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NFL Picks. Week 9, 2014

Updated on October 31, 2014

Those late games...

New Orleans @ Carolina- New Orleans.

I was actually tempted to take the Panthers in this one.
The game is in Carolina.
The game is a tough divisional match in a NFC South that nobody wants to win.
But then again.
Cam Newton is still the QB for the Panthers.
Yeahhhhh no thanks.

Tampa Bay @ Cleveland- Cleveland.

Oh god.
Who cares?!

Arizona @ Dallas- Arizona. .

Depending on the health of Tony Romo, the Cowboys could be at risk of dropping a second game in a row. I'm risking a lot on this pick...
But Romo or Nomo, that defense is not as good as people think it is.
And I think the Cardinals need this win to prove that they're a legitimate team.
I'm risking it.

Philadelphia @ Houston- Philadelphia.

I just can't trust Ryan Fitzpatrick to compete in an offensive game like this one should be.
Even if the Eagles have an off day and Arian Foster has a good one, I don't think Fitzpatrick has what it takes to duel the Eagles.
I would do anything to put JJ Watt on a team where he has a chance to actually win big games.
Send him to the Seahawks.
Send him to the Colts.
Send him somewhere that will give him a chance to win.
Because he absolutely deserves it.

New York (Jets) @ Kansas City- Kansas City.

It doesn't matter who is starting at QB for the New York Jets, they are not a good football team.
They can't find consistency on offense and they give up too many big drives on defense.
The Chiefs will exploit that.

Jacksonville @ Cincinnati- Cincinnati.

Look at the Bengals finding their footing last week!
A controversial win? Sure.
But a win nonetheless.
And now they get the pathetic Jacksonville Jaguars?
Easy win and Welcome Back Mr. AJ Green.

San Diego @ Miami- San Diego.

The Dolphins don't seem to have a problem with beating the crappy teams in the NFL.
Jacksonville? Sure.
Oakland? Hell yeah.
But when you play the teams like San Diego and Denver?
Not so much.

Washington @ Minnesota- Washington.

All aboard the RG... I mean the Kirk Cou... I mean the Colt McCoy bandwagon!
After a stunning upset on Monday night, who isn't feeling the Redskins a little right now?
Especially against a team like Minnesota that can't seem to find any footing without Adrian Peterson.
Colt McCoy keeps the streak alive and the Vikings start watching Mariota tape.

St. Louis @ San Francisco- San Francisco.

Those Rams.
They sure are interesting to watch.
But lets be real, the 49ers are well rested and in need of some wins to catch up with the Cardinals if they want the 2014 season to mean anything.
The 49ers run over the rams.

Denver @ New England- Denver.

Why isn't this in primetime?
It's Manning versus Brady.
It doesn't matter how much better the Broncos are than the Patriots, we are talking about Peyton Manning versus Tom Brady.
Both men will do whatever it takes to make sure their team is in a position to win.
It's gonna be a fun game, and ultimately, I picked the Col- I mean the Broncos because I don't know if the Patriots have the defensive talent to slow them down.

Oakland @ Seattle- Seattle..

Finally, the Seahawks get a game where they can really work some things out.
Just hideous.
I'm sick of the Oakland Raiders.
Cleveland tried to make it a game but the Raiders just fumbled it away.
Hawks win big.

Baltimore @ Pittsburgh- Baltimore.

Okay. Who screwed up?
Baltimore and Pittsburgh is in primetime over Denver and New England??
When was the last time this rivalry was relevant?
Can anybody tell me?
What? Back in 2011? Maybe.
I mean, back when Peyton was in Indianapolis, and Ray Lewis and Hines Ward were talking trash, maybe then.
But as we saw last week, these two are not the best two teams playing tonight, and are wasting the spotlight.
Last week, Pittsburgh had an impressive win over a very good Indianapolis team, and you know what? They might be riding a wave of emotion into this game.
But if we're being honest here, I think the Colts started to believe their own hype and they underestimated a very skilled veteran team.
I'm taking the Ravens to win by 10 because they need to get their heads back on straight after losing a controversial game to the Bengals last week.

Indianapolis @ New York (Giants)- Indianapolis.

This is an easy one for me. I've gotta roll with the Colts here because that New York secondary is atrocious and Indy needs some redemption for the beatdown they got from the Pittsburgh Steelers last week.

Fleegle's Picks.

Okay Fleegle, I see you.

Been a crazy busy week, on a bit of a time crunch, so no elaborate picks this week. However, I'm still in the lead!!!!!

Saints @ Panthers: Seems like the Saints are finally getting on track. They take over first place in the NFC South this week with a W.

Tampa Bay @ Cleveland: Tampa couldn't even beat Minnesoooota at home last week. They won't go to Cleveland and win this week either. Browns win and keep a very close AFC North race intact.

Cardinals @ Cowboys: Maybe Arizona is for real at 6-1. Maybe Dallas has potential injury issues at QB. But I expect Dallas to rebound this week with a W.

Philadelphia @ Houston: Philly surprised me with their loss in Arizona last week. I think they'll rebound with a big W this week.

NY Jets @ Kansas City: How has Rex Ryan not been fired yet? The Jets will turn to Michael Vick this week in place of Geno Smith, but does it matter? NY is a mess and the Chiefs will win this game.

Jacksonville @ Cincinnati: LOLOLOLOLOL. Bengals win. That's all I got.

San Diego @ Miami: This game could be interesting, depending on how San Diego responds to a couple of losses and some adversity. And the heat, of course. Still think the Chargers find a way to win.

Washington @ Minnesota: Huge win for DC Monday night against Dallas. And they'll follow it up this week with their third straight win over the Vikings.

St. Louis @ San Francisco: Second time these teams have played in a couple of weeks. Rams gave San Fran a scare the first time.....but they won't this week. 49ers win.

Denver @ New England: Game Of The Week perhaps! I think Denver goes to New England and wins. Better offense and a better defense. Manning gets the W over Brady this time.

Oakland @ Seattle: Sorry, Raiders. Enjoy your killing this week. Seahawks win.

Baltimore @ Pittsburgh: Huge huge rivalry on Sunday Night Football. Surprising results for both teams last week, a loss for the Ravens and a big win for the Steelers. I expect one of those hard fought affairs and a Ravens win.

Indianapolis @ NY Giants: A second great Monday Night game in a row? Expecting an offensive duel with Andrew Luck coming out on top. Colts win.

Fleegle vs Ryan.

I'm taking the Cardinals and he's taking the Cowboys.
Here's to a potential 3 point deficit.


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