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Oh No: Not Another CMLL Running Diary!

Updated on January 30, 2017

It's Monday night, I'm going to bed early because I'm dog sitting and that can only mean one thing; CMLL Running Diary time! Are you ready for another night of mediocre lucha than makes you want to drown yourself in 7-Up? So am I! Let's get to it. Moses, it's meme o'clock. I swear that's the last time I'm using that one.

9:58: We are live from the basement I'm staying in for this dog sitting gig with two minutes left to show time! See you when I'm done shamelessly promoting!


10:04: Shameless self promoting is done just in time for Sombra Diabolika to come out. He, the poor man's Policeman Ares and El Malayo are taking on the formidable techicno team of Paris, Meyer and Tigre Rojo Jr. It could be good. It could also go twenty minutes and leave me sobbing uncontrollably.

10:06: Tigre Rojo Jr. and Ares are captains.

10:09: This match has only gone three minutes but it feels like seven before Malayo and Parios pick it up. Rojo and Ares now in.


10:12: It takes Meyer and Sombra getting in the ring to finally get things moving. Those two leave, Malayo and Paris come in and poor Paris is tapping within seconds. Tigre Rojo comes in, gets himself rolled towards a Ares senton and is then tapping to the poor man's Policeman. 1-0 rudos. Not the strongest of starts.

10:14: Is it just me or do Meyer and Sombra look like they should be teaming? They have the same colored outfits and everything!

10:15: Just passing time before the meme...actually no, I'm not wasting the comeback meme on this match.

10:16: Here it is!

10:17: Tigre Rojo gets a decent moonsault off but unfortunately Sombra falls off the ropes right before impact. Following that Paris gets an ugly roll up on Malayo and we're tied. This match puts the ho hum in...well ho hum. Didn't think that one through.

10:20: Now things are picking up! Several good sequences in a row from all six guys.

10:21: OH MY! Tigre Rojo Jr. just got one hell of a rolling armbreaker on Ares and just like that the match is over. What a fantastic closing moment that was! This wasn't much of a match for the first several falls but gorram did it get good in the final five minutes. Excellent final stretch from all six guys.

10:25: Mini Estrella action next as Asturiano, Aereo and Aereo's stalker Acero take on Mini Joker, Pierrothito and the great Demus 3:16. Sing it with me folks; SOMEBODY GETTING DROPPED ON THEIR HEAD! SOMEBODY GONNA GET THEIR WIG SPLIT! Okay I'll stop.

10:28: Mini Joker and Acero are on the mat to start/

10:30: Aereo and Pierrothito are in now. This could be pretty good if Pierrothito's head is in the game.

10:33: Asturiano doing work! He takes out Demus on the ramp, allowing Acero and Aereo to take care of Pierrothito and Joker in the ring. 1-0 technicos. No complaints thus far, though not a lot to write home about besides Asturiano's work.

10:35: Acero is out to start the fall against Demus. Within two minutes he's been slapped, bitten and powerslammed.

10:36: Dear Grodd the rudos are wiping Aereo off the face of the earth!

10:39: It really sucks to be the technicos right now. A brief Aereo comeback ends with him tapping to a surfboard stretch and Acero tapping to a Pierrothito submission. We're tied. Solid fall that went south for the technicos the moment Acero started the fall. I told you they chose poorly!

10:41: Rudos are working hard to get us in position for the first "It's time for a comeback" pic of the night!


10:43: Asturiano has been in fine form for this match. Aereo and Demus now in and GOOD GRODD STOP IT AEREO! STOP IT NOW!

10:45: Hot damn; Acero just tapped out Mini Joker. Is no technico getting dropped on their head tonight?! No sooner do I say that does Pierrothito tap out Aereo, ending his good run.

10:46: THERE IT IS! Demus drops Asturiano right on his dome with an Angel Wings and that's all she wrote. Rudos win a pretty decent match. Perhaps I was the only one but I was pleasantly entertained here, especially when Asturiano and Aereo were involved. Really good work from those two.

10:52: It takes a few minutes for Asturiano to be stretchered to the back. Next up is DRONNNNN!!!!, Triton and Rey Cometa against Misterioso, Sagrado and Bobby Z. As the Killers would say, this has potential.

10:54: Bobby Z gets to keep his huge new hat and musket that Polvora and Dragon Rojo Jr. gave him! That's swell of them.

10:55: Rey Cometa and Bobby Z are captains. The crowd is unusually hyped for this. Must be Bobby's big hat or something.

10:56: Triton starting off with Misterioso. I guess this allows Triton to get some revenge for losing that Lightning Match to Misterioso a few weeks ago.

10:59: Good Grodd these two are still going. Not only that but Misterioso has gotten a few good suplexes in. Did Blue Panther get into the booking sheet again?

11:00: Finally they've they haven't! THEY'RE STILL IN THERE!

11:01: Finally Triton knocks Misterioso out of the ring, giving way to Drone and Sagrado. Those guys went for about five minutes; that's about five minutes longer than the opening sequence of a match goes in CMLL.

11:03: Cometa hits a great dive, but unfortunately leaves his teammates alone in the ring, where Misterioso taps out Drone and Sagrado ends Triton's existence with a modified Nail in the Coffin. That was fun! Good start to the match, with the Misterioso-Triton sequence serving as the highlight.

11:07: Rudos are all over Triton right now. Drone tries to come in for the save and instead gets beaten up himself.

11:08: Cometa catches a break! The comeback is on! Drone gets a sliding splash onto Misterioso on the floor, that is soon after followed by a gorgeous Triton moonsault onto Sagrado! In the ring Cometa rolls up Bobby Z and we are tied! Good end to that fall that sort of dragged thanks to the rudo beat down.


11:12: Misterioso and Triton back at it. I get the feeling this is going to go well for Triton.

11:13: #PushTriton

11:14: Technicos are getting a ton of shine right now, leading to a BAD ASS TRIPLE SUICIDE DIVE!

11:16: Drone and Bobby are back in and...well what do you know, Drone puts Bobby away with those knees Hombre Bala Jr. used to do! Wonder what happened to that guy. In any event the technicos win a pretty good match and Triton actually gets a W! Strong work from the technicos here, with the rudos taking a backseat to let them shine. Seriously, I can't even remember a thing Bobby, Misterioso or Sagrado did now after that first fall. All technicos all the time.

11:20: Huge match coming up. Titan, Dragon Lee and Atlantis take on the UG, Gran Guerrero and Niebla Roja. If this isn't the best match of the evening then I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

11:21: UG and Atlantis are captains.

11:22: Titan and the UG start it off! Very intriguing.

11:24: Back and forth on the mat thus far. The UG currently has Titan in a rolling Romero Special!

11:25: Lee in with...Gran Guerrero? What happened to his special bond with Niebla Roja?!

11:26: These sequences are going fast. Atlantis and Roja are in. Lee and Gran worked pretty well together by the way.


11:28: The Guerreros take the lead after Roja punted Lee's insides all the way to Arena Coliseo, followed by Gran Guerrero submitting Atlantis. Yes, that was a real thing that happened and I can't believe it either. Good start.

11:29: Gotta love UG letting Gran Guerrero ape his apron dropkick every chance he gets.

11:31: UG nearly pulls off Atlantis' mask. Is something in the works? We'll have to wonder that in the third fall as the technicos immediately take control after an Atlantis forearm and finish the fall on dueling submissions from Lee and Titan! Cool stuff. Is it just me though or is this match just not at the level it feels like it should be right now?

11:33: Fall three is starting with Titan and Gran Guerrero. Get it going guys.

11:34: Titan was doing work. Now he's grounded by Roja...OR IS HE?!

11:36: Former Anniversary Show opponents UG and Atlantis are in. The way the crowd is reacting and the fact that Atlantis' mask is lose has me thinking we could be seeing a rematch soon.

11:37: SICK DIVES! This leaves Atlantis and UG alone in the ring...and Atlantis merely puts him in Atlantida to end the match. That was quick. Decent match, but a little too fast for my liking. I guess I liked the last match better, which yes, means I don't want to live on this planet anymore. I have no one to blame but myself for that statement earlier.

11:39: Oh joy; the main event is here.

11:44: Evidently this fall is already over! The things you miss when you don't care. Looks like La Mascara pinned Diamante Azul after the running knees. Ho hum.

11:46: Didn't think I'd be breaking out this meme again tonight.

11:49: Naturally because I posted that meme stuff started to happen. Diamante turned the tide, Maximo kissed everyone and the rudos were all rolled up to tie this match up. Cool. Most interesting fact thus far appears to be that Marco and Mascara aren't feuding. I'd say that's off but we sadly still have a fall to go.

11:51: Well at least Marco is trying.

11:52: Yawn.

11:54: Maximo trying to commit incest with La Mascara! Double ew.

11:55: Thank Grodd; Rush low blows Diamante and Mascara unmasks him. Technicos win by DQ, this match is over and I CAN TURN THIS SHOW OFF! Praise Cthulhu.

That's a wrap gang. Sorry it got so dull at the end; that's what happens when a show just drags and drags. I'll be back tomorrow to review what will hopefully be a more lively Tuesday show. Till then, SCULLAY!

Please change disks to continue...

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