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No Ride Day: the Magic Kingdom

Updated on January 11, 2016

Why a No Ride Day?

In most cases vacations to Walt Disney World are planed and booked months in advanced. Some families save for years to make sure they can give their kids this special rite of passage experience. Sometime life happens. I know I have been on the receiving end of unexpected emergency surgery. My mom has had the bad luck of a car accident a few weeks before a vacation. There are members of my family that can't ride some rides due to medical conditions, age, or height. So, if you are still finically able to go to Disney World and have the ability to get there safely do you cancel your trip because something unexpected happens? You don't have to. There is a lot to do at the parks beside the rides. Yes, I know the rides are really dun. And yes, I know that some of these ideas are iconic. But, just think of everything you can enjoy without having to wait in line for a different ride every two hours.

Maybe you are a Florida resident and are looking for a relaxing day filled with Disney magic. Maybe you just don't like theme park rides. Or perhaps you just don't feel like riding anything today. There is nothing wrong with of these reasons. You are not wasting your money by not riding rides.

If you have found yourself at the Magic Kingdom for a no-ride-day you are in luck! There is so much to do. Food. Shows. Live entertainment. And to top it all off you are at the Magic Kingdom. There is so much history here it is easy to make your own fun.

The Magic Kingdom

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A rose from the rose garden near Cinderella CastleRoses in the rose gardenThe wishing well just behind Cinderella Castle
A rose from the rose garden near Cinderella Castle
A rose from the rose garden near Cinderella Castle
Roses in the rose garden
Roses in the rose garden
The wishing well just behind Cinderella Castle
The wishing well just behind Cinderella Castle

The Shows

Do you know what one of my favorite no ride things is at the Magic Kingdom? Dole whip. That's right I said it. I would consider a trip down to Florida, that's a 12 hours drive for me, just for some dole whip. If you love ice cream and pineapple you need to try this. For those that are unsure if they will enjoy the epicness that this straight dole whip you can get it swirled with vanilla idea cream, it makes the flavor a little less intense. Or for those of you on the extreme end of the spectrum try the dole whip float. There is nothing better than grabbing a dole whip and watching the Enchanted Tiki Room. I'm not a huge fan of the Tiki Room but give me a dole whip and I'm a happy girl. It just makes the whole thing so much more magical.

Speaking of the shows you have got to head over to Tomorrowland and hit the laugh floor. This is a live comedy show. Guests actually are able to talk with the animated characters on the screen. The jokes are family friendly and clean and I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard. The timing is just unreal. There was one time we saw the show near park closing and we were exhausted. Well, my father was wearing a goofy hat, and he was selected to be 'that guy'. 'That guy' is pretty much the butt of every joke.

While we are on the topic of stage shows why not see the Country Bear Jamboree? I have personally never seen this show as the only reason I typically go to that part of the park is for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. However, if I ever found myself at the Magic Kingdom on a rainy day I would totally give this show a shot. I have several friends that don't consider their day at the Magic Kingdom complete without watching this show.

My Dad's favorite show is the Hall of Presidents. It's kind of hard to believe that this show has been running since the 1970s. There is a lot of American history in this show. That and its air conditioned so it's a great way to get out of the hot Florida sunshine or that 3pm thunderstorm.

Did You Know?

  • You can actually get a haircut at the barbershop on Main street
  • You can get pins for special occasions; birthdays, anniversaries, family gatherings, engagements, weddings and so on
  • There is a formal flag retirement ceremony at the end of every day
  • You can smell the popcorn before you even get to Main Street
  • You can get freshly made confections from the bakery
  • You can take a horse drawn trolley from one end to another

For the Kids

Have children that are too small for the rides? No problem! There are so many opportunities for character meet and greets. Nearly all of their favorite characters are sure to be there. You can even get a fastpass for your favorites, like the princesses and Mickey Mouse. Make a game out of it. How many characters can you see before the park closes?

Go on a scavenger hunt! Do you know how many hidden Mickey's there are in the Magic Kingdom? Well, you are going to have to find them yourself. Do you know where the stake that marks the middle of the park is? I do. Can you find all of the hidden details outside of the Haunted Mansion? The Disney imaginers put so much time and effort into making sure guests feel like they are in wherever place they have set the attraction. There is a creepy soundtrack outside the Haunted Mansion. The Liberty Square section looks like something out of a history book.

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Some of the native wildlife that can be found at the Disney parksOne of my favorite photopass pictures
Some of the native wildlife that can be found at the Disney parks
Some of the native wildlife that can be found at the Disney parks
One of my favorite photopass pictures
One of my favorite photopass pictures

What is your favorite part of the Disney parks?

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I am a big fan of the Disney photopass system. If you buy the CD before you go its around $150 and you get ALL of the pictures that the photopass photographers take. I'm of the mindset of, if you are paying for it get the most out of it. Find as many photographers as you can. Ask them about the photoshopped props and characters. One of my favorite pictures is with the balloons. The photographer had my little brother jump into the air and had me hold onto him. It looks like he is being carried away. Though, the picture of us holding balloons in front of the castle is a close second.

There are photopass photographers all over the park. Literally. These people need something to do. Help them with their job security.

One of my Favorite Fireworks Videos, from the 4th of July Celebration

Other Things to Do

  • Take a look at the local wildlife. There is a whole lot more than ducks, though don't get your hopes up for finding an alligator
  • People watching is always fun.
  • Take a look at all the gift shops. There is a shop that sells glass decorations that are made on-site right in front of guests.
  • Find the perfect spot to watch Wishes. Trust me, where you watch can make a difference.
  • Sample the different food. There is a so much more than just burgers and fries
  • Talk to the cast members. Most of them have lots of stories and Disney trivia to share
  • Take the behind the scenes tour. Its eye opening, and a truly magical experience.
  • Enjoy all the parades and live entertainment.
  • Ride the horse drawn carriage down Main St.


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