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NFL Predictions. Halftime.

Updated on October 30, 2013


This is all just guesswork.
These are all assumptions.
I could very easily be completely wrong, but this is what I think will happen in the next 8 games.

Power Rankings.

32. Jacksonville.
31. Tampa Bay.
30. Minnesota
29. Pittsburgh.
28. Washington Redskins.
27. New York (Giants).
26. Atlanta.
25. Houston.
24. Philadelphia.
23. St. Louis.
22. Buffalo.
21. Cleveland.
20. New York (Jets).
19. Arizona.
18. Miami.
17. Tennessee.
16. Baltimore.
15. Oakland.
14. Dallas.
13. Chicago.
12. San Diego.
11. Carolina.
10. Detroit.
9. San Francisco.
8. New England.
7. Indianapolis.
6. Cincinnati.
5. New Orleans.
4. Seattle.
3. Green Bay.
2. Kansas City.
1. Denver.

The AFC Divisional Standings.

1. Cincinnati.
2. Baltimore.
3. Cleveland.
4. Pittsburgh.

1. Indianapolis.
2. Tennessee.
3. Houston.
4. Jacksonville.

1. New England.
2. Miami.
3. New York.
4. Buffalo.

1. Denver.
2. Kansas City.
3. Oakland.
4. San Diego.

The NFC Divisional Standings.

1. Green Bay.
2. Detroit.
3. Chicago.
4. Minnesota.

1. New Orleans.
2. Carolina.
3. Atlanta.
4. Tampa Bay.

1. Dallas.
2. Philadelphia.
3. New York.
4. Washington.

1. Seattle.
2. San Francisco.
3. Arizona.
4. St. Louis.

The Awards.

Defensive Rookie of the Year- Kiki Alonso. Where did this kid come from? Even four weeks ago, he was just barely getting his feet wet in the NFL, and now? You could argue that he's one of the best players on a talented Bills defense. Just look what he did to the Ravens....

Offensive Rookie of the Year- Eddy Lacy. Lacy has provided the Packers with something that they haven't had in years... Balance. With Eddie Lacy running the ball, the Packers have consistency and balance on the offensive side of the ball, which makes the Packers a dangerous team down the stretch.

Defensive Player of the Year- Richard Sherman. I'm not backing off of this pick. There isn't a runaway crowd pleaser at pass rusher, and the numbers are being split too evenly by Chiefs linebackers. The Seahawks are still getting tons and tons of hype, and despite the shortcomings of the offense, #25 is still playing at an extremely high level.

Offensive Player of the Year- Peyton Manning. See "MVP"

Coach of the Year- Andy Reid. Nobody has ever taken a team from 1st overall pick to 8-0 in the history of american sports. Not just football, we're talking baseball, basketball, hockey, you name it, and it's never happened. Gotta give Reid credit, and I think the AP will.

Comeback Player of the Year- Philip Rivers. Most experts, or even fans of the NFL had marked Rivers for dead after several multiple turnover seasons. But this year, he's put the Chargers back on the map. If the season right now, the Chargers would be the 6 seed. And who gets the credit for that? You've got it.

NFL MVP- Peyton Manning. That hasn't changed. We may be used to the level that he's performing at this season, but there's still nobody better.


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