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Golf in Norwalk: Oak Hills Idea Merits a Thumbs Up

Updated on December 8, 2017
William F. Torpey profile image

Graduated NYU in 1964. Worked in NYC for 2 years in public relations then as reporter and editor before retiring from The Hour newspaper.

Oak Hills Golf Course

Norwalk's Oak Hills Golf Course Viw From the Sixth Tee
Norwalk's Oak Hills Golf Course Viw From the Sixth Tee

Norwalk Golf Professional

Vincent Grillo Jr., golf pro, executive director
Vincent Grillo Jr., golf pro, executive director

Property owners are rightfully enthusiastic about protecting the biggest financial investment of their lives whenever it's threatened, but often they are looking so hard at the trees they don't see the forest.

A case in point is the Oak Hills Authority proposal for improvements to the city park and golf course. In this case, area property owners opposed to the plan may have teed off out-of-bounds.

While I haven't studied the details of the plan, Oak Hills certainly needs the improvements that the long-awaited new restaurant and the much-needed driving range offer.

Homeowners Fear Change

Homeowners commonly fear change, virtually any change! While others look at change from a general view, homeowners are likely to suffer nightmares from the uncertainty of any new proposal.

When they move into a neighborhood, residents expect it to remain unchanged forever; they don't want anything they may perceive as a threat to their property values or to the residential flavor of their neighborhood. Certainly, when there's open space, they prefer to keep it that way.

For the record, I am not a resident of Norwalk. I live in Darien. But, I am a former Norwalk resident and a graduate of Norwalk High School. Also, I've worked here for many years. As an Hour newspaper reporter in the '70s covering planning and zoning, I witnessed many homeowner objections to a wide variety of real and imagined threats to their neighborhoods in Norwalk.

Often, I've observed, the fears of homeowners are unfounded. The changes they believed would be harmful to their property values often proved instead to be beneficial -- witness current real estate prices.

Oak Hills Impacts the Entire City

Oak Hills has an intimate impact on residents of Fillow Street and surrounding neighborhoods, of course, but its greatest impact is on the entire city and even Fairfield County. Contrary to what its critics have charged, proponents of the Oak Hills plan are not a vocal minority; rather, they are residents, officials and neighbors who want only what's best for Norwalk -- and for Norwalkers.

Naturally, people who play golf want a local golf course that has all the facilities that make the game enjoyable, including a decent, convenient, well-planned restaurant and a driving range that will save them a trip to Stamford, Ridgefield or Fairfield.

A Broad View of Community

If we are to live in a civilized world, it is important that we take a broad view of our communities on every level -- local, state and national.

Could society survive if all of us insisted that our tax money go only for the things that benefit us personally, or that we agree with philosophically?

When we are young, shall we refuse to pay for Social Security for the elderly? As we age, shall we refuse to pay taxes for schools or playgrounds because we no longer have children? If we're not ill, shall we refuse to allow government to spend our tax money trying to find cures for deadly diseases? I think not.

A suggestion to homeowners around Fillow Street who object to the Oak Hills plan: Tee it up again -- and see if you can't hit one straight down the middle!

I wrote this column as a "My View" for The Hour newspaper of Norwalk, Conn., on May 20, 1999. I now write my views on a wide variety of topics on HubPages.

Bing Crosby Sings: 'Straight Down the Middle'


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    • William F. Torpey profile image

      William F Torpey 9 years ago from South Valley Stream, N.Y.

      "Crazy Golf" and "Urban Golf" sound like fun, compu-smart. They must be a lot like our "Miniature Golf" over here in the old USA. I think you'll like the "unofficial" Part 5 of my "Torpey on Tour" golf hubs that I'm in the process of publishing. Part 5 was written as a parody of my Four-Part Series on real golf courses by a friend and sportswriter, George Albano, of The Hour newspaper (He's still there.) By the way, in real golf, the do make small balls, but they're illegal.

    • compu-smart profile image

      Compu-Smart 9 years ago from London UK

      Ive been on a driving range, played 18 hole golf course and had also played many rounds of "crazy golf" which is usualy played at fair grounds and is usually for the kids, and i find this no too bad as entertainment with golf goes!!

      Here in the UK we have a sport called Urban golf which allows golfers to play 52 of the world's greatest golf courses without leaving central London..

      They say as you get older the balls of the sports you like get smaller!! I have yet to have fun with small balls!!:D

    • profile image

      ColdWarBaby 9 years ago

      I'm sixty two in February myself William. Played golf ONCE with my dad many years ago. You couldn't get me to play again for love nor money. That's OK though. To each his own.

    • William F. Torpey profile image

      William F Torpey 9 years ago from South Valley Stream, N.Y.

      George Carlin is a very funny guy, ColdWarBaby, but he obviously never played golf. Watching golf, well, maybe that's boring. But playing golf, that's something else. It's the greatest. And you can even play it when your in your seventies, as I am -- when your baseball, football, basketball and ping pong days are long gone. In fact, you just caught me coming off the golf course. The game is always a challenge.

    • profile image

      ColdWarBaby 9 years ago

      Golf is such a boring, arrogant waste of time. George said it best.