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NFL Post-Season predictions 10/31/15

Updated on October 31, 2015

So... I'm going to write a very similar article in about a week giving my big team predictions and individual awards and whatnot, but I wanted to get the basics out and discuss how I think the playoffs are going to play out.

Division Champion.

Playoff team.


1. The Cincinnati Bengals.
2. The Pittsburgh Steelers.
3. The Cleveland Browns.
4. The Baltimore Ravens.


1. The Indianapolis Colts.
2. The Houston Texans.
3. The Jacksonville Jaguars.
4. The Tennessee Titans.


1. The New England Patriots.
2. The New York Jets.
3. The Buffalo Bills.
4. The Miami Dolphins.


1. The Denver Broncos.
2. The Oakland Raiders.
3. The San Diego Chargers.
4. The Kansas City Chiefs.


1. The Green Bay Packers.
2. The Minnesota Vikings.
3. The Detroit Lions.
4. The Chicago Bears.


1. The Atlanta Falcons.
2. The Carolina Panthers.
3. The New Orleans Saints.
4. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers.


1. The New York Giants.
2. The Dallas Cowboys.
3. The Washington Redskins.
4. The Philadelphia Eagles.


1. The Arizona Cardinals.
2. The Seattle Seahawks.
3. The St. Louis Rams.
4. The San Francisco 49ers.

AFC Predictions.

1. The New England Patriots.
2. The Cincinnati Bengals.
3. The Denver Broncos.
4. The Indianapolis Colts.
5. The Pittsburgh Steelers.
6. The New York Jets.

Wildcard Round.
The Jets @ The Broncos- The Jets.
This is how Peyton Manning's career ends.
In Denver, against an impressive pass rush.
The funny thing about the Jets offense is that it's so wildly inconsistent... that they won't play ball with Denver.
They won't push their boundaries, they'll stick to the ground, and Peyton will lose this.

The Steelers @ The Colts- The Steelers.
The Colts should be better than this.
The future of the league is lining up under center for them and they're still barely going to win the best future in football.
But... they're not.
And the Steelers will be healthy and well balanced by this game...
It might be close... But I doubt it, the way the Colts play.

Divisional Round.
The Jets @ The Patriots- The Patriots.

The Steelers @ The Bengals- The Steelers.
This game should actually be pretty good.
The Steelers will be at 100%, and the Bengals will be...
In the playoffs lol.

Conference Championship.
The Steelers @ The Patriots- The Patriots.
It's funny...
The last game of the season is the first game of the season.
Unfortunately, it ends the same way for the Steelers.
They'll struggle to move the ball, and absolutely nothing is scarier than Playoff Patriot football.
The New England Patriots advance to the Super Bowl.

NFC Predictions.

1. The Green Bay Packers.
2. The Arizona Cardinals.
3. The Atlanta Falcons.
4. The New York Giants.
5. The Carolina Panthers.
6. The Seattle Seahawks.

Wildcard Round.
The Seahawks @ The Falcons- The Seahawks.
I don't buy the Falcons at all.
I have not, and I never, ever will.
How fitting is it that the Seahawks face their former defensive coordinator in the playoffs?

The Panthers @ The Giants- The Panthers.
This is a nightmare match-up for the Giants.
A team that takes the ball away all the time and has a talented secondary?
They're going to eat Eli and the Giants alive.

Divisional Round.
The Seahawks @ The Packers- The Packers.
If the roles were reversed and this game were in Seattle, I might have a different view... but sadly, the Packers are a different monster when playing at home.
Even when injured, we know there isn't much dropoff in Green Bay. We know this. We've proven this.
Unfortunately, Seattle's season ends in Green Bay, and we are faced with some awkward questions...

The Panthers @ The Cardinals- The Cardinals.
Remember how the Panthers matched up perfectly against the Giants?
Well the Cardinals match up perfectly against the Panthers.
Turnover friendly defensive backs against an indecisive corner?
A pass-happy offense against an impulsive defense?
Uh oh.

Conference Championship.
The Cardinals @ The Packers- The Packers.
I can't see Carson Palmer beating the Packers in Green Bay.
That just doesn't make sense to me.
I just can't see it.
It just doesn't make any sense to me.
Sorry Cards fans.
The Packers are going to the dance!

And the Super Bowl?

As if I'd give up a free Super Bowl pick like Tracy Porter.
Get outta here with that!


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