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Updated on November 1, 2016


Nothing is more important in life than knowing that you are supported. Having support gives one that backbone and encouragement needed to go forward. Support is not just about being there for someone when they win, you can also support even when someone is not doing so good. The presence and being behind someone is really what matters.

I would like to make an example of a particular soccer team in South Africa. There is something GREAT that this team’s fans are doing. The country experienced passionate fans in a different way. When they are in a stadium to support their team you feel their presence. The whole country was amazed by their passion for their team. The fans sing songs of support from the moment the game starts, up until the end, regardless of whether their team is winning or losing. This is an encouraging phenomenon that the fans of this team are doing. The fans never get tired of singing song after song to support their team. There is actually a song that means “we will never get tired or lose hope”.

Whenever you are at the stadium and they are singing and cheering, you feel the support, the mood that it is possible to literally get goose bumps. It’s very exciting to be in one of their games! Now almost the whole country sings and cheers for their teams.

This shows that support and believing in someone or something is very important and it is not always about winning or losing. YES!, we all hope for a win but showing support regardless of the circumstances is very encouraging. They are one of the good teams and they are doing well. Their fan support is OUT OF THIS WORLD, it’s called real fan support!!

article by: SarahMK

can support change a situation that seems like it isn't going for the win?

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