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Nick Powell (Clips of his best Goals)

Updated on December 22, 2012


Name: Nick Powell
Position: Midfielder/striker
Date of Birth: 23/03/1994
Former Club: Crewe Alexandra (64 appearances, 16 goals)
Club Honours: 2011/12 League Two Playoff winner
International Honours: 2010 Victory Shield (England U16s)

Powells first United goal

Sir Alex Ferguson and Mike Phelan made a personal check on the 18-year-old in May, watching him in action against Aldershot Town. Clearly they liked what they saw and contacted the club just days after to arrange a deal. His crewe mentor Dario Gradi speaks very highly of Alex Ferguson and how decisive he was as to whether to buy him. There was other clubs interested but both club player and manager seemed to have only one intention.

The deal is believed to be around 4 million pound and around 2.7 million of that is upfront payment, with the rest probably tied up in installments or appearance bonuses.

Dario Gradi can rest easy that his young prodigy has gone to good hands and wont be left to rot on the sub bench of a spoilt mega rich team who only want all players to themselves. Manchester United has a long history of taking young players with potential and turning them into superstars of World Football.

This kid has bags of confidence and the ability to do the spectacular, we could be looking at a real player here, he has already been capped for England under 16/17 and 18's and who knows, he is English which means we could be seeing him representing the country in the next tournament if the likes of Phil Jones and Wayne Rooney are anything to go by.

Powell joins Shinji Kagawa in the summer transfer list and dont be suprised if he isnt the last. Fergie has a history of replacing whole sections of his teams after a season of failure and dont think that this is something he just started doing now at the end of the season, this is something hes been planning and researching all season in anticipation of loosing the title to bitter rivals Manchester City. They say that defeat only makes you stronger and this is certainly the case With Sir Alex, he is forever rejuvenated after defeat and full of desire to come back the year after and forge a squad which will dominate for years to come. The question is, which players will he get rid of? Hes sold big names before, Beckham and Nistelrooy spring to mind or perhaps they're simply replacements for the aging Giggs and Scholes and the offloading of Dimitar Berbatov.


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    • CCahill profile image

      CCahill 5 years ago from England

      Powell's first Manchester United goal video added!

    • profile image

      Abdulazeez m Bello 5 years ago

      Like this payer because is tallent and very good Medfielder/skriker manchester those not have good the only problem that you have is medfied,nick is very good medfieder i watch him play in england un16/17 play and he play very will

    • CCahill profile image

      CCahill 5 years ago from England

      Whaaat nooooo! i would never single one team out ;)

      Im just glad the new signing is an English one, is good for the game

    • Ben Cawley profile image

      Ben Cawley 5 years ago from Halifax, England.

      "wont be left to rot on the sub bench of a spoilt mega rich team who only want all players to themselves" hahahahaha, i wonder who this is directed at, City maybe :P The youngster does look like a bright prospect tho for sure