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NFL Picks. Week 9, 2015.

Updated on November 8, 2015


I had a dreadfully busy weekend last week and I'm not quite sure that I've got a solid enough grip to bounce back here...

Browns vs. Bengals- Bengals.

While all the other undefeated teams feel the pressure of the weekly grind, the Bengals get...


Fine. Their tests come later.
As for this week, the undefeated march carries on.

Dolphins vs. Bills- Dolphins.

Well Miami.
You had some people fooled for a while.
In all reality, I might really be screwing up here...
I don't know. I just think they've spent all their "new coach" gas, and they're running into a rested Bills team that wasn't eaten alive by Tom Brady last week.
But... what the Bills going to do on offense?
They'll be able to stop Tannehill... but how will they score?

Packers vs. Panthers- Packers.


Both games last week... Intense.
Rodgers got smacked in the face by Denver and the Panthers... Well they pulled off a truly impressive win.

However... You just can't pick against the Packers at this point.
Their offense will bounce back and the pressure of an undefeated season is off of them.

Jaguars vs. Jets- Jets.

Despite being absolutely destroyed by the RAIDERS last week, the Jets... are still a solid team.
Now, if Geno Smith is playing, they'll be much more likely to... well... do what Jets do.
I'm gonna take the Jets because they're not the Raiders.
Never thought I'd write that with a straight face.

Rams vs. Vikings- Rams.

What's the biggest strength of the Vikings?
That they have Adrian Peterson.
Pretty much it.
Well... The Rams have Todd Gurley.
These two are very similar, and it wouldn't surprise me if they beat Bridgewater up and exploited his questionable decision making.

Redskins vs. Patriots- Patriots.

Getting crushed by the Patriots isn't something to be ashamed of.
Getting crushed by the Patriots when they've had a week and a half off?
Even less so.

Maybe go see Spectre or something this weekend, Skins fans.

Titans vs. Saints- Saints.

No Mariota and the Titans versus a Saints team...

A Saints team that threw seven touchdowns last week.
Seven touchdowns.
In one game.
Nick Foles and Joe Flacco couldn't help but grin during this one.

In any event, you've gotta know the Saints are going to destroy the Titans.

Raiders vs. Steelers- Steelers.

I wanted to pick the Raiders.
I wanted to pick them so freaking bad.
But even with Le'Veon Bell out of the picture...

The Steelers offense is too good, and now Big Ben is getting healthy.
The Raiders defense still has plenty of question marks... and at what point do the wheels come off their offense?

Giants vs. Buccaneers- Giants.

The Bucs barely upset the Falcons.
The Giants threw six touchdowns... and lost.

Who do you think I'm picking?

Falcons vs. 49ers- Falcons.

Blaine Gabbert.
LBaine Gbareabrt..kdfja;sldkfja;sldkjf;alksdjf;laskdjf

I've said enough.

Broncos vs. Colts- Broncos.

The Broncos defense was good enough to eat the Packers alive...
You think the Colts will fare any better?
I mean... seriously...

Eagles vs. Cowboys- Cowboys.

The Cowboys are getting healthy, and the Eagles are living and dying on the blitz.
You just can't count on the Eagles to consistently take the ball away... even against a team with Matt Cassel under center.

Bears vs. Chargers- Chargers.

Even without Keenan Allen, the Chargers have to score enough points to beat SOMEONE eventually.

Fleegle's Picks: Best In The World Challenge.

At one point last week, with all games in the 4th quarter, I was poised to go +5 over Ryan for the week! Then in about 20 minutes.....I wound up only going +1. I'll take it I guess, but.....

Cleveland @ Cincinnati: Those damn Bengals keep winning! And they'll have easy pickings this week against a now Manziel-led Brownies team that has come crashing back down to earth. Cincy for the win.

Green Bay @ Carolina: This game is a tough one to call, really. Rodgers practically no-showed against the Broncos defense last week, but that being said, I still don't buy into the Cam Newton hype like everybody else apparently is. Rodgers>Newton, and I think that will show itself this week. Packers knock Carolina from the unbeaten perch.

Washington @ New England: Please. Brady throws for 400+ and the Patriots roll by 3+ TD's.

Tennessee @ New Orleans: The Saints are rolling, and I'm BACK ON THE BREES TRAIN BABY!!!!! It doesn't hurt that they get the Titans this week, but.....Saints win.

Miami @ Buffalo: Heh. The Dolphins got to crash back down to earth last week (like I said they would) against New England. I think they take another dent to the confidence this week in Buffalo against a pissed off Bills team coming off the bye week. Bills win.

St. Louis @ Minnesota: The Vikings are 5-2. I repeat, the Vikings are 5-2. The young QB they have is still overrated, but they're 5-2 nonetheless. And the Rams just aren't the same out of the dome. Expect a heavy dose of AP and a Vikings win.

Jacksonville @ New York Jets: The Jets have to win this game, right? At home, they should. At home, they will. Jets win.

Oakland @ Pittsburgh: Well well, lookie at the Raiders! Carr and Cooper is a very dangerous combination. However, I think the eastern travel will hurt them this week. Steelers win, but not in a convincing way.

New York Giants @ Tampa Bay: 6 TD's, 0 INT's, and Eli still loses. That's nuts, man. That defense is terrible. TERRIBLE. And Tampa, they're so bad they damn near blew a 20 point lead to Atlanta. Credit to them for winning, but still....I think Eli has another big game against that defense, and because they're facing Tampa (and I can't stand Jameis), Giants win.

Atlanta @ San Francisco: THE 49ERS ARE STARTING BLAINE GABBERT. THAT IS ALL. Falcons win.

Denver @ Indianapolis: Andrew Luck is hurt. He has to be. Either that, or he's majorly regressed. I keep waiting for him to have a breakout game, but it ain't gonna be this week against the best defense in the league. Peyton comes home (again) and beats the Colts in Indy (again).

Philadelphia @ Dallas: The Eagles are off a bye week, and the Cowboys are still starting Matt Cassel. Uh, yeah. Eagles win in Dallas. When Romo gets back, I still think Dallas wins the division. That's how bad the NFC East is.

Chicago @ San Diego: Glad this is the Monday Night game. That way I can watch RAW full screen rather than having split screen between that and football. San Diego is just good enough to squeak out a home win against Da Bears, but that's it. Chargers win.

Rather lackluster slate of games this week overall. And at least my Ravens can't lose on a bye week! (or can they? hmmm.....)

@McFleegle (10-19) vs @Brodhisattva (19-10)

Phew. Ugly week for me last week.

I picked the Dolphins and he picked the Bills.
I picked the Rams and he picked the Vikings.

Not many disagreements this week, but I'm not optimistic for either of us.

Ryan is an idiot and misread Fleegle's picks.
He actually picked the Eagles, while I picked the Cowboys.


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