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Ohio River Hybrid Striped Bass Action

Updated on February 21, 2015
This big five-pounder provided a thrill.
This big five-pounder provided a thrill.

State creations are a boon for recreational anglers

by Robb Hoff

April 10, 2013

Among the varied benefits and services that state governments can provide for their residents, count me among those who rank the state programs to stock hybrid striped bass into the Ohio River right at the top of the list.

These engineered hybrids are the combination of the freshwater white bass and the saltwater striped bass, and they fight on the end of the line like there's no tomorrow. When they're active in the Ohio River, it's hard not to catch them. Early in Spring it's easier to catch larger ones, like the one pictured above, than it is during the summer when the larger ones seek deeper water and are less accessible from the bank.

The pictured hybrid was the larger among more than a dozen in the two-pound-plus range that were caught on 3/8-ounce Fire Tiger Rooster Tails and a 1/2-ounce Mango Revolution spinner. The outing lasted for 2-1/2 hours.

Fighting these brawlers makes for a great sport and a stringer full of memories when fishing with youth whose legacy it will one day be to carry on the angling tradition.

Passing on knowledge as simple as how to get the blade of an in-line spinner to spin or -- more importantly -- how to avoid getting a treble hook buried into your hand when removing the hooks from a fish is something than is best learned the easy way and that would be by taking the time to share knowledge with those who are just learning or interested in learning.

Fishing is a sport unlike any other, regardless of the location. It's connection to the natural world around is both thrilling and challenging at times, but is important to ensure that there are fisherman there who will serve as stewards of the sport both at the frontline and at the end of the line.


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    • profile image

      Copper Man 4 years ago

      Beautiful fish. Brings back memories of Lake Mead and the stripers caught there several years back.