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NXT Takeover Brooklyn The Fourth Chapter

Updated on August 19, 2018
The Poster Of Brooklyn's Fourth Chapter
The Poster Of Brooklyn's Fourth Chapter | Source

The Third Night Of Chaos

This is the third NXT preview of had me thinking it was a "Night Of Chaos." I don't know how these maniacs can bring such a maelstrom of energy and hard hitting matches to these Pay-Per-Views, but they pulled it off. And this is despite some questionable outcomes near the end of it all.

That said, less assess this madness, before getting to the conclusion.

Gargano vs. Champa and Shayna vs. Sane. To great matches.
Gargano vs. Champa and Shayna vs. Sane. To great matches. | Source
Was a great match this was.
Was a great match this was. | Source

Assessing The Madness...

First up was Undisputed Era vs. Moustache Mountain, as the match started with Moustache mountain charging at Undisputed Era, as a brawl broke out between the teams. Moustache Mountain beat Undisputed back, and out of the ring. Moustache Mountain chased Undisputed back into the ring where they began the tag match properly with Tyler Bates facing Kyle O'riley. They tussle for a bit, as O'Riley was driven into his corner, and Roderick makes a tag. Roderick managed to gain some ground, before Trent Seven was tagged, and did his best to turn the tides. However due to his injured knee wearing down those tides did not stay turned for long, forcing Seven to retreat, and tag Tyler. Tyler Bates then displayed a freakish amount of strength, as he supplexed Roderick Strong, while O'Riley clung to Tyler's back. Despite this, O'Riley, and Strong wore down Bates, forcing in to tag in Stevens. Seven then preceded to tear Strong and O'Riley apart like a one man wrecking crew, before O'Riley halted his momentum. The advantage seemed to have once again been in Undisputed Era's favor, as they had Mustache Mountain locked in submission holds, before Bates broke them by throwing O'Riley into Strong. Bates then proceeded to display his freakish agility and strength, by tearing into Undisputed Era, and nearly got the three count on Strong, before Strong kicked out. Moustache Mountain fought tooth and nail to win, but in taking advantage of Seven injured knee, Undisputed Era retained the tag titles.

And just when it looked like Undisputed Era could walk away Scott free, in came The War Raiders. And they annihilated the battered and beaten Undisputed Era, as to send the message:"We're here, and we're coming for those titles!"

Next was Velveteen Dream vs. EC3, i.e. The Battle Of Egos. Not much of a battle though, as EC3 dominated Velveteen as the start of the match. And it looked like it was going to stay that way for a bit, until Velveteen turned things around with a DDT on the entrance ramp, and ramming EC3 into the ring corner. With EC3 rocked, and dazed, Velveteen dominated him, before EC3's failed attempt at turning the tides. EC3 managed to turn the tides however, but it resulted in a trade off of blows between Velveteen, and EC3, before EC3 would regain his dominance. However due to EC3 sustaining a neck injury over the course of the match, Velveteen Dream took back his advantage, and clinched the victory with a Dream Valley Driver on the apron, and elbow drop from the top rope.

Next was Ricochet Vs. Adam Cole for the NXT North American Championship.

Adam Cole did his best to match Ricochet's agility and speed. There were moments where Adam Cole got an upper hand, but Ricochet proved too stubborn to stay down. It then became a cavalcade of kicks, as Ricochet and Adam Cole traded kicks, before they kicked each other so hard that Ricochet fell, and Cole tumbled on top off him, which prompted the referee to count. One kick out later, Ricohet tried to end Adam Cole with a Moonsault, before Adam Cole rolled out of the ring. Ricochet pursued Adam Cole, and pinned him to become NXT American Champion.

Next was Shayna Baszler vs. Kairi Sane for the NXT Women's Championship. Sane tried to get into Baszler's head with leg submissions. And despite being two inches or so smaller than Baszler, Sane gave as good as she got when they traded blows. Baszler gave an advantage over Sane, when she got Sane in a leg submission to wear her down. Sane took it in stride, as she got fired up, and began to make a comeback. It looked like things would come to an end when Kairi was caught in Baszler's rear naked choke, but Kairi broke free. Baszler tried another choke, before Kairi backflipped, pinning Bazsler's shoulders to the ground for the three count win. Thus making Kairi Sane the new NXT Women's champion.

Lastly was the main event of Tomasso Champa vs. Johnny Gargano in a Last Man Standing Match for the NXT Championship. It looked like Gargano had this in the bag with how he overwhelmed Champa at the start of the match. But when Champa turned things around, this match got crazy brutal. These guys hit each other with everything, but the kitchen sink, and were Hellbent on destroying each other. Amidst Gargano's rampage, he tore the padding from the floor, exposing the concrete, and set up two towered tables over the exposed concrete. Champa began to fight back, and wear Gargano down, and tried getting him to submit to two rear naked chokes, but to no avail. Gargano then grabbed a chair, and proceeded to pummel Gargano with it, before took the chair, and used it against Champa. Eventually Gargano set up the chair in a corner, and threw Champa like a javelin face first into said chair. Champa took the chair back, and retaliated against Gargano, even sending Gargano through the barricade by driving the chair into his face with a running knee. Champa was also eventually slammed into the exposed wooden board meant for Gargano, and kicked through the tables onto the exposed concrete. Gargano eventually drove Champa up the ramp, and handcuffed him to a fencing bar, before wailing on him. Gargano then opted to finish Champa, but this backfired as Gargano collided his exposed knee with one of the on set speakers. The pain from this action caused Gargano to stay down for the ten count, as Champa slid to his feet from the entrance ramp corner. Thus Champa retained.

What a match this was...
What a match this was... | Source

The Conclusion...

This to me was another good pay-per-view for NXT, as I haven't watched NXT in months, yet the in ring psychology of the opening match had me rooting for Moustache Mountain, and aggravated at the fact that they lost. Though my rage turned to shock and intrigued when The War Raiders declared War on Undisputed in their own barbaric fashion. Enticing me to see what the next few weeks bring for them in NXT.

EC3 vs. Velveteen Dream was a fine mid-card match, but I'm curious to see if they have a rematch, or circumstances cause them to feud with others. Still I am impressed by the choreography these two displayed, and as one who was a harsh critic of EC3 when he was in TNA, I'm now convinced the dude can wrestle quite well.

Adam Cole Vs. Ricochet was quite the spectacle of agility, athleticism, and hard hits that caused occasional wincing from me. I am surprised Ricochet won the title, and am curious to see how long that last. This match was great, arguably "Match Of The Year" candidate, but I honestly expect no less from these two indie darlings.

Shayna Baszler vs. Kairi Sane was a lot better than I expected it to be. I went into this thinking Kairi was too limited in her capabilities to work well with Shayna Baszler... Boy, was a ten kinds of wrong that one. And this tends to happen in a match with the kind of caliber of Baszler and Sane, but with their applications of bravado, submissions, and strikes, I had to double check, as it felt like I was matching a man's match. I do like the underdog psychology of this match too, as it made Kairi winning all the more worth it after such a hard fought battle.

And finally was Champa vs. Gargano, which was full on carnage. These maniacs put each other through Hell, and that finish while silly was understandable. It would make sense for a desperate Tomasso Champa to position himself into a standing position, despite being handcuffed.

All and all another great NXT Pay-Per-View, and I don't expect Summerslam to top it, much less match it.


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