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No golf course in home town? No problem

Updated on August 20, 2009
inflatable golf range
inflatable golf range

So you live in a developing country or have a developing home town :) and have no golf course or not even a frigging driving range. But you want to learn and play golf. So, how do you that right?

Well, it is easier than you might think. Since you are not a golf pro, you won't need a correct size golf course. Anything resembling a driving range should suffice to start with. 150 meters long and 10-20 meters in width is good enough for a starting out golfer. If you want to learn how to play golf, in terms of rules and overall "how to", I suggest playing a golf game on your favorite console or PC. Tiger woods golf game by EA is pretty good.

The first thing you need of course, is to purchase one or two golf clubs and some golf balls. If the golf balls are too expensive where you live, just purchase one or two and then you can walk after them after your hits. If they are cheap, buy 20-40 of them and you can hit all of them and then collect afterward. In that case, I suggest red color golf balls, because they are easier to find. For the club, you can purchase a 6 iron or a 7 iron. You should also buy a driver or a 3 wood. In short, two clubs should be enough for you to practice.

The second thing you need to do is to find that field I outlined above. This could be any grass or dirt field as outlined below. You don't need a hole, you can just practice your shots to see if they are straight. You can of course, try to get longer shots.

  1. Any field not used by farmers would be good.
  2. If you happen to live in a rural area, grazing cattle, sheep or goats is a good indication of a nice golf playing area :)
  3. A soccer field, if you can get into, would be great. Normal size soccer fields have around 90-120 meters length and plenty width. You can start from the penalty point and try to count how many shots you need to get the ball to the other penalty circle. You can even make a game out of it with your buddy, girlfriend/boyfriend or wife/husband. Its really fun! If the soccer field has artificial grass, that's perfect because you cannot hurt that grass.
  4. If you happen to get a field with a uphill obstacle, you can hit the balls and since they will hit the uphill obstacle, you can get them back in no time, getting as much shots as you want for practice.
  5. Try to drive to a golf club in a nearby town. I once drove over three hours to get to a driving range. One hour of a class makes a significant difference. You can figure out the rest yourself.
  6. If you can get a file type of thing built, you can get into it start hitting some balls. You can make this type of thing in your own yard using cheap curtains or fly catchers, screens or whatever. Anything that will absorb the pressure and hold the golf balls will do. Basically, make a room around you with some fabric and start hitting :)
  7. To get some idea as to how to hit the ball properly, watch some youtube videos, just type golf and you will get some free lessons.

Build a golf net or golf cage

If you want, you can purchase an inflatable Golf Driving Range. The ones with the special radar that lets you know how far your ball would go are great but also expensive. Just type "golf net" or "golf cage" in Google search box and look at the images that comes up. You can either buy something like that, or you can even make one yourself.

To build one for yourself, just get a fly catcher or something with a net, similar to table tennis nets, and use it to build a cage like structure. You can build the cage using wood or iron, then use the net to cover the areas in between. Then you can get in the cage and hit your golf ball freely, without worrying about hitting your wife's china :) Looking at the golf cage pictures on the internet should give you an idea.

Alternatively, you can buy a tent, you know, those for camping, and start hitting the ball right at the tent door :)


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