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A One Match Show: News and Notes from CMLL Puebla

Updated on November 14, 2017

If you were to look up the term “one match show” on whatever dictionary/thesaurus you have, last night’s CMLL Puebla show would be pictured on the page. Sure we all kind of figured that Negro Casas vs. Volador last night would be the only memorable match, but I at least thought there was potential for some other interesting stuff on the card. As it turns out, NOPE! All we got from the rest of the show was Puma, Tiger and Lestat doing good work while their partners/opponents were hit and miss, a squandered Astro appearance, a severely squandered Lady Maravilla appearance and my notes descending from hopeful optimism to the kind of despair that can only be found in Zack Snyder studio pitches. Not good sports fans. It was so lame of a show that I decided not to post my notes last night because sleep was just that much more important. Sadly I can’t sleep forever so you’re getting the notes now. Remember; this show wasn’t very good and bored me to tears, so please don’t think less of me as you read everything. Moses, would you kindly meme our good readers?

Mini Joker & Sombra Diabólika defeated Astro & Meyer two falls to one

-Just tweeted out about how I hoped to stay awake till Volador-Casas came on. Only problem; I put asleep instead of awake. I’m leaving it there as a reminder that I’m a huge doofus.

-Meyer and Joker are starting. Shame; was really jonesing to see Astro and Joker creating Harry Potter style magic. Oh yeah; I’ve been re-reading the Harry Potter books the past week. There may be a lot of references in this.


-Hello mat work my old friend…I wish you’d go away again…

-Not only was that sequence a bad idea because it hid Astro’s strengths, it was a bad idea because he and Sombra had the chemistry of Jamie Doran and Dakota Johnson. Yikes that was sloppy.

-Meyer just rolled Joker into an arm bar style submission while Astro nails Sombra with a sitout pop up powerbomb. Astro just went full Kevin Owens! Fall one to the technicos. Like Legends of the Fall, it was okay.

-Astro and Joker start fall two. Thank Grodd.

-Immediately Astro looks better than he did in fall one, taking down Joker with a rana and a headscissors. He then hits a great, Fenix style rope bouncing arm drag on Sombra before the rudo goes into no sell mode and ruins everything. Seriously; you’ll know what I mean if you saw that kick he sold.

-Meyer now doing work…or he was till he got kicked in the face. He’s escaping the double team for now though, so we don’t have to worry about any beat downs just yet.


-Double jumping arm drags from the ring to the floor by the technicos. Sadly they don’t get the moonsaults off, and are instead hit with the worst backbreakers…ever. Kit Harrington in Pompeii wasn’t as bad.

-I was looking up how to spell Pompeii and missed the end of the fall. Needless to say the rudos won. Lame. At least things picked up thanks to a good effort from Astro and Meyer.

-Joker and Sombra try a cool double team, only it winds up being an okay double team. Such is life I suppose.

-Now they’re doing a bit better.

-A technico comeback already?!

-Yup. Meyer sends Sombra to the floor and pancakes Joker for a fall that Sombra just saves. The rudo then plants Meyer with a spinebuster that Astro has to break up. Good to know we’ve reached this part of the match.


-Sombra just tapped Meyer with an arm bar. It was lame. Astro comes off the ropes with a dropkick, then gets dropped immediately by Joker and but in a low Abdominal Stretch. Rudos win. Talk about a waste of time. Astro had some moments and I momentarily thought Meyer was trying, but it wasn’t enough to make this worthwhile. I may be going to sleep early sports fans.

Arkángel de la Muerte, Nitro, Sangre Azteca defeated Arkalis, Black Tiger, Tigre Rojo Jr. two falls to one

-I have given a name to my pain; and it’s this match.


-If this match isn’t the most boring of the year, I will eat the DVD case of Pompeii I have right next to me.

-Apparently Triple H just inexplicably replaced Jason Jordan in this Sunday’s Survivor Series. Say what you will about CMLL and this match right now, but at least there’s a limit to the shit, whereas WWE will just have you drown in it.

-Stuff is happening and I don’t care.

-When Sangre Azteca is the best rudo in the match.

-Technicos take fall one after Rojo hits a nice moonsault on Arkángel, followed by Arkalis tapping out Nitro with a leg lock. If only this was the finish to the third fall. Nothing important happened in this fall, unless you’re a fan of slow, plodding wrestling.

-This is…

-This is…


-Poor Tigre Rojo deserves better than this. Arkalis would too if he didn’t take twelve million years just to do a back flip off the top. Somewhere Soberano is throwing a glass bottle at the TV in shame.

-THAT’S MORE LIKE IT! Nice springboard arm drag by Arkalis. Sadly his newfound confidence will join him on the apron so Black Tiger and Azteca can put us to sleep.

-And the rudos have gained control and are doing shitty triple teams. Why do you hate us so Paco/Puebla booker?

-An Azzzteca double stomp to the ass ends Arkalis, while Arkángel submits Black Tiger. We’re tied, this sucks, and I totally meant to spell Azteca’s name Azzzteca because he has me on the verge of dreaming about me vacationing with Lady Maravilla.


-Oh hey; the technicos have made a comeback. Hold on; let me find my fuck to give!

-Rudos just got off the worst triple pin attempt in the history of the western hemisphere. The technicos recovered, sent the rudos outside…all so they could do A TRIPLE FAKEOUT DIVE SPOT! I haven’t been this mad since Harry dumped Ginny at the end of Half-Blood Prince.

-Azzzteca pins Arkalis, Nitro pins Rojo. Rudos win. Thank Grodd it’s over. May we forever go past this match and never speak of it again.

Lady Maravilla & La Vaquerita defeated Dalys & Reyna Isis two falls to one


-Does the Reyna Isis comeback tour continue here? I heard she was good again on the Monday show I missed because I was stuck in the boonies with no power.

-Reyna and Vaquerita start off. Why not put Reyna with Maravilla? Why do I both to question anything CMLL does anymore?

-Now Dalys and Vaquerita. It’s one thing to deprive me of Reyna-Maravilla CMLL; it’s another to not put Maravilla in the ring at all! I’m already having a tough enough time staying awake for this show as is you know.


-See Sexy Star; that’s how you do a safe and sound arm bar!

-Reyna is in and Maravilla is getting double teamed. This has been slower than the ship in Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

-Dalys pins Vaquerita after an AA. Reyna plants Maravilla in perfect position for a Vader Bomb and nails it. 1-0 rudas. Absolutely nothing to this fall; the rudas dominated throughout and unfortunately it was Dalys doing the dominating. Combine that with CMLL partnering the luchadoras up completely wrong and we have a long road to go before this becomes good.

-Fall two begins with more ruda double teaming, with Reyna showing a brief glimpse of her improvement while Dalys continues to control most of the action.

-FINALLY A COMEBACK! Vaquerita kicks Dalys several times and gets a pin, while Maravilla turns into Octagón, hits a Russian Leg Sweep and taps out Reyna with a distant cousin of La Escalera. We’re tied. Can we just do Reyna-Maravilla, Zeuxis-Maravilla or anything else next time?

-Ah the Maravilla bridge out of a pin. I’m swooning again!

-It’s not even funny how much better Maravilla looks than everyone in this match. You can just tell from the movement and pace she works with; it’s actually fast, unlike the snails everyone else is emulating.


-On second thought, keep her on offense. That’s far better than Vaquerita doing anything.

-Reyna is in and hitting some decent running headbutts.

-I think that’s the first time Vaquerita has ever done a Shotgun Dropkick that didn’t suck. It actually looked like it hit Reyna too! Progress.

-You know how this match was lame aside from brief moments of Maravilla getting to do stuff? Guess what; it just got lamer as Reyna and Dalys were DQ’d for…hitting their opponents too hard. Holy shit was that bad. I think it may have even made the first two matches look like works of art. There was no flow, the pace was all over the place, the best worker (Maravilla) got nothing to do, the luchadora who needs the most work (Reyna) got nothing to do and the match was inexplicably controlled by Dalys because…fuck if I know. The point is, this sucked and can we just move on already?

El Malayo, Puma, Tiger defeated Johnny Idol, Lestat, Rey Cometa two falls to one

-If this match doesn’t deliver then Volador-Casas better be the best match of the year. I will consider anything else a disappointment in the wake of all this other shit.

-Cometa and Puma are captains. As it should be.

-After Idol and Malayo did very little, Lestat and Puma come in and do the best mat work of the night, mainly because it was faster than one mile per hour. I just realized how big an opportunity this was for Lestat by the by; not every day he gets to work with dudes like Tiger and Puma.

-Very nice stuff from Cometa with Tiger. What else is new?

-WHAT! A! SUPERKICK BY TIGER! Good thing Cometa just got that ROH money so he can replace his teeth.

-Cometa is at a three on one disadvantage. Never good when Puma and Tiger are involved. Luckily Lestat and Idol make the save and it’s now even.

-Malayo kicks Idol to the floor, then walks into a Lestat backbreaker. Lestat hits the ropes, but gets pulled down by Puma and Tiger, then kicked by Malayo.

-Lestat is prone…nice elbow by Malayo! They roll Lestat out and go after Idol, who slides out of the ring and lures Puma into a Cometa suicide dive! Nice sequence. In the ring Lestat connects with a Swanton on Malayo while Idol hits Tiger with a Lionsault. 1-0 technicos. The first bit of good wrestling on this show! Nothing earth shattering, but the sequences were put together well and the action was solid. May it continue.

-Lestat and Malayo start, with Malayo unfortunately reverting back to being clumsy while on offense. Luckily Lestat is still game, and he hits a nice rana to send Malayo to the floor before tagging Idol in to face Puma.

-Idol doing his best CM Punk right now on Puma. Tiger comes in to help and gets kicked in the face. All Idol, all the time right now.

-COMETA TIME! Tiger comes to meet him, and takes advantage with a kick.

-Puma and Tiger drop Cometa face first onto the mat and superkick him. The tide has officially turned and HERE COMES THE DOUBLE TEAMS!

-THAT SWEET TIGER TORNADO DDT! He nails it perfectly and puts away Idol, while Malayo taps out Lestat. We’re tied. This isn’t quite good, but it’s more than passable after what we saw earlier in the show. If Puma and Tiger can get going in fall three, this could have a shot.

-Puma toying with Idol to start fall three while Tiger is slamming Lestat on the ramp.

-THE DOUBLE TEAMS DUKE! THE DOUBLE TEAMS...wait what just happened?

-Cometa is leading the comeback.

-Triple dive? TRIPLE DIVE!

-Puma and Idol back in. Puma eats a corner knee, then a release Suplex for a near fall. Puma recovers quickly, gets Idol up and hits a Gordbuster. Cometa breaks it up.

-Cometa and Malayo going at it. They trade corner clotheslines before Cometa nails a superkick. Enter Tiger to break that up. Tiger then distracts Cometa, a lot of sloppy stuff happens and Lestat comes in to send Malayo packing (thank Grodd).

-Lestat and Tiger go at it, with Lestat hitting a springboard turning leg drop for a near fall. He kicks Tiger hard in the chest…but is caught and nailed with a powerbomb! Idol with the save. Lot of saves in this match.

-Idol for the Lionsault…Tiger gets the feet up. He then walks into a Lestat superkick. Lestat sends Malayo to the floor and THAT’S AN ASAI MOONSAULT FROM LESTAT!

-Puma and Cometa in. Cometa tries for a Code Red, but Puma rolls out, dead lifts Cometa up and plants him with a sitout powerbomb. The rudos take the best match of the night…which isn’t saying much but still. Malayo and Idol weren’t the best in this match largely thanks to sloppiness and timing issues, but Puma, Tiger and Cometa did well and Lestat was very good against better competition than he’s used to. A solid match, which on this show may as well mean Punk-Cena Money in the Bank 2011.

Diamante Azul, Marco Corleone, Valiente defeated Rey Apocalipsis, Sam Adonis, Terrible two falls to one


-Holy fuck it is; Rey Apocalipsis is in the semi-main event. AND SO IS SAM ADONIS! SALVATION AT LAST!

-So yeah; this match has improved big time. Or at the very least has gotten more interesting because we now get to see what Apocalipsis can do in a decent spot.

-Rey Apocalipsis is starting this match off with Valiente and hey, they do some pretty good mat work. If Rey somehow gets a push from this, should he send Shocker a fruit basket? And can you send fruit baskets to people in prison?

-Diamante Azul vs. Sam Adonis. OH BOY! Sam ducks out before things can get too serious though.

-Sam just tried to sneak attack Diamante Azul, only for Marco to sneak attack him! Everybody brawling!

-And the rudo beat down is on.

-Valiente is pinned after Sam nails the Nail in the Coffin. The rudos gang up on Azul, and Terrible pins him after two clotheslines. 1-0 rudos. Not much of a fall to my chagrin; I barely even did any notes! Maybe we’ll get more Rey Apocalipsis in fall two?

-All rudo triple teaming to start fall two. Did that sentence even make sense? Am I losing my mind? IS IT BOTH?!

-Here comes the comeback with a Diamante Azul spear.

-Valiente takes Apocalipsis to the ramp while Azul starts choking Sam with the Trump Flag. He then proceeds to rifle the flag into the thirtieth, row, the Monkey Flips Apocalipsis so hard the rudo is forced to roll to the floor, where Valiente meets him with a suicide dive. Marco takes advantage of all this chaos and rolls up Terrible for the pin, tying the match. Welp, at least it’s better than the first three matches!

-HOLY SHIT SAM NEARLY GOT INTO A FIGHT WITH A FAN! Security was moving forward and everything before Valiente prevented things with a slap. Terrible is in fact still laughing about it as I type!

-Valiente and Sam are doing good lucha. Sam rolls out and Valiente is now taking it to Apocalipsis, who proceeds to eat two more Monkey Flips from Valiente and Diamante Azul. Tough night for Rey Apocalipsis.

-Azul and Sam to go at it.


-Diamante back in it quick and kicks Terrible to the floor. Azul teases a dive, but Terrible moves so Diamante does a taunt instead. Enter Marco and…Terrible. I guess he wanted in quickly.

-Rudo triple team is on again. But how long will it last for?

-Less than a minute. Marco is teeing off on Sam and Apocalipsis, all leading towards his top rope crossbody. This is paint by the numbers stuff.

-Azul gets Sam in a Torture Rack style submission while Valiente tries to put Apocalipsis in a pretzel…only Pompin is an idiot and counts Apocalipsis’ shoulders down to end the match. Was Apocalipsis even the captain? Who knows and who cares; this was a by the book match with very little excitement outside of Azul chucking Sam’s flag. Poor Apocalipsis got next to nothing to do in a big spot, though he can at least say he wasn’t the only one; no one in this match had a chance to do much of anything. Sorry Apocalipsis!

NWA World Historic Welterweight Championship Match

Volador Jr. (c) defeated Negro Casas two falls to one

-Volador comes out looking like a G.I. Joe. Valiente is his second while Dalys is Casas’. About time Dalys returned the favor for her husband!


-To the shock of no one these two are starting on the mat. Casas had a waste lock on before Volador transitions into a leg lock. Casas gets out and they get back and forth for a second before Volador gets the veteran in an Abdominal Stretch.

-Volador had Casas in the Billy Goat’s Curse before Casas rolled into a pin attempt for a near fall. It’s a stalemate. Crowd isn’t into it yet but this has been far better work than from earlier.

-Volador went for some Shoulder Block’s bust just bounced off Casas. Volador hits the ropes again but is taken down via Spinebuster and put into the Sharpshooter. You know what comes next. Casas is up 1-0 after a solid start. They’ll need more excitement to keep the crowd in it though.

-Fall two; fight!

-Casas hits the ropes, Volador dodges at first but then gets leveled with a clothesline for a near fall. Volador hits the ropes, hits a rana, THEN GETS HIT WITH A CASAS RANA! That’s like the first time Casas has done that and the guy hasn’t rolled out! Volador recovers quickly though with superkick followed by a bridging roll up and by a fluke we are tied. This gets points for Casas hitting the hurricanrana; besides that it was very quick.

-Time for fall three! Will Volador retain? Will Casas add another title to his mantle? Find out…TODAY!

-Volador turns on the jets, but Casas answers with a kick. He then makes the mistake of going up top, leading to Volador pushing Casas off and nailing a suicide dive to the floor.

-Casas is somehow in first. Valiente and Dalys are working hard on the floor to rally the crowd. Volador hits an apron kick, goes up top and nails Casas with a crossbody. His rana roll up is countered though and WHOA that was close. Casas just missed getting the pin.

-Casas with another roll up…Volador just out again. They’ve timed those pins very well.

-Volador with a Vertebreaker style submission! Casas gets out, Volador blocks a roll up, looks like he’s going for the JML (holy shit!) before Casas counters and rolls him up for a really, REALLY close near fall. We’re hitting the good part fans.

-Volador is tossed to the floor and Casas nails a running senton off the apron!

-It takes a bit but both guys make their way back to the ring.

-CODE RED BY CASAS! Volador barely escapes again. The near falls have been tremendous in this match.

-Volador trying to rally…has Casas prone…CASAS JUST WENT BILLY KIDMAN ON HIS ASS, reversing out of a powerbomb with a facebuster. Casas then hits a beauty of a Code Red, with Volador just escaping again. The story has been Casas controlling the action, getting oh so close and just missing.

-Volador gets the knees up on a Casas dive, then gets a near fall. Casas is prone on the mat, so Volador goes up top for what looks like a moonsault attempt…or not. He simply decides to pin Casas instead. Now he goes up for the moonsault, nearly falls off and instead eats a boot to the face. Casas gets La Casita…again Volador kicks out! Volador has more lives than Michelle Pfeiffer in Batman Returns during this match.

-ROMERO SPECIAL! Volador breaks free…AND GETS HIS OWN ROMERO SPECIAL LOCKED IN! Both men’s shoulders wind up on the mat and both just escape at the last second.

-LA CASITA TAKE TWO! Volador gets out again, and quickly responds with the backbreaker and superkick combo. That will do it; Casas stays down for the three and Volador successfully defends the NWA Welterweight belt for the 9,002nd time. Very, VERY good match, in a much different way than their hair match was last year. Not a lot of flash, but expertly worked, with a lot of drama on the near falls and some great technical wrestling. Exactly what you’d expect from these two, with the exception of an apron powerbomb. Strong end to a show that should otherwise be forgotten in its entirety.

That’s it sports fans. I’ll see you tonight (hopefully) after CMLL’s Tuesday Show. Till then, THIS!

Not sure if young Scott Steiner or young Dave Meltzer
Not sure if young Scott Steiner or young Dave Meltzer

Please change disks to continue...

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