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NFL Picks. Week 4, 2015

Updated on September 30, 2015



Not bad!
I only got 2 games wrong last week!
This week, I'm going for perfect!
Now we're really starting to get an idea of who these teams are.
What they can be.

I'm still not picking my Raiders.

Ravens vs. Steelers- Steelers.

This is a really tough game.
If Big Ben was healthy, there would be no question, I'm picking Pittsburgh.
But... He's not.
We're talking about Michael Vick here...
And while Michael Vick very well may be the best back-up in the league... There is a noticeable dropoff.
The return of Le'Veon Bell will help a lot, and I think Vick will be decent enough to move the ball, so I'm still picking Pittsburgh, but I'm not as confident.

Chiefs vs. Bengals- Bengals.

I forgot this pick!

The Chiefs have laid eggs over the last two weeks...
Absolutely dropped the ball.
Can't pick them after that, gotta go with the Bengals, that have started 3-0.

Jets vs. Dolphins- Jets

This is tough.
Both of these teams got absolutely destroyed last year.
i'm taking the Jets because...
Hell... The Dolphins are just incredible disappointments
Jacksonville, Buffalo, Washington, what are you guys doing?
Let's revive the FitzMagic.

Panthers vs. Buccaneers- Panthers.

Sticking with the Panthers here.
Kuechly has to come back eventually, and he's going to shut down the only strength that the Bucs can count on, the run game.
If the Bucs can move the ball through the air, they'll be okay... but... I wouldn't bet on it.

Jaguars vs. Colts- Colts.

Andrew Luck has to be hurt.
It's the only thing that makes sense...
I'm going with the Colts again... But it honestly wouldn't surprise me if the Colts found a way to blow this game.

Browns vs. Chargers- Chargers.

I think these teams exist on the same lane.
Both of these teams are talented... but just don't have it all together.
When in doubt, you always pick the team with the better quarterback, and that's what I am going to do here with San Diego.
They need to figure out their identity, and I think they'll do just that with a big, big win here.

Packers vs. 49ers- Packers.

Despite a confusing week one win over the Vikings, the 49ers are EXACTLY who we thought they were.
And that's bad.
Baaaaaad bad.
Baaaaad to the bone.
The second best team... in the bay area.
Packers win big.

Giants vs. Bills- Giants

I think the Giants are one of the more underrated teams in the league.
They should be 3-0 right now, and last week, against an underrated Redskins defense, they did their job.
I think they should commit to the run and stop trying to convince us of how great Odell Beckham is.
He'll make his big plays when he can, stop trying to run your offense through a second year receiver.

Raiders vs. Bears- Bears.

I know, I know, I should be taking the Raiders here.
I'm just...
The Raiders don't know what a tight end is.
They get neglected on offense and defense, the latter causing some serious problems in Oakland.
This week, IN Chicago, the Raiders face a very good tight end in Martellus Bennett.
I see this being a high scoring affair, and I fear my Raiders might be running out of luck.

Texans vs. Falcons- Falcons.

Atlanta made a really easy game so, so difficult last week.
We're talking about Brandon Weeden here, people!
However, Houston struggled with Tampa Bay before getting their first win this year, and I don't see how they'll stop Julio Jones from running wild again.
Falcons win.

Eagles vs. Redskins- Redskins.

The Redskins defense is a bit underrated, and I'm not completely sold on whatever outburst of offense the Eagles had last week... I'm still waiting for Bradford to get hurt, unfortunately.

Vikings vs. Broncos- Broncos.

So much for the ascension of Teddy Bridgewater.
I heard about how great Teddy was supposed to be allllllll off-season.
And since then?
One touchdown? Two interceptions?
I'm sorry, I guess all those writers spelled "Derek Carr" wrong.
Denver's defense is toooooooo sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet, and they're gonna absolutely punish this team...

In my opinion.

Rams vs. Cardinals- Cardinals.

After the absolute blowout we saw from the Cardinals last week, how could I pick anyone but them?
The Rams have been... a massive disappointment.
Other than a week one upset of the Seahawks, the Rams haven't done a daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn thing.
I'll take Carson Palmer, a crazy secondary, and the most complete team, I said, the most complete team in the NFL over the Rams.

Cowboys vs. Saints- Cowboys.

Ugly pick here.
Really don't like it.
But I think Dallas will be comfortable running the ball and giving Cassel/Weeden the fewest passes possible.

They both played without their starting QBs last week, and the Boys actually hung around with a pretty talented Falcons team.
I'm taking Dallas.

Lions vs. Seahawks- Seahawks.

Detroit just isn't very good anymore.
I honestly don't think that Stafford knows how to play without Calvin Johnson and Calvin Johnson ain't Calvin Johnson anymore.
They've got some talent at runningback, but not enough to carry the offense, and the defense sorely misses Suh and Fairley.

It'll be interesting to see if any Seahawks take a cheap shot or two at Golden Tate...

Fleegle's Picks: Best In The World Challenge.

Still can't believe my Ravens are 0-3.Still can't believe Oakland is 2-1. But I can totally believe that Colin Kaepernick still sucks! Onto the picks....

Baltimore @ Pittsburgh: Not an enviable position for my Ravens to be in. Sitting at 0-3, coming off a crushing loss to Cincy, now heading to Pittsburgh on a short week. BUT, no Big Ben for the Steelers this week, and we get to see what Michael Vick can do for Pittsburgh (probably torch our secondary for 300 yards). If this were any other team this week, I'd pick against my Ravens. BUT.....I just can't ever pick the Steelers when they're playing against Baltimore. Ravens get the win, and avoid an insurmountable 0-4 start.

New York Jets @ Miami: Was it a humbling result for the Jets when they lost to the Eagles last week? Yes, of course. Will it effect them this week? No. Miami is a BAD football team, coming off getting destroyed by the Bills at home last week. Jets rebound and get the win.

Jacksonville @ Indianapolis: Colts win. Not much more to be said about it.

New York Giants @ Buffalo: This game is a very interesting matchup, but, I give the advantage to the Bills being at home. They're playing some really good football right now and I think they'll have enough to squeak by the Giants at home.

Carolina @ Tampa Bay: Seriously, who wants to watch this game? I'm picking Carolina, in a game that they should win, but yet it's a pick I'm not confident about because the Panthers could easily find a way to lose it. But, I'll say the Panthers win.

Philadelphia @ Washington: The Eagles finally got on the board last week with a win. I think they'll get another one on the road this week, although a Washington win wouldn't completely surprise me. But, give me the Eagles to win and get to 2-2.

Oakland @ Chicago: 2 straight wins for the Raiders! And now they head to Chicago to take on the mess that is the Chicago Bears. Winless and trading away all their good defensive players! Guess what? The Raiders...YES, THE RRRRRRRRRRAIDERS.....make it 3 straight wins this week with a victory over Da Bears!

Houston @ Atlanta: The Texans offense can't be trusted right now, and the falcons are just ROLLING. Give me Atlanta to win, and I don't think it will be relatively close.

Kansas City @ Cincinnati: The Bengals look good. I hate to say it, but they do. The Chiefs, still a little too streaky for my liking. Plus, they got absolutely shredded by Rodgers on Monday Night. I'll take Cincy for the win.

Cleveland @ San Diego: Chargers went east and laid a complete egg last week. I think they take it out big time on the Browns and win this week. BONUS PICK: Johnny Manziel plays QB for Cleveland before the game ends.

Green Bay@ San Francisco: I don't care if the Packers have to go west, they are MILES better than the 49ers are, and they should have no problem at all winning this game. Packers win, big. BONUS QUESTION: What number is greater, Rodgers TD passes, or Kaeperchoke's INT's?

St. Louis @ Arizona: The Cardinals are starting to turn me into believers. It's not just the fact that they're winning, but it's also the dominating fashion in which they're doing so. I think they continue that against the Rams this week. Cards win.

Minnesota @ Denver: Peyton seems to have quieted his critics.....for now. Vikings are going to have to get a miracle performance from AP this week. Even if they get it, I don't think it will be enough. Broncos win.

Dallas @ New Orleans: How badly do you think NBC wishes they could flex this game? No Tony Romo, probably no Drew Brees....this game has nowhere near as good of a pop to it as it had 3 weeks ago. Also, I'm done giving the Saints chances to impress me. Dallas, with Branden Weeden as QB, gets the win.

Detroit @ Seattle: Are the Lions really 0-3? Why yes, yes they are. Surprising, right? And they'll be 0-4 after this week. Seattle, with their defense, at home on a Monday Night? Check, please! Seahawks win.

I don't foresee a ton of disagreement between Ryan and I this week (which is bad because I want that lead!!!)

@McFleegle (3-8) vs @Brodhisattva (8-3)

Well, we only disagreed on two games last week, but I feel good about feelin' good about those two! I've got a nice lead as we close the first quarter of the season.

Surprisingly, I think we've got quite a few disagreements here!
I picked the hated Steelers while Conner picked his Ravens.
I'm taking the Giants while he takes the Bills.
I went with the Redskins while he took the Eagles.
I'm taking the Bears while Conner's picking my Raiders.

Four games!
Could be a huge swing either way!


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      3 years ago

      Can someone truly be the best in the world though if they won't even fight?


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