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Everything You Want to Know About Golf Travel Bags...And More

Updated on February 20, 2014

Golf Travel Bag for Rent


Dos and Don'ts For Golf Travel Bags

A few quick helpful golf tips when using your golf travel bag for your next golf vacation with the buddies.


  1. Put something bright on the outside of your golf travel bag so you can easily pick yours out in a crowded airport.
  2. Place your business card on the outside and inside of your golf travel cover This business card strategy will help identify your clubs in case they get lost or confused with someone else's.
  3. Use a foldable golf travel bag. A foldable bag allows you to store the golf cover easily when you are playing golf. Your golfing roommates will thank you later.
  4. Wrap an extra towel around the face of your favorite golf driver. That extra cushion will make all the difference when an airline attendant is moving your clubs in a hurry.
  5. Do store extra shoes and dirty laundry in your travel bag. Travel bags are a great hidden location for extra space.
  6. Consider placing a Stiff Arm in the center of your golf bag. What is a Stiff Arm you ask? Bag Boy makes a long metal rod the length of a golf bag that is intend to alleviate pressure on your clubs when traveling.
  7. Only use a golf travel bag that has built in padding that wraps around the tops of your golf clubs. Golf travel bags that don't come with padding are the equivalent of wrapping your bag in tissue paper. They may look nice but are not going to provide much if any protection.
  8. Only Use a Golf Travel Bag that has wheels. You will be potentially be walking long distances in the airport with your clubs. You will want wheels on the bottom of your bag to make these potential walks smoother.


  1. Use an all black golf travel bag. They look like everyone else's. Impossible to quickly find your bag.
  2. Don't purchase a one piece hard shell golf travel bag. While you might be protecting your clubs from every danger, you will have no place to store the cover while you are playing golf. Your travel partners will not appreciate it.These options are overkill, they are the equivalent of iron head covers. Only non golfers use them.
  3. Don't travel without first taking a photo of your golf clubs. This photo will come in handy if something happens to your clubs during flight.
  4. Bring full water bottles and 16 dozen golf balls. The savings you think you are creating is not worth the extra weight and trouble. Trust us your future caddy will thank us.
  5. Fly on an airline that charges you to ship your clubs. Southwest is a perfect solution to this problem as golf clubs fly free here.
  6. Think you can borrow your Dad's old golf travel bag. It is probably from the Carter administration and like President Carter is tired out from all that excessive stress.

Cost Saving Solution: Renting v. Buying

Now you're probably thinking why would someone want to bother with renting a golf travel bag? Isn't it just easier to buy a new golf bag., the number one online rental luggage retailer, cites several fun and smart reasons a person should rent compared to buy:

  • People are able to slash their travel budget -- only paying a fraction to rent compared to purchasing brand new. With this extra savings people can travel longer and enjoy nicer vacations.
  • People no longer have to embarrassingly ask family or friends to borrow a golf travel bag for a trip.
  • You no longer have to fight traffic and crowds to purchase a golf travel bag. Sit back and wait for your rental golf bag come to you.
  • You help the environment. When you rent a bag from us, you are helping to prevent the waste of limited resources.
  • You get to experiment with a new rental luggage service that you will make your life easier.
  • Renting saves valuable closet, garage, or attic space. How many times have you cleaned out an attic, closet or garage and found luggage you used once? With rental luggage you prevent this situation from happening to you again. You can use your new extra closet space for something more exciting.

Rent v. Buy

Would you rather rent or buy a golf travel bag for your next trip?

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New Renting Solution that will save you time, money and headaches

Remember that first joyous moment you received a red Netflix envelope in the mail with your preselected DVD in it? does and wants to bottle that joyous moment and apply it to the golf travel industry. Their mission is to bring the Netflix model of renting and returning items through the mail to the golf travel industry by offering a brand new online luggage service.

Their service allows customers to share the cost of luggage by renting luggage via the web for as little as $19.99 a week. Like Netflix, return shipping is free with every rental, allowing customers an easy way to send the luggage back after their trip. was founded on the unique idea that golfers can share the cost of expensive luggage and enjoy a fun trip at a reduced cost. On average,’s customers are saving $75 per rental compared to what they would spend purchasing a brand new piece of luggage. The company is currently offering such rentable items as golf travel bags and extended travel bags. They carry such brands as Wilson, Bag Boy, and Samsonite. Golf travel accessories such as golf balls are also available for purchase.

The idea for came to co-founder Jay Barry one day while packing up to move apartments. “I was cleaning out my closet and found an expensive golf travel bag I only used once for playing in Ireland and Scotland. It killed my travel budget -- I thought, there had to be a more efficient way," he said." I set out to create the best online rental store that saves golfers money and makes their life easier.” asks golfers to give them a try as they begin to plan for the golf travel season. They are eager to help golfers save time, money, and space.

What It Cost To Purchase a Brand New Golf Travel Bag

Samsonite Black Golf Deluxe Spinner Wheel Travel Cover Case, Black
Samsonite Black Golf Deluxe Spinner Wheel Travel Cover Case, Black

Over $100 to purchase a brand new golf travel bag


Golf Travel Bag Options

What Type of Golf Travel Bag Do You Prefer?

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Structure Types of Golf Travel Bags on the Market Today

1. Hard Case: This case is made of hard plastic that covers all of your golf travel bag. It is the equivalent of putting them in a musical instrument case. If you remember anything from junior high, these types of cases are not easy to carry and you don't look cool doing it. These are generally the most expensive option. These are best used if you are traveling through a war zone. They are an overkill.

2. Soft Case: These types of bags have no hard shell located on any part of them. Many of them are the equivalent of tissue bag laid over your clubs. They are generally the cheapest option and provide little protection for your bag. Their best use is if you are traveling a long distance with your clubs in a car. If you want an airline to break your clubs, use this case.

3. Hybrid Mix: Combination of Hard Case around the heads of your golf clubs but soft paddled areas around the rest of your bag. These types of bags are generally in the middle in the scale of pricing and are new to the golf travel bag market. Personally, I believe these give you the best protection for your buck.

Rentable Golf Travel Bag Option by Rentluggage


What A Great Golf Travel Bag Looks Like

Rentable Golf Travel Bags

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