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Need your help

Updated on September 16, 2014

I would like your help.

Let me tell you what the wife and I are planning, then I will tell you what I need your help with.

We presently rent our home. We have a motor home and a travel trailer, and a truck. In the next two months, we plan to move out of the rental. We will be placing all of our house hold items in storage. We will then take the motor home and the truck and trailer to Florida.

We will leave the motor home in an RV park and take the truck and trailer on a trip around Florida, at least for the winter months. As the weather warms up throughout the country, we would start traveling to other states to see the many different things that we have always wanted to see.

Now let me tell you about the two of us before, I ask for your help. My wife is 65, and I am 72.

Health problems:

We both have diabetes, back problems ( limits are walking to short walks) high blood pressure; we are both on more medicines, then I even want to talk about. We are both veterans, and use VA regularity for our care. We can also use the military medical care.

Are plans are to stay on the road for a year or more, and us our motor home in Florida as our base of operation? Retuning to it, in the winter months, and any other time if something happens to one of us( health wise) both of us have family in Florida. This is the reason we are going to live out our lives in Florida, after we get that traveling and seeing the world out of our systems, and even then we just might take off for a month or so, to see some thing that some one has got us excited about.

Now what we are looking for is someone, who is in the same situation we are in, but has done what we plan to do. To let us know of the pit falls they had and how they over came them. The biggest pit falls we see is our medications.

We would also like to know from your experience what we just have to go and see in your opinion.

We can be contacted through our email,
So if you have been in this situation. Please contact us. We sure could use your help.


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