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NFL Coaches Under the Gun-2010 Edition

Updated on September 28, 2010

It is funny. I first wrote this hub in the beginning of the 2007 NFL season. At that time , two of the coaches that were under tremendous pressure to win were Norv Turner and Tom Coughlin. Of course, they both got to their respective league championships, and then the Giants won the Superbowl.

In December 2009, Norv Turner was coaching a team that no one in the NFL wanted to play.

Now it is 2010 and the season is upon us, but some coaches jobs are already threatened. Getting off to a bad start could mean a quick trip to the unemployment line.

Of course there is pressure on every head coach in the NFL, but there are a few who are likely to be fired this year.

Wade Phillips

Wade Phillips led the Cowboys to what most teams would consider a great season last year. The problem is, for Jerry Jones, the Super Bowl Championship is what is his expectation.

There are some great things happening in Dallas. Reports from OTA's indicate that Dez Bryant is everything the Cowboys hoped, and a litte more. The only problem with that is that now Jerry Jones will have even higher hopes for his Cowboys, and unless they make the Super Bowl, he will be likely to make a change.

Of course another thing that goes against Wade Phillips is the fact that the Cowboys lost their first game. Now the pressure is really on to get a win against Chicago. Phillips is also taking a lot of heat for a bad game plan in which Felix Jones only got 10 touches. The Cowboys also lost their second game, which has increased the pressure on Wade Phillips

Eric Mangini

Eric Mangini has been under a lot of fire in Cleveland, both from the press, and his team, but wins in the last few weeks have improved the mood. Mike Holmgren has not committed one way or another whether Mangini's job is in danger.

Cleveland to play so far has been uninspired

, and if it continues to trend that way it's very possible that Mike Holmgren could make a move.


John Fox-Carolina Panthers

John Fox has been under siege since last season when it became obvious he would not be offered a new contract. The task this season is going to the rough with a line that is going to have a tough time protecting the QB regardless of who it is.

Fox's defense is also perform poorly and this could signal an early

end to Fox's season

Raheem Morris

Last year Raheem Morris was picked to be the head coach at Tampa Bay

. Some suspected he was hired because he would be cheaper than hiring a existing head coach.

Now he has one year of experience and the pressure is on to win with a team that has been savaged by injuries, and a team where the front office is unwilling to spend money to improve.

This almost seems like a situation where Morris was set up to fail, and I hope he surprises us all and has a winning team.

Tampa Bay is now off to a 2-0 start, and I would say the pressure is off for now in Tampa, at least for a week.


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