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NFL Picks. Week 11.

Updated on November 15, 2012

Sorry they were rushed!

Dolphins at Bills- Bills.
The Bills have proven they have about a thousand ways to score. And by that I mean, they have several creative ways to get the ball to Stevie Johnson and the speedy backs. Miami meanwhile got absolutely destroyed by the Titans last week. The Dolphins have proved over the last couple of weeks that they aren't quite ready to make any serious post-season push yet. I think the Bills outscore Miami 31-10.

Packers at Lions- Packers.
I still really like the Packers as a NFC Championship team, Rodgers is still the best quarterback in the NFL, and I don't think he'll have a problem dismantling the disappointing Lions with their iffy pass defense and weak run game.

Cardinals at Falcons- Falcons.
Someone please call up Roddy White and ask him how his shoe tastes. 19-0... What a jerk... Back in sanity land, the Cardinals haven't won a game since their fluke 4-0 start, and regardless of getting spanked by the Saints, the Falcons are still a far superior bird.

Buccaneers at Panthers- Buccaneers.
This one is easy for me. I really like the Bucs offense. If they had an elite QB, they would probably be the best offense in the NFL. Vincent Jackson, Mike Williams, Dallas Clark, Doug Martin, and Legarrette Blount all make the Bucs both fast and powerful. Cam might be able to put up some yards against a pitiful Bucs pass defense, but he'll have no luck on the ground. Bucs win big.

Browns at Cowboys- Cowboys.
The Browns defense is good, but the Cowboys offense are hot in November. Romo finally managed to finish a game, albeit against a beat up Eagles team. I don't trust Weeden and Richardson to put up the points necessary.

Eagles at Redskins- Redskins.
No Vick? RG3 named Team Captain. In Washington? Upset central.

Jets at Rams- Rams.

Bengals at Chiefs- Bengals.

Jaguars at Texans- Texans.

Colts at Patriots- Colts.

Saints at Raiders- Saints.
Two weeks ago I would've said the Saints defense can't keep up and that the Raiders would win a shoot out. But... After physically witnessing the Raiders get ripped to shreds by the Ravens last week, I can't have any faith in them to win. Until they prove they can run the ball and generate some kind of pass rush, I don't see them going anywhere, especially against a Saints team that might be looking to make some history.

Chargers at Broncos- Broncos.
The Broncos might be the best team in the AFC.. San Diego is spiraling out of control. Philip Rivers is revealing just how overrated he really is. Kiss Norv goodbye. Broncos win big.

Ravens at Steelers- Ravens.
The Ravens offense is hot, they've developed a pass rush, and oh yeah, no Big Ben. Hello Baltimore.

Bears at 49ers- Bears.
They're back up QB is better if Cutler can't go. They're still an incredible defense, and still have a good run game. The Bears have a complete offense and Jason Campbell can manage enough to up 17 points.


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