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Official 2010 World Cup Products and Merchandise

Updated on March 17, 2011

The World Cup is coming up soon and football fever is arriving. The World Cup is held every 4 years and is the most important tournament in the football world. It is a chance to see some of the best players and teams in the world compete against each other and it is watched by millions if not billions of people around the world! Even if you are not going to South Africa this summer you can get right behind your country and join in the fun by watching the matches and getting some world cup merchandise and playing some football.

The Official 2010 World Cup T-shirt

The 2010 World Cup offical T-shirt picture from
The 2010 World Cup offical T-shirt picture from

Official 2010 World Cup T-shirts

T-shirts are a fantastic way to support the World Cup and your country as they are quite cheap, have a use after the World Cup and still are great support. The Official T-shirts this year feature a man doing a scissor kick with a football and the colours of the South African flag which is because the 2010 World Cup is being held in South Africa and it also shows you how lively and sort of exciting the World Cup is.

There are many variations of this T-shirt but the best is the white short sleeve one which is made from cotton so you won`t be sweating in the summer heat! Buy the official World Cup 2010 T-shirt below.

The official 2010 World Cup match ball!
The official 2010 World Cup match ball!

Official World Cup 2010 Footballs

adidas World Cup 2010 Official Match Soccer Ball
adidas World Cup 2010 Official Match Soccer Ball

The perfect ball and one of the official match balls meaning this is the same ball the professionals will be using at the World Cup. These balls are individually tested for the correct weight, size, circumference, pressure tests and more and has received Fifa's highest rating. If it's good enough for the pros it is good enough for you!


The Official World Cup Balls

Is the excitement of the World Cup making you want to play some football? Well you are going to need a ball then aren't you! The Official World Cup Balls are really nicely designed and are made so you can enjoy football and play it properly with a good ball. All the official balls feature the 2010 South Africa World Cup logo and the latest technology to give you more precision and help improve your skills.

The World Cup Soccer Balls also have 11 colors, representing the 11 official languages of South Africa, the 11 diverse South African communities that exist throughout the country, and the 11 players on the pitch.

Not the Active Sort BUT Still Want to Enjoy the World Cup? Get the official videogame.

2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa
2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa

Battle it out as your home country and win the World Cup Final. Featuring 199 national teams and 10 authentic stadiums. Also play with your friends and over Xbox Live and relive the drama and excitement of the world cup


World Cup Caps

Another popular item and part of the World Cup merchandise are the world cup caps. You can get them for nearly any country you want. Caps are also quite cheap to buy and are easily recognisable and will also be useful for the summer heat! Get the country you are supporting World Cup Cap below!

Official 2010 World Cup Stickers

Join in the fun and collect the 2010 world cup stickers by Panini. You learn about the teams, players, have fun, get excited for the world cup and it gives you a sense of nostalgia plus you will enjoy trading your "swapsies" with your friends! Also I should say each pack has 8 stickers in!

You can also look back at the 2010 world cup after the event if you collect these stickers. I really do recommend them!

To get started I recommend buying a massive box of 50 packs from Amazon - this really gets you going. Now you should have most of the book complete - find someone to trade with! After that you can order individual stickers from Panini. Now you should have a fantastic world cup collection!

I have included many different options for you on the right from 50 packs to just one pack!


As you can see there are many ways to join in with the World Cup and there are many different types of merchandise and many products. Whether you are getting a world cup cap, world cup t-shirt, the official world cup video game, going to South Africa or sitting at home watching you can join in and be a part of the 2010 World Cup!

Go on make sure you get something though!

I also have other football related hubs and plan to write more especially about the World Cup - See the rss feed above for my best football hubs!

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