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Is Teddy Bridgewater back ?

Updated on October 16, 2017

Teddy Bridgewater back to practice!

Q: Have you taken Teddy Bridgewater off of the Physically Unable to Perform list?

A: No, he won’t come off the PUP list. He’s going to practice but he has 21 days. He’ll stay on the PUP list until he’s ready to play.

— MArk Zimmer

Yes Teddy Bridgewater is back to practice which means it is likely he will play this season.

Mar Zimmer addressed the Medias on Monday. After a victory against the Packers, there are still a lot of questions which are unanswered about the future of the team this season. After loosing two of their QB in the last 2 years, the Minnesota Vikings are suffering and lacking in game offense and defense. This last game, the defense was somewhat good, although we do not know what it might have been if Rodger did not get injured. Things might have been different then.

But this Monday, Mark Zimmer announced very exciting news. Teddy Bridgewater is back to practice. Teddy has been injured since 2015. The fact that he is back to practice doesn’t necessary means we are to seem him play this season but there are still good chances he would be able to play. Mark Zimmer answered by saying that “He’s going to practice but he has 21 days. He’ll stay on the PUP list until he’s ready to play.”

Teddy is a smart QB and will not risk be coming back if he thinks he is not ready. That being said, although he has 21 days to attend the practices, it is possible he will attend earlier. Again, this means that we could see him play as early as mid-November if all goes well and if he feels comfortable after several practices. I am calculating 21 days before starting practice and after the bye, 2 games on the bench. If my estimate is correct, we could see him play against the Lions on November 23rd at the earliest.

© 2017 Dominic Tremblay


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