami, meanwhile, struggled against Washington and lost to the perennial worst team in football. I don't care about the travel, I don't care about the weather, I care about picking the best team to win. Give me the Bills in this one.

Chicago @ Seattle: Cutler is out for Da Bears, and Seattle is at home for the first time this year. Plus, they're pissed from the first two weeks, AND, Kam Chancellor is back. It's going to be a LONG day for Chicago. Seattle wins, big.

Denver @ Detroit: Interesting game here. The Lions are another one of those teams that are completely different at home than on the road. But, I think Denver is more solid right now, and the Broncos get the win.

Kansas City @ Green Bay: Finally, a good Monday Night matchup. Should be an evenly matched game for the most part. But, I like Aaron Rodgers at home more than I like Alex Smith. Packers win.

Looking over things, I see about.....actually, 8, EIGHT, games where Ryan and I could differ this week. Could you imagine???

@McFleegle (3-6) vs. @Brodhisattva (6-3)

My friend, you were able to bounce back a little last week...
But I still hold a pretty solid lead!
Fleegle predicted EIGHT differences in opinion!
That's bonkers!
We didn't quite get there lol.

He's picking his Ravens, but I've gotta side with the Bengals.
And I'm taking a chance on the Panthers while he sticks with Brees and the Saints.


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    • Ryan Daniel Smith profile imageAUTHOR

      Ryan Smith 

      3 years ago

      It looks like he will be so far.

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      3 years ago

      Is Brees playing this week? Would that change Fleegle's pick?


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