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Novak Djokovic Gives Advice to the New Generation

Updated on January 19, 2020
Djokovic looking for his eighth title in Australia (AFP)
Djokovic looking for his eighth title in Australia (AFP)

World number two Serbian Novak Djokovic saw that new generation tennis players need mental "maturity" in order to achieve titles in the major leagues, on the eve of the Australian Open, the first Grand Slam tournament for this season. (The tournament kicked off at dawn today.)

The Serbian is preparing to defend his title in Melbourne, where he is looking for an eighth title to boost his record, in a season in which the question is being asked about the ability of the new generation players to break Djokovic's dominance, ranked first in Spain, Rafael Nadal and Swiss Roger Federer on the Grand Slam titles. The three have won a total of 55 major titles, and have dominated them in recent years, But they face increasing competition from young men such as Russian Daniel Medvedev, Austrian Dominique Tim and Greek Stefanos Tsitsipas.
In statements yesterday, Sunday, Dickovich reiterated his confidence that players such as these are able to win the title of Grand Slam, especially after their performance last year, as Medvedev reached the final Flushing Meadows of America, Tim Tement of Roland Garros of France, and Tsitsipas semi-final of the Australian Open. He said: "They are practically one group away from winning. On any given day, in the near future, I think this will happen. no escape". "Frankly, I do not think many people are missing. I think they offer a strong performance that requires a lot of talent, and they have it. They set aside hours and dedicated themselves on and off the field. "I think many of the new generation players are making a lot of effort on the professional level".

The player, crowned with 16 great titles, saw that this effort "is a precondition I think for success", but it must be accompanied by a certain maturity outside the framework of talent.

The thirty-two-year-old explained that "to win the title of Grand Slam and maintain the highest level for many years, the player needs to gain this mental and emotional maturity and experience to understand his strengths, and to face his fears somewhat". He pointed out that Rafa (Nadal), Roger, and I, of course, for the past 10 or 15 years, know what we need on a mental level in this situation. Perhaps this gives us some advantage over others.

The Serbian saw that the dominance of the "Big Three" over the game was due in part to the incentive that the three provided to each other, and the competition that made the matches that bring them together among the best throughout the history of the game. And considered that the continued Nadal (33 years) and Federer (38 years) to perform at this level, despite their advanced age, provided inspiration for him and other players.

"I have said repeatedly that we have inspired each other throughout the competition between us and during our rallies in order to become better, in order to understand ways to overcome obstacles in the competitions that bring us together". "I am more grateful today to be in the same era with these two players than I was ten or 15 years ago." I'm sure the competition with them made me a very strong player. And it gave me the enthusiasm that I still enjoy todayā€¯.


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