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Natural drug free body building

Updated on December 29, 2012

Natural for life

Natural body building

I started Body building at the age of 14 initially to build myself up for rugby then at 18 the body building took over. Until the age of 19 I over trained doing full body workouts that lasted 3 hours, 3 times per week and could not gain any weight.

I then started working and now with money in my pockets began to eat every 2 1/2 hours and started training on a split routine 5 times per week. During the next 4 years I gained weight and went from 11 stone too a lean 15 stone at age 23.

I remember that I was so into the diet I would mix a dozen raw egg whites with some fat free milk, drink half just as I went to bed and at 3 am the alarm would wake me up, for me to sit up and consume the remainder of the drink. I would then wake up at 7am and would then eat through out the day until bed time.

I entered my first show at age 26 and dieted down from 16 stone down to 13 1/2 and placed last out of 6 guys, the second show the following year I just missed first place at a ripped weight of 11st 5lbs from a group of 8 competitors.

In 1995 I entered my first regional ANB show and again in 2006.

With 13 years passing since my last show, the Mike Williams classic October 2009 was my come back show. At the height of being out of condition during the 13 years I weighed 19st at 5' 10'', but after splitting with my ex in 2003 dieted down to 17 1/2 stone where I remained for 5 years.

My inspiration to get back into competition was finding out that a good friend had become Miss Great Britain in 2000 but had also placed 2nd in the Miss World ( athletic class) 2 weeks after the British win, in addition to that in January 2008 I was lifting personal best weights in the gym that made me think their was life in the old dog yet.

In January 2009 I entered the Mike williams classic with 4 stone to loose, target weight being 13 1/2 stone. I found the weight so hard to loose even training 6 days per week, 3 in the gym and the rest cardio, either power walking or out on the bike. By September I had got down too 15 1/2 stone and was aware I was not going to make the weight, I continued to work hard and a week out weighed in at 15 stone. The last week I just lived on boiled chicken and water and lost 10 lbs, then put 3 lbs on in the last 24 hours carbing up, coming in at 14 1/2 stone.

I did think about not taking part in the show as I was a stone over my target weight, but decided to enter just to see how I compared with the field. On the day I looked at the other contestants and really felt way off in condition and size, I looked at the other guys and thought they made me look small.

I placed last out of a field of 8 but came away feeling very positive, it was the best I looked in 13 years and to loose 3 stone was a great achievement in the 10 months, ( 4 1/2 stone from my worst condition). With a back injury I have not been able to train my legs heavy over the last 13 years, used to be able to deep squat 460lbs for 3 reps and therfore perceived my legs to be skinny but after looking at the pictures of the show my legs were in fact still big, as was the width of my back. Its all came down to condition.

I remember on the day how the other contestants looked at me, seeing I was so out of condition but for me it was a big step in the right direction. Some times a journey is made up of achieving many goals and last October was the first, the second being the south east next year where the aim is to be 12 st 4lbs, I'm currently 16 st 6lbs with the aim of being below 15st by Christmas.

You might be wondering why post this blog, well I am into NLP and goal planning and writing this down and having it seen will make my goal happen.....see you next year.

I currently train alone at my own little gym, I reside in France running a holiday cottage and the gym is for the use of the guest staying at the cottage in addition to my needs. Pictures of the gym can be seen here:

Sept 2010 160 kg squats

My inspirational body builder


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