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Nia Jax and Alexa Bliss - How Bullying Led To Triumph

Updated on May 23, 2019
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Former Los Angeles Lakers beat writer, future screenwriter, and currently enjoy writing about the amazing superstars of the WWE!

When it comes to bullying, it has unfortunately been a constant issue in many areas around the world. People every single day get verbally thrashed by certain words from others that affect their mental stability, bringing their confidence down to a level that make them feel horrible about themselves.

Last year at WrestleMania 34, the entire WWE Universe witnessed the culmination of a very important story that was told by Nia Jax and Alexa Bliss.

Nia and Alexa seemed like they had such an unbreakable bond when we all watched them each week on Monday Night Raw, even saying that they loved each other. However, a shocking turn of events happened as Alexa unknowingly told the world how she was just using Nia to rise to the top of the Women's division in WWE.

That segment on Raw saw Alexa and Mickie James backstage using appalling words to describe The Irresistible Force, breaking the hearts of many in the WWE Universe as they all noticed the look of surprise and betrayal on Nia's face. The backstabbing from a close friend who you trusted, who you respected, and who you loved can hurt you more mentally than just about anything.

As fans around the world assembled behind Nia Jax during this build-up towards WrestleMania, you can't help but wonder just how many human beings have been in her shoes and have gone through similar situations. The amount of hate and constant criticisms, the teasing, the bullying, the torment that people go through on a daily basis, can all add up in a person's mind and cause them to feel undeserving of this life.

What this story-line between Jax and Bliss ultimately did was show people who go through bullying and go through those constant criticisms that not only are they not alone, but that they can confidently stand up and say "I am me and I am proud of who I am."

Nia Jax displayed the confidence that young boys and girls who look up to her need to have. She taught them how to understand that being yourself is all you need to be, regardless of what others think. She let those people realize that it's not important for those haters to like you, it's important that you love and have respect for yourself.

The Moment Of Triumph

After weeks and weeks of belittling and verbal abuse from Bliss, it was time for the Raw Women's Championship to be put on the line on the grandest stage of them all, WrestleMania. The look on Nia's face as she made a beeline towards the squared circle was extremely telling as you just KNEW what her intentions were that night.

As soon as she got the opportunity to, she took Mickie James out to ensure that there would be zero distractions and it would just be one-on-one. The priceless look on Alexa's face during that time continued to tell the story, as we were all about to witness Nia finally getting her ultimate revenge on her former best friend who had betrayed her.

The craftiness of The Goddess made it difficult for Nia in certain parts of the match as it seemed that Bliss had taken complete control after working on the leg of Nia and hitting her patented DDT. However, a specific moment happened where Alexa thought she had Nia right where she wanted her and began taunting Jax while slapping her in the face....

BIG mistake.

The emotions started to run through Nia Jax. The anger, the rage, all the negative feelings she's felt over the course of the weeks of being insulted by Alexa finally all emerged in one moment. She then took Alexa to the top rope and delivered the most devastating Samoan Drop I have ever seen. Seconds later, she pinned her former best friend who turned her back on her, who manipulated her, who non-stop made disparaging remarks about her looks, and became the NEW Raw Women's Champion.

As the millions and millions of fans around the world watched on, Nia Jax stood on the stage in triumph, holding the championship high above her head and silencing all the people who told her that it would NEVER happen.

In that very moment, it was her way of showing those who get bullied, who get tormented on a daily basis, and who feel like they aren't enough, that all you need to do is build the confidence within yourself and your dream can come true...

Jonathan Coachman said it best on commentary as he praised Nia's victory:

"This is for anyone who has ever been bullied, for anybody that’s been called a rotten name, for anybody who’s not felt good about themselves, for anybody that’s ever been body shamed, for anybody that’s been told they’re not good enough."

This entire build-up towards this monumental moment for Nia Jax presented us all with an important message. Don't ever be afraid of being different, don't think that you're not good enough to be the person you want to be, and don't let other people dictate who you are and what you're about. YOU define YOU.

The struggles that some people out there go through in their lives is never something to be exploited by others. We need to try more uplifting as opposed to breaking each other down. The world can be such a vile and disturbing place, but it's up to us as human beings to modify that fact, start respecting one another, and, little by little, we can ultimately change the world.

It's no secret that mental health is a HUGE problem in today's society, as some people are going through things that are beyond our recognition. Young children are succumbed to this issue more so than ever before and suicide rates continue to be at an all-time high because of it.

It's up to us all as members of society to stop the mayhem of bullying and start inspiring one other. Everybody is created differently for a reason. We all have different bodies and different personalities that showcase ourselves as special and unique. We all have dreams and goals we want to accomplish. We all want to be respected, and loved, and admired. If we all have those similar desires, then why are some trying to bring other people down? Because they look different? Talk different? Think different? Isn't it the point of living on this earth that we're all distinctive from one another? We need to EMBRACE the fact that we're different instead of seeing it as a drawback.


This WrestleMania build-up from last year between these two women was one of the most important and powerful messages the WWE has ever sent out to fans.

Thank you, Nia Jax and Alexa Bliss, for presenting such an authentic story that I'm sure changed the lives of many watching it. You both did a phenomenal job displaying both sides of the coin and executed them both perfectly. When it all culminated with Nia's victory, it was one of the greatest endings of a story-line I've ever been able to witness. I really hope that it helped people out there that needed guidance and support.. Well done and much respect to you both!

Stop the bullying, stop the hatred, start respecting.


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