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shotgun no

Updated on December 2, 2012

Best Pre Workout Drink!

First hand experience on how and what you feel when taking the vpx no shotgun pre workout drink.First i have to tell you, if this supplement is not the best its one of the best trust me, i went from 175 pounds(skinny) to roughly 195 pounds in a matter of months not days. I take this supplement 30 minutes before working out, drink alot of water and ready to hit the gym not on an empty stomach, have to eat something. Ok what happens after you drink this supplement, thats the question. Give it a good 10 minutes after consumed and you start feeling like little niddles all over your body at first i was like man what is this, am i going to die, is something going to happen to me pretty scary at first, but when you hit the gym you ll understand. The feeling of niddles all over your body goes away and you really start pumping up, it really works believe me i have tried pre workout drinks before, that i am not going to mention here,will later.

To conclude i have been using this product for a good 4 years, have tried others, up to now nothing has come close to the feeling or results that you get at the end of the day.I would post pictures on this website but i think they would take them off so i wont, lol. For the price you can beat it, for results you cant beat it,have any questions just ask or comment thank you.


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