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NFL Picks. Week 5, 2013

Updated on October 1, 2013

Buffalo at Cleveland- Cleveland.

I'm just gonna put this out there...
Brian Hoyer... isn't exactly... terrible... I guess.
It's weird, while I thought the trade with Indianapolis was a steal for Cleveland, I never would have guessed they would get better afterwords.

Joe Flacco did throw 5 picks against Buffalo last week, but the Ravens were still in the game late. That says that either the game was a fluke or that Baltimore is amazing... And I haven't seen any evidence of the latter.

We'll see how far down the rabbit hole that Mr. Hoyer and his sidekick, Jordan Cameron can go.

New England at Cincinnati- New England.

I haven't seen anything out of the Bengals to make me believe that they are half the team that everyone made them out to be in the pre-season. Andy Dalton has been perfectly mediocre, and hasn't been able to get any of his outstanding weapons the ball. Meanwhile, New England keeps defying expectations and looks identical to the 2006 team that just kept finding ways to win games and came one incredible Colts comeback from the Super Bowl.
It's hard to pick against Tom Brady, no matter who is catching his passes.

Detroit at Green Bay- Green Bay.

Jay Cutler handed the Lions a win last week, and I don't think that Aaron Rodgers will do the same. Reggie Bush has been brilliant for the Lions, and this is a team that I think might even make a run later in the season... But for now, in Green Bay, the Packers will just score too many points.

Seattle at Indianapolis- Seattle.

The Colts are essentially running the same offense and defense as the Seahawks. They run the ball, and give their talented sophomore QB chances on play-action. The reality is that of the two, the Hawks are the more talented team. Richard Sherman can take out Reggie Wayne, and the defense is physical enough to shut down Trent Richardson. The only thing that might throw the Hawks off balance is if that damn Jet lag gets them. Going from West to East isn't pleasant.

Baltimore at Miami- Baltimore.

The Saints finally exposed the Dolphins for the team that they really are on Monday night, and now on a short week, they get a healthy, pissed off Ravens team. If Harbaugh is smart, he'll regroup, and attack the Dolphins with exotic blitzes, and get the offense to return to basics. Run the ball on every first down if that's what it takes.

New Orleans at Chicago- New Orleans.

New Orleans and their incredibly talented defense will put up just enough points to beat the Bears. I won't lie, I'm not comfortable in this pick. Drew Brees hasn't played well in hostile environments, or outdoors, for that matter, and this Bears team is very physical. I'm relying on the Bears to collapse, more than I am on the Saints to dominate.

Philadelphia at New York (Giants)- Philadelphia.

Same as last week. This Giants team is hideous. The offensive line is terrible, Eli is forcing plays, and for a defense that starts with the pass rush... They aren't hitting anybody. There are very few teams I would pick the GIants over these days.

Kansas City at Tennessee- Kansas City.

A match-up of two small-ball offenses with good defenses, but Kansas City is better at both.
With the loss of Jake Locker, they don't stand a chance.

Jacksonville at St. Louis- St. Louis.

Look. I don't know what I was thinking, but I almost picked the Jags. The Rams defense has been pretty terrible, and I thought that maybe with the return of playmaking receiver, Justin Blackmon...
But then I remembered that the Jags defense is even worse... I just won't pick the Jaguars at all this year, how about that?

Carolina at Arizona- Carolina.

Why was Carson Palmer so bad last year?
Because the Raiders couldn't run the ball, and he had to force plays down the field.
Against the best front seven in the NFL, the Cardinals will be pressured, and they will have to rely on the passing game.
And as I previously insinuated, Carson Palmer didn't perform very well underneath those circumstances.
I mean, Cam Newton isn't a brain surgeon, but II think he has the offensive capacity to outscore the Cardinals.

Denver at Dallas- Denver.

This is actually the one game that Denver might lose.
But lets face it, they won't.
Tony Romo isn't capable of going blow for blow with Peyton Manning.
Peyton will probably get hit a time or two, but in the end, he's going to score too many points for Tony Romo, or his cowboys, to score.

Houston at San Francisco- San Francisco.

These two teams have a lot in common.
A lot of firepower, but nobody knows how to pull the trigger.
I don't like either of these playoff caliber teams in the long run, but I don't think Matt Schaub is very good versus good teams, and that the Texans defense struggles versus running QBs, ala Russell Wilson last weekend.

San Diego at Oakland- San Diego.

Thanks alot MLB, it's not like there are Raiders or Chargers fans on the east coast who have to work on Monday or anything. I'm totally up for staying up until 2 to watch my team lose.

Terrelle Pryor plays his first familiar foe, as his first start came against San Diego in week 17 of last week, and I almost picked the Raiders in this game.
But... The'y're beat up. They might not have Darren McFadden or Marcel Reece this week after they were hurt in the incredibly disappointing loss to Washington last sunday, and frankly, the Chargers have been awesome on offense.

New York (Jets) at Atlanta- Atlanta.

Come on.


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      anniegelderman 4 years ago

      Please be wrong about Texans/Niners, please, please, please