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NFL Picks. Week 6, 2013

Updated on October 10, 2013

New York (Giants) at Chicago- Chicago.

I can't pick the Giants honestly while Eli is turning the ball over at this rate. The Bears are turning the ball over a lot too, but... 12 picks in 5 games is almost as impressive as 20 TDs in 5 games.

Green Bay at Baltimore- Green Bay.

Sorry Baltimore, your offense isn't doing enough to compete with this Packers team. The defense has feasted on mediocre teams, but the last time they played a team with good weapons and a great QB...

Cincinnati at Buffalo- Cincinnati.

For the bills, there just isn't an active QB on the roster good enough to make progress versus a defense that absolutely removed Tom Brady from the game last week. They're going to have to run the ball and unfortunately, both of their runningbacks are hurt.

Detroit at Cleveland- Detroit.

My little bromance with Cleveland left the stadium with Brian Hoyer last week...Never thought I'd say anything like that. Detroit should be getting healthy this week, and they'll be able to score just enough points to win the game.

St. Louis at Houston- Houston.

Despite how badly that Matt Schaub and the Texans have been playing lately, it's the defense of the Rams that I think will ultimately give first.

Oakland at Kansas City- Oakland.

The one strength that Kansas City has had this season so far is their elite pass rush, but this week, it gets cancelled out by the incredibly creative Terrelle Pryor.

Carolina at Minnesota- Carolina.

The Vikings will be depending on the run game to move the ball this weekend, and that Carolina front seven is gonna sit directly on Adrian Peterson.

Pittsburgh at New York (Jets)- Pittsburgh.

I think that this week, with an improved offensive line, the Steelers get their act together. Especially against a Jets team that got way too much credit for a win over the Falcons last week.

Philadelphia at Tampa Bay- Philadelphia.


Jacksonville at Denver- Jack-I'm kidding. Denver.

I would give the old "Really?... C'mon, really?" thing, but after the Jets and Atlanta last week...
Peyton Manning.
The Jaguars.
Okay, I'm done.

Tennessee at Seattle- Seattle.

Seattle finally gets to come home after two long trips across the country, including a loss to Indy.
I think the 12th man welcomes them back with open arms and they feast on a pathetic Ryan Fitzpatrick-ran offense.

New Orleans at New England- New Orleans.

We saw this last week, I don't think that New England has the weapons to run an efficient offense. Brady's incredible offensive line has made him look great so far this year, but Cincy exposed that the Patriots offense isn't blitz-proof anymore. In fact, when Brady was pressured, he was completely off his game.
Take that strategy and add the explosive Saints offense?
Oh god.

Arizona at San Francisco- San Francisco.

The subpar play of Carson Palmer has gone unnoticed for far too long this season... We'll see if Palmer falls into the same hole that Schaub fell into last week.

Washington at Dallas- Dallas.


Indianapolis at San Diego- Indianapolis.



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