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Night Fishing Tips and Secrets

Updated on November 20, 2017
22lb Mirror carp
22lb Mirror carp

Night Fishing Tips and Secrets

If you are a keen angler that really enjoys fishing for big fish; the chances are that you will do a spot of night fishing here or there, or at least probably have done in the past. Perhaps some of you have never attempted night fishing before and you are curious to do so...

Fishing at night does not necessarily produce the same results as in the day time with the same methods,but at the same time, the right methods can also be deadly.. so i have made this page to share some of my personal tips and ideas when it comes to night fishing.

1) Bigger Fish seem to respond very well to float fishing in the night. You might think what is the difference? Fish do not always compete for food quite so much in the middle of the night so they will be more fussy when it comes to feeding. The lighter tackle used from float fishing can give you an advantage.

2) Get glow in the dark sticks and apply to your float otherwise you will never know when you get a bite!

3) If you are night fishing in the summer months then it is always a good idea to put a bait in the margins. The water is warmer in the summer months so the fish will come into the shallower areas and tuck up close against margins and islands. This is where a fish will also find more sources of natural food so it will feed more confidently there.

4) It will always be colder than you think when you go night fishing. Even if the weather shows it will be 20:c that night, you can still pretty much guarentee that you will get cold. This is because the water is colder than the outside temperature and everywhere around the lake feels very sharp cold. Be sure to take warm clothes. It is important to be comfortable.

5) Sometimes using a method feeder (especially in the margin) at night time can really get the fish going as the smell will attract them towards your bait.

6) Once you have the perfect cast, Tie a fine flourescent piece of string to your line so that you can clip your line each time you cast so that you know how far you are casting in the night.

7) Before darkness comes be sure to bait up the area. This will be your last chance to get precision baiting (unless pva bagging or method feeding). I usually bait the area well before dark and usually find better results later in the night for my efforts.

8) Take a good torch and it is also a good idea to get a head lamp. It can be very frustrating if you cannot see what you are doing throughout the night.

9) You will normally find that Catfish are much more responsive at night time, so it is a good time to target them.

10) I find at all lakes similar times seem to produce the most fish. Maybe this is coincidence, but my lucky times seem to be 10pm-12am. 4-5am. Therefore try to get a fresh bait out 10 minutes before these times. I do it every time without fail and it has improved my catch sucess.

There are some excellent links at the top and bottom of this page that i have added. Visiting more and more sites and getting more and more tips can only improve your chances of catching... right?


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