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The New Zealand Paradise for Hikers

Updated on May 10, 2016

New Zealand with its virgin natural, climatic and landscape diversity is doomed to be a paradise for hikers. On both islands are designed and carefully maintained hiking trails - from world famous (Milford Track, Heaphy Track) to private (Captain Cook's route). Diverse natural conditions, climate zone and varies the length of routes - from several hours to several days. There are complete equipment and tourist expeditions, and camping or tourist lodges. Whatever you choose - coastal or mountain trails, forest paths or wandering around the lakes - the journey will be unforgettable.

North island

  • Volcanoes and tropical forests - hiking trail on the Tongariro National Park with recreation in natural geothermal pools and shimmering visit Waitomo caves.
  • Northern Way - simple coastal walks (without night crossings) include surfing on the dunes, swimming and snorkelling, skiing, off-road vehicle along the 90-mile beach.
  • Coromandel Peninsula - five to seven-hour route through hills Kaueranga Valley (Kauaeranga), the giant kauri trees, the possibility of spending the night in the woods - in the hut or in a tent.
  • Oriental way - beautiful lake Vaykaremoana (Waikaremoana) in unspoilt Yurevera National Park, hiking route of average complexity - 3-4 days, 46 km. On the way - swimming and fishing.
  • Central Plateau - a three-day route along the longest river of Waikato (Waikato) and the largest lake Taupo (Taupo) - lovely coves, volcanic beaches, traces of past volcanic eruptions, swimming and boating.

Hiking New Zealand - South Island

South island

  • Nature of the West Bank. The route runs through the rain forest, glacier Franz Josef, and kayaking on the lakes, including the crossing of the mountain rivers and spend the night under the rock shelters.
  • Mysterious south. Hiking in the area of ​​the Southern Alps, in the National Park Cook; kayak near Milford Sound; stop in the picturesque village of Ketlins (The Catlins), inhabited by yellow-eyed penguins, dolphins and sea lions.
  • Eastern epic. Route near Nelson Lakes Kaurangi and National Parks includes whale watching and sea kayaking trip.
  • Abel Tasman route - the level of difficulty from easy to medium, available all year round - from three to five days (51km) through coastal forests and along the golden beaches.
  • Route hipi. One of the most famous and popular tourist routes, 82 km long, starts alongside a Kolinvud village and ends on the West Coast. Length - 4 to 6 days.
  • Ball Pass Route. The intersection of Mt Cook from the Tasman Glacier to the Hooker Valley, exciting alpine crossing, designed for experienced travelers who have uchastvovashih in long passages on steep and harsh places. (Mountaineering experience is not required). Two nights in a mountain hut Carolina. Group of tourists (maximum - 8 persons) is a professional conductor.
  • Route Rutbern (Routeburn). From the mountains to the fjords Asparing West Coast - from 2 to 3 days (32 km), the route of moderate complexity is very picturesque - Alpine peaks, mountain landscapes, lakes, forests, valleys and waterfalls. The route is very popular in summer (winter and spring, some areas avalanches or impassable, overcoming them requires special training.


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      David 20 months ago

      Yeah I know that. I wish to go there.

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      Rio 20 months ago

      Thanks! Really great for hiking.